About Me

Since 7th grade, I was inspired by my teachers to write fiction and even political satire.  But life has a way of changing our direction.

Now, in retirement, I am making my foray into Fantasy Fiction. I have merged my imagination with my passion to dive into views of relationships and most especially egalitarianism. This pushes topics that everyone seems to have an opinion on and can be quite controversial when you peel down the layers: e.g. monogamy/polyamory, violence against women/love, race/bias, and abuse/responsibility. After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that the lofty goal for social equity and justice seems only possible if people will open their hearts and minds to new possibilities. I hope to inspire people to have a change of heart, to clearly see “the man in the mirror” and repent, and impact a world filled with malice and hypocrisy.

I am retired with just under 30 years of U.S. Government service. I am an Army Signal Corps veteran from the Cold War Era. I served at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and in Berlin, Germany. My wife and I live in Rockville, MD; we have been married since 1982.  We have two boys and three grandchildren.  I enjoy writing, cooking, and hanging out with my family. 

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