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Jim Pestaner

K12 Tutoring
Homework Help
Executive Function Skills
Teen Care
Senior Care
Respite Care
Afterschool Care
Evening & Date Night Care
Special Needs Care

$40 – $75 / Hr

I assist my clients in defining achievable goals that are specific, measurable, and time-bound so that their chances of success are much higher and their outcomes are sustainable.

If you want to improve your life and need friendly but firm coaching, please contact me to discuss the next step. In addition to coaching, I offer evening and weekend care services for all ages (including infants and toddlers) and provide K12 homework assistance throughout the week.

I write fantasy fiction and beta-read other authors’ work.

Much of my career has been in IT and Process Improvement, specializing in microbusinesses and cross-functional team workflows. I occasionally consult with microbusinesses about website designs that improve their operations.

I work daily on improving my physical fitness through HIIT, bodyweight, and TUT workouts in the gym and pool. I also practice targeted IF and modified Keto.

You can find more about me on LinkedIn, Care.Com, and

  • 5+ years as a Life & Health Coach providing transition services to clients (Independence, diet, exercise).
  • 10+ years providing direct, PRP, and ABA services to verbal, nonverbal, and self-injurious adults and children.
  • 10+ years as a Classroom/Program/Project/Case Manager developing curricula, business plans, and presentations.
  • 10+ years’ interpersonal/group communication experience as an adjunct professor, helpdesk co-manager, lecturer on micro business and social business practices, and client/contractor liaison
  • 20+ years’ analysis experience as a business process Improvement specialist, software developer, and system / network manager.
  • 30+ years’ IT support experience in Animal lab, legal, research, and home environments.
  • Earned an MS degree in Technology Management, honorable discharge from US Military, and an Eagle Scout.

I provide care services in Montgomery County, Frederick County, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. My role as a Life and Health Coach, care provider, tutor, mentor, PRP Specialist, Behavioral Tech, and consultant is not just a job but a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those I serve. Currently, I provide care to a nonverbal, self-injurious adult with autism, supporting their family in the evening. I also provide ad hoc services to many former clients and occasional date-night sitting.

Current Care Work

My current care assignment is with a Maryland self-directed care agency. The shared goal between the participants (parents, family members, client) and me is to build independence. One of the challenges to independence is harm to self, others, and property during periodic episodes. The family has a strategy based on the belief that these outbursts are manifestations of communication barriers. My client’s core improvement focus is building communication skills using a letterboard and incrementally integrating communication opportunities to exercise his mental faculties.

I proposed that implementing a predictable, visible, and participatory schedule could help alleviate such frustrations. However, the parents noted that their adult child was also dealing with changes in environment, medication, and caregivers; we needed to be fluid to reduce scheduling demands based upon the changing variables. The client’s parents crafted a tailored schedule that caters to their son’s unique needs, ensuring his voice is heard and valued in the process. We needed to monitor medication and ensure that care delivery was consistent, offering choices where appropriate.

While the client’s parents adjust the schedule to find what works best, I attend to my client as a nanny, fostering engagement and making every moment an educational opportunity. My responsibilities dovetail with the daycare provider and are diverse, from meal preparation to ensuring a tidy and orderly living space, stimulating intellectual activities, and sharing moments of joy and play. I am deeply committed to reinforcing independence by routinizing daily tasks and seamlessly weaving educational elements into our daily interactions. This commitment is a professional duty and a personal passion I aim to share with my clients, bolstering participation and solidifying a constructive routine within 6—9 months.

Implementing nanny tasks went smoothly since I have significant experience as a nanny, working with bustling, multiple-child households and caring for elderly parents. I possess a wealth of cooking, cleaning, and home management skills, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to my work. 

I guide some clients in creating menus that resonate with their lifestyle, including nutritious (some not so nutritious) and delightful snacks. I teach the safe operation of kitchen appliances and general cooking techniques. When possible, I try to foster a culture of health and fitness through tailored exercise routines adaptable to indoor and outdoor settings.

My Technical Career

After high school, I embarked on a technological journey, teaching computer programming to young minds at a trailblazing computer camp in Potomac, MD. I worked on a political campaign, which brought me to work in sales for a promising small business. These formative experiences sparked a lifelong zeal for technology, propelling me through my U.S. Army Signal Corps service. I repaired cryptographic communication equipment in the military at Fort Huachuca and Berlin, Germany. I was exposed to new concepts, especially communication networks.

After the military, I started my own family and a desire to be the best ‘repair’ person I could be. My career trajectory led me to various roles as a field engineer, where I offered comprehensive computer and networking support. My commitment to learning emerging technologies and concepts pushed me to continue formal and informal academic pursuits (aka degrees and professional seminars) while juggling full-time employment, side jobs, and familial responsibilities alongside my entrepreneurial partner (she had a cleaning business).

My inaugural career, spanning thirty years, was as a Computer Specialist and IT Network Manager. My work included project management and process improvement. During my federal career, I also managed contractors and systems. I reduced production costs through process optimization and technology adaptations. I am also proud of a computer program researchers use to study circadian rhythms. A paper on a study that used this program was published.

Outside my federal job, I decided to teach computer repair and networking to underserved adults in the Washington DMV area and facilitate business English courses online. My community involvement extended to establishing a modest food distribution network for needy people. My instructional expertise was utilized as an instructor in a professional credentialing school and as an Adjunct Professor at a collegiate level. I also ventured into entrepreneurship, managing a small global business for half a decade.

I learned that technological fixes were not always the answer and that my attitude toward solving a problem led to the type of solution I would conceive. I championed technology integration and optimized communication networks but began to include business process improvement with refined operational workflows and agile software development in the federal government. Subsequently, I pivoted to serving at-risk children and adults, applying my process improvement acumen to enhance their quality of life.

My Care Career

My segue into my second career was shaped by the influence of my sons Joey and Joshua, Dr. Rosemary Powers (AAMC), and Jen Gaither (Lead4Life). They guided me in extending support to those grappling with life’s adversities, including mental health challenges. This journey underscored the importance of empathy and understanding in fostering positive outcomes—emphasizing that genuine care is paramount. My grandparents, John and Lucy Castro, the parents of my childhood friend, Ray and Mary Marshall, and my middle school headmaster, Robert Barros, instilled in me the ethos of care. Their exemplary virtues of kindness, generosity, and compassion taught me to rise above my biases and societal prejudices.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and a master’s in technology management from UMUC. My professional networking occurs on,,, and LinkedIn. My life’s greatest blessings are my family—my wife of over four decades, my sons Joshua and Joey, their spouses, and my cherished grandchildren, Josue, Mia, Ayara, and Jaris.