If you need to keep track of all your assigned tasks, then you can use an Assignment List (AL). Basically, it’s a document that lists all your tasks and their corresponding start and due dates. Green means it’s assigned and red means it’s due. It’s important to keep the list in Task ID order and without any clutter. Each task should have a unique and short description.

Remember, the AL is just for quick reference and doesn’t provide the details of the assignment. It’s best to keep a separate folder for that. You can also use a physical notebook or a cloud-based calendar to plan your schedule. To make it more organized, you can use a pocket organizer to hold the printed list.

Here’s an example of how the AL would look like:

Task ID Short Description Date/Status
38 English Essay A: 03/21/2023
38 English Essay D: 03/23/2023

Don’t forget to cross off completed tasks and add the submission date.