Pestaner Services


MicroBusiness Website Design & Process Improvement

[Fees] The best approach is using the Easy Webs Managed Services plan and there are no additional charges, just purchase the site using True Peer.  If further assistance is required or custom work is needed, I request an email providing details of what you need and any other important information to  If I agree to discuss your project, I prefer online but I may agree to an in-person meet. We discuss the work for 15 minutes to 2 hours. I do not charge for this time. I will request either a retainer or a percentage up front before starting to cover the costs of planning, research, development, and testing. I do provide pro bono and discounted services for some microbusinesses.

Direct Services

[Fees] When I meet with a client interested in ongoing direct services, I usually have more than one meeting to determine a good fit; I accept one-time or short term work as well.  After an initial discussion by computer, phone, or email, I meet with the people responsible for payment and I explain my services and my background. Next, I meet with the person I would render services.  Often, this is enough to determine schedule and charge.  There is no charge for these meetings. If I am asked to work a trial session, I will explain my fee for my time and travel. My charge for services is posted on the website. You can see a description of what services I provide and my current rates on my website:  If I work weekly, you may pay me on a designated day of the week.

[Payment] Cash is not required but appreciated. It is acceptable to pay by check or the CASH, Venmo, or Zelle APP. I provide pro bono services so feel free to discuss financial issues with me. Also, I am open to discussing your need for a flexible arrangement or unusual circumstance.

[Reporting]  Please discuss reporting requirements with me. I have worked with agencies that required daily or weekly reports. As a case and program manager, I provided monthly and ad hoc status reports. I use CARE.COM for background checks and marketing but I handle pay independently. I expect you to pay any taxes. I will deal with any agency reporting requirements (ie daily reports) as long as it does not exceed 10 minutes for each hour worked.

[Reimbursement] I don’t ask for a reimbursement for amounts under $5. I find time spent outside the home is often beneficial when I need to communicate with my clients and I want them to be receptive. I may buy a drink, a snack, or other inexpensive items as a motivator or support for our communication time.  I usually ask but tell me about religious or family preferences. I also often carry snacks and drinks for the same purpose. I gladly accept donations! Please tell me about any medical problems, especially allergies, I need to know about.

[Medical Attention] I am CPR, AED, and First Aid trained and certified. Thankfully, I have never had a serious incident and I have been providing direct services for many years. I care about my clients and do not want any injuries or hurts of any kind. With that said, I do like to challenge my clients when I believe that they will be successful with exercises, climbing, trying new things, etc. Please discuss with me anything I need to know. I will follow the medical and religious advice you provide to me.  Also, communicate emergency contact information and anything important for me to know if there is an emergency. Include any conditions, allergies, etc. When I accept responsibility for going out into the community with your loved one, you are allowing me to make my best judgment for their care.

Cancellations and No-Shows

Most often I do not charge for a cancellation or no-show when there is a cancellation with advance notice. However, if cancellations or no-shows become habitual (even with notice, for example 2 times within a 60 days, my call) I will charge the same as if I worked those hours. I charge for habitual cancellation the hours agreed upon and include a transportation fee if no-show or cancellation was not within 24-hours. Also, this is cause to cancel a pro bono or discounted service arrangement. Please let me know about vacation times 2 months in advance.

Last updated 06/22/2021