I’m Jim.

My career has had many turns, some good and some unexpected. I have had a full career, starting with a small business, served as an electronics technician in the military, and over 28 years working as a Senior IT Technician in three US Federal agencies. In addition to IT work, I developed a statistical methodology to determine markers of activity (CronoBiology publication), created an approach to marketing to a specialized sector of small business (microbusiness), developed business processes that dramatically affected the efficiency and efficacy of my organization’s main-line of work (orange book, document publishing, ticketing system, etc), and co-managed two agency help desks. I have always focused on projects that, when simplified, provided profound business advantages.  I based my work on an idea I had when I was 19 I called McDonalization. Yes, named after the world-famous burger manufacturer. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of small intimate organizations, mostly women-owned. In summary, I provided my organizations with business process improvement and flexible Project Management ideas that pre-dated Agile.

For the past 10 years, I divide my time between consulting services to microbusinesses and working on various individual improvement projects. Much of my current work is as a volunteer and sometimes with compensation as a nanny, tutor, companion, and mentor. I provide date-night and overnight care! I work with agencies and independently to assist my clients to deal with a variety of issues including homelessness, mental illness, mobility challenges, confidence, and executive function challenges. I have experience working with non-verbal and self-injurious children and adults dealing with stress and depression. I believe in fact-based behavioral approaches that involve developing emotional connections between “caregiver” and “care receiver”.  I strongly support experiential peer-based approaches where there is no delineation between support and patient therapy.  Despite my acceptance of peer-based approaches, I believe strongly in the appropriate but limited use of medication and therapy, application of journaling and reflective practices, and physical work/conditioning.

In my spare time, I love cooking, music, meditation, and physical fitness. My work is also presented in my profiles on and LinkedIn. I would love to hear from you regardless if you are looking for assistance or you would like to share your experience. I received my second COVID-19 vaccine in Feb 2021. My CPR, AED, and First Aid Certifications were updated through NHCPS in June, 2021. My driving record and Criminal Background checks are available on

Please send me a note ….. use my contact form. Tell me about yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!