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Questions for Beta-Readers

Engagement and Hook

  • Does the beginning grab your attention? Do the first few sentences make you care about what comes next?
  • Does the opening scene capture your attention? Why or why not?
  • At what point did you say, “The story has started!”?
  • Are there points that you lose interest in the story?  Can you explain why?
  • Do you find issues with the flow or pace of the story?
  • Was the content advisory helpful?
  • Did you feel that any of the content was unnecessary or gratuitous?

Genre and Tropes:

  • Was the genre of the story clear to you as you read it? Could you tell that the story belonged to the chosen genre?
  • Are the usual tropes associated with the genre? Or has the author tried something experimental or speculative?


  • Which characters are memorable? What did you like or not like about them?
  • Were the conversations realistic?
  • Can you identify any issues with voice?

Clarity and Confusion:

  • Did you find any part of the story confusing? Were there moments when you were unsure about what was happening or what the author was trying to communicate?
  • Did the introduction and background help? Should this be a part of the published version?
  • Did you ever get lost in the details, or was it unclear who was saying or doing what?

Overall Impressions:

  • What did you enjoy most about the chapter/book?
  • What areas need improvement or further development?

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