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Shattered Mirrors Preview

Jim Pestaner

SMC 1.1 10-07-22 Chapter 1 (3775)

Victoria {Preparing for departure outside Huancayo, Peru, 5:53 am Day 10}

I was pinned down by the cold that lay in wait above my cozy layer of wool blankets. Commander lay sleeping at my feet; I felt his warm wispy breath on my toes. We were satisfied in our living space, ignoring the dangers that remained nameless, longing for peace. 

Our space was simple, nothing fancy. While my room was one of the better in Uranmarca, there were no modern amenities including electricity and heat. These luxuries mattered little to me and seemed out-of-place in the Sierra. But there is another thing that is more important to me, something I truly and desperately seek. And this character flaw is my weakness. I work on being more grateful everyday. 

My perception of lack is related to my isolation, a consequence of a lifetime of living on the run. I am hardened to fear and the cold. As a young girl, I often had no shoes or warm clothes. Consequently, I feel at home in the dark. The dark is a place of comfort and sanctuary. But I still long for the warmth of a strong connection to people. Living in solitude and darkness was my path. However, connection provides purpose and relevance. 

Earlier this morning, I was happily awakened by my lover. When he parted, I drifted back to sleep until I spontaneously flung out my arms and sat upright. I see it in my head like I am watching a movie, which is impossible for me to do. Anyway, I can see things in my head after they happen. I am blind so I don’t expect to see things right away but if I want to see things as they happen, I can use other’s eyes. 

Continuing with my vision, I see the blankets peeling off as I grunted and stretched my body. Ever vigilant Commander got up and licked my face. After giving him a strong hug and moving his head to the side, I took a deep breath of air. I felt a tinge of warmth on my face. Even now as I remember I felt the sunlight. The sunrise was coming soon, and with it, a respite from the bitter cold. Or was it Commander’s breath?  But that moment of relief was not to be realized for long as I was struck by an overwhelming resurgent blast of cold pushing against me. I fell back in surrender onto my thin but forgiving mattress, while quickly pulling a convenient blanket close to me.

I lay sprawled out, waiting for the courage to brave the cold, again. My mind raced uncontrollably, doing the things that minds do. I heard voices from my past cursing me, screaming hateful things into existence. There was no way to obstruct the waves of these mental assaults. Demonic wretched curses punctuated my ears and my heart.

The words lingered like a slow-acting acid. I tried to will the vision of a manufactured memory of my mother to diminish the attack. I don’t remember my mother, never spent much time with her. But when I was about 7 years old, I created my version of her. My imagined smile from my mother helped me through my most fearful times. I often willed her presence and radiance into existence to combat the curse of the dark. But today, her angelic smile was plastic, quickly fading. I was left with ugliness in the dark.

“Your pathetic life will be meaningless, no vibrancy, no color. You will be cursed with blindness.”

I heard the curse over and over. This curse did its damage a long time ago… but I am grateful for it. Keep in mind, the curse did not hurt me. It is true that I find comfort in the dark. Yes, I am blind, but I know how to have color. There are those People of the Pueblo who pity me and consider me to be nothing. They recoil in my presence and mutter contemptible thoughts. Some view me as a beggar and see my deformities. They don’t know me yet despise me. They gossip often saying that I did something to bring evil to my family. I am hated because I am different from them, and that difference makes them uncomfortable. If that were not enough, many want to hurt me more. The want to assault me, rape me, disfigure me, and use me as their slave.

But blindness is my badge. I wear it proudly; it is my best attribute. My badge is bright and shiny gold! I am glad that my adversaries don’t know me or see my golden color. Those who loathe me don’t realize that I have great riches and power because of the color in my eyes. My condition gives me the power to enter and exit anything with spirit, at will. 

Not everyone who is blind is a master. I am a master of spirits. Only masters create color. Becoming a Master is not about lineage or ability. I earned my color and my mastery of spirits! I was not born blind. My power came from my father who sodomized me and beat me until the nerves in my eyes were broken. My mother prayed for me and gave me spiritual armor until she succumbed to his hand. She may be gone but her Spirit is here. And I have received a reward for my faithfulness and gratitude. 

I can choose to destroy my enemies; however, I prefer to use my enemies. I can use their eyes, wear their skin, command every cell, and direct every synapse in their body. I experience and control their sorrows and fears, resentments and disappointments, and their silliness and joy. I can shapeshift to appear in almost any form and adapt to any opposing force. I can duplicate all the associated emotional and behavior profiles.

It is amazing that when I enter into another lifeform or change into another object, color is added to my life. My experiences bring me color and increase my power. I like to say that color is my power, but it provides more control over perspective than reality. Many mornings, I walk to the markets in someone else’s body. Often, I must exit, and body hop because I am saddened by my host’s emotions. I constantly weep as I explore and often destroy. I now understand why Jehovah’s son wept. But this morning, unlike most mornings, I sat on a cold wooden stool and waited in the dark.

I sat in the cold, my blanket draped about me. Commander began nestling her nose between my legs. My good friend Commander was reminding me that I needed to begin my gratitude exercise. Gratitude is a simple way for me to channel my racing mind. Her cold wet prickly nose used to startle me, but I made this sensation a trigger to begin a mental power-building process. Now, I welcome this form of snuggling to settle my mind and help me focus. I began my process: focus on breathing. Slowly, I checked in with my senses around my body. I was in the present and I was connected with my spirit. Then, I heard the men working outside preparing Nativido for our short journey. I relinquished control to my sweet spirit, today I was purposed, and I was learning my present.

Juan, a stocky quiet well-mannered man, my shared partner, was loading the goods we would sell higher up in the Sierra. Julia and I are so blessed to have a lover like Juan. He is known throughout the region as Matador. However, Matador is more than a great lover. He is genuine; he speaks kind truthful words. He is strong and courageous. He is gentle. He carries himself confidently without a trace of arrogance. He is a friend, I trust.

I am so grateful for Commander, Nati, and Matador. I am grateful for Julia. Even though I repeat my gratitude for them each day, I don’t say it enough. The praises are always new to my lips and satisfy my soul with orange and forest green.

As I felt the rise of color and warmth in me, my sweet Spirit spoke to me and revealed a problem that needed my attention. Juan and our daughter were ready to move, but Nati was thinking differently. I started to feel anxious and other voices were appearing. I quieted my mind again to attempt to discover what was going on. My senses quickly heightened. The others were outside doing their part to ensure a timely departure, I needed to step in. We needed to leave early and on time. 

My mind wandered, again. My visioning began. Last night was quiet but the several preceding days were filled with revelry and gentle shameless debauchery. All of us needed time to release our emotions and relax. The last few months have been trying. These thoughts reminded me of the importance to address and encourage my friends and followers, before we started moving, I collected my thoughts and said a private prayer to Jehovah and the Sierra.

Prepare the way my friend, Spirit of Jehovah. And Julia, share your beautiful eyes with me. And most generous Nuna, great Spirits of Pacha and Mayu, be with me and my friends.

A light in my eyes became brighter and as my eyes focused, I could see everyone.

“Good morning my friends. I will be leaving for the meeting soon. I will go through the Portal Door and meet face to face with the Ancients. You all know that I decided a long time ago to put aside my fears and dedicate my life to building a world where our predator will submit to the power of its foe. We fight for peace; but for now, we are only the great disruptor. Our work will be completed soon. 

The People of the Pueblo below us don’t always remember their life before because they trust their father is loving despite the reality that their father has enslaved them, removed their clothing, beaten them, and sold them into despair. The People of the Pueblo praise us and support us, they are not grateful. They fear us as they fear their father. Once we finish, we will remain their benefactor, their protector, and their voice. But we will rule with a soft hand that guides and does not break. 

So, stand fast and remain vigilant. When we are attacked, be prepared and do not scatter with your hearts pounding. You are brave warriors, prepare to deliver justice. The People of the Pueblo are helpless deer sipping on the water. We are here fighting for them though they fear us. We will have vengeance soon. I have evaded detection, waiting for all of you to be in place and to be ready. I thank you my friends for your diligence, your hard work, and your courage. We are one in the Spirit. Now my dear Nati, I truly need you today. Oh, my sweet Nativido!”

SMC2.1 10-07-22 Chapter 2 Part 2 (3775)

Julia {Telepathic message to Ikart as he travels to the Outerverse Colleseum – Spirit Realm 6:07 am Earth EST Day 10}

Victoria and I find great comfort in your reports. As I told you when we first met, we are dedicated to supporting those called to be warriors to fight ruthless master controllers like P’aqo. Victoria has grown powerful desires to help those who have suffered by those who serve P’aqo. You too amaze me as you continue to grow wiser and stronger even if you refuse to admit it. You call yourself neutral and just a journalist, but you tell all in the spirit realm of what is happening in GU #169. You are my funny amazing investigator and I pray for your protection. Because of recent compromises, you will need protection. Victoria has an eye on you; she is protecting you. Continue to follow your convictions. Do not fear!

I believe that Emortis was compromised, and I assume he has perished. Despite this setback, I have some encouraging news though it seems quite the opposite. You are being tracked by Zophiel, most likely sent by Jehovah. Our little warriors, Lakita and Diwata put a temporary spell on Zophiel allowing me to communicate privately with you now. When it is safe, I will provide you with more information. But I need to be careful. Perhaps Gabriel or Michael will figure out what we did. The most important item I need to explain to you is what I learned from Salinas recently. Be careful what you tell Kisit or reveal in any official news report Kisit may be our leak, perhaps unintentionally.

Victoria {Outside Huancayo, Peru, Sunrise 6:30 am Day 10}

I looked around using Nati’s eyes. I was lifted by the colors and textures of the morning sky: bright stringy yellows, puffy pronounced greys, and bright orange. I began to reflect upon the things that bring color to my life. I laughed. I am blind but I know color. Sounds crazy even to me. I am grateful for the blessings and responsibilities I have.

I am grateful to Nativido, my faithful friend. He has protected and given me great joy and comfort since I was young. He saved me many times even when I had sight. Of course, Julia is my favorite person; she knows me also. Since my childhood, Julia and I have been friends; she was a neighbor. I love Julia and her kindness, but people’s kindness is different from creature kindness. Nati can see my soul as only angels can. And there is my daughter Wawa. I cannot imagine my life without her. She has my abilities, and she has sight. She does not realize the handicap this has given her.

I rolled off my mat, stood, and after a stretch, sat on my stool. Julia would soon come to dress me. I sighed and quieted myself, again. I took a deep breath. I feel myself. The morning air in the sierras is fresh and cool mixed with the aroma of coffee and flora, dancing wildly in the breeze. I feel my chest rise as my lungs are filled. My senses are full.

This day is a new dance with a new tune; the participants sing in harmony bringing with the wind a feeling of welcome. The participants sing “peace to you, peace to all” harmonizing the dim sounds of insects, the rushing waters of the Rio, the calls of the condor, the slither of the snake, and the roar of the puma. I feel my body on this stool and I feel my muscles stretch my skin. The senses can overwhelm you unless you focus on the moment. When I return to peace, I recognize the cyclical nature of my awareness. Peace is an illusion. In an instant, the sweet harmony may be interrupted by the prick of the smallest insect, the claw of a predator, or a slight misstep. It is the Great Spirit that secures the illusion of calm because life here in the sierras is about survival; survival is just another day. But I choose peace over survival.

I stood as I heard Julia’s footsteps with their unique rhythm coming towards me. Suddenly, I sensed why Nati will not move. Julia took my hand. Her hands were cold. I motioned for Julia to sit. I sat back down. I touched her face, and I felt her aged skin. As my hands warmed her face, I looked through her eyes again and I saw the shadow of the sierras, black against the magnificent and glorious orange sky. The sky, layered with clouds, demarcates the heavens from the terra. I could see the dogs through my daughter’s eyes, running back and forth patrolling for danger but did so playfully.

“My friends, the stranger mocks us with their fascination with our ways. To the stranger, the Andes mountains are treacherous, but we know the source of their majesty. The stranger too says majestic to the mountains, but they are awed only by the heights and isolation. Those with sight are often distracted by the beauty of sunrise and sundown, the snowcapped peaks and lush valleys, and the hidden pampa connected by a blur of trees, rock, and trails. But remove your sight, you enter another world, my world.”

I stepped into Julia’s body and the rest I did with my mind. As I walked outside, my mind wandered. This past week, Julia and I stayed with Matador who requested a curandero for his other girlfriend. Cecilia. She is 16 and they have been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success. Last night, I completed my work for Matador and Cecilia. I expect that Cecilia will be having a child in due time. They had worked hard last night to make it so. And Julia joined them also. Matador, Julia, and Cecilia were happy last night, singing, drinking, playing, and joking loudly until the early morning.

Victoria (Making a request for reports outside Huancayo, Peru, 7:20 am Day 10

Matador sent Wawa inside an adjacent abode to get Boy and ask us to come out. Seeing Boy got me thinking about how the Ancients had created all of this. Then, the door to Boy’s dwelling slammed shut, startling me. The cold on my face brought tears to my eyes and my nose began to run. I rummaged through Julia’s pockets to find a handkerchief. I sat on the ground and wiped my eyes and nose.

My mind turned to the Ancients and the wonder of their creation. I prayed early in the morning and reflected on the gifts that helped me in my life. But after gratitude, I gave thanks to the Ancients who brought us this world, created the sierras, the fauna, the rivers, the fauna, the sky, and, of course, prana. The thought of the sierras brought a sense of wonderment, and I allowed the wonder of the sierras to wash over me. I gave an invitation to my mind providing access to my consciousness, to initiate the thoughts of danger. I reflected on these incredible sierras and the peril that cohabited with the might.

Wawa came to me and took my hand. Her hands were cold. I touched her face with Julia’s hands. As her face warmed, I could see the dogs through my daughter’s eyes, running back and forth patrolling for danger but doing so playfully. I reached into Wawa’s mind to show what needed to be done.

Wawa took her eyes off the dogs and found that the strap around Nativdo was not secure. After a collective effort to correct the strap, we were ready to move. I stood to begin our long walk, but we had accomplished much these past two days. The long hard walk would bring us to another challenge, one we have prepared to confront for most of our life. Julia and I stayed with Matador who requested a curandero for his other girlfriend. Cecilia. She is 16 but she has been trying to get pregnant with Matador for over a year without success. Last night, I completed my work for Matador and Cecilia. I expect that Cecilia will be having a child in due time. They had worked hard last night to make it so. And Julia joined them also. Matador, Julia, and Cecilia were happy last night, drinking, playing, and joking.

I slept soundly a couple of nights ago despite the noise. I sleep like a rock when I am tired, and I was very tired. I was on my feet for that whole day keeping an eye on Cecilia after she had the ayahuasca, praying over her for most of the day. This time, she did not freak out and did not need me as many, especially the tourists, require.

I was well-bundled when I stepped out. The chilled air is a shock even if you live in the sierras. I pulled my chullo down to keep my head warm. Julia gently tied it. She reminded me that I have a potato and mote in my pocket covered in a cloth wrap if I get hungry.

The crisp air embraced us as we slowly climbed up the side of the mountain. Our halt was momentary as Nati requested for his load to be adjusted. Matador took care of the weight redistribution.

The dogs are running about, and it is a great relief to know they are taking care of us. Regardless, I anticipated a difficult day.

“Michael, please prepare a place for Jehova and include the reports I have sent you from our investigator.”