Main Characters


Lakita Withers

Maria Vera Withers

Frank Garcia

Martha (Cristina) Withers

Ed Dawes

Mike Spiro

Cresha Garcia

Nikki Garcia

Evil Characters

Sergio Martinez


Spirit Characters

Aiko Quispe (Shaman Master Controller & Spirit Warrior)

Hiwen (Guardian Angel assigned to Aaron Withers, Maria’s step-father)

Ikart (Spirit Reporter and Investigative Reporter for The Earth Times)

Kelel (Spirit Leader responsible for training Guardian Angels)

Kisit (Spirit Reporter/Editor and hopeful Guardian Angel)

Laka Vera (Shaman Controller & Spirit Guide)

Lucifer (Spirit Leader of the Fallen Angels)

P’aqo (Shaman Master Controller)

Paulina Huaman (Shaman Controller & Crying Spirit)

Salina (Spirit Leader responsible for gathering information for Jehova

Salma (Guardian Angel assigned to Victoria)

Ziccona (Guardian Angel for Maria)

Neutral or Minor Characters

Dr. Swaggart

Nurse Sharon

Aaron Withers

Frank Garcia

Carmen Garcia

Julia Soto (Leader of The Devoted – a class of human Prayer Warriors Worldwide)