SM01 The Legend of Mirrors

SM C1.1 12-08-22 (2428)

**** Written Testimony of Ikart – Day 9 11:39p (Earth EST)

I have taken precautions in the event I do not make it to the Council Meeting. Please follow these instructions: First, have Jehovah speak to my messenger AND ONLY JEHOVAH! The Commander of the Rebels has a private message for him. Second, I request my testimony be transmitted to all spirits, angels, and Master Controllers along with all Council members in attendance.

My report reveals secret activities from various Guardians who were first-hand witnesses to rogue Council Forces. You will learn that Commander V of the Rebel forces assembled a sleeper cell in Earth’s New York City over 40 years ago and activated it 9 days ago. Most importantly, key events in the last 9 days will be presented. What is not emphasized is that the Rebel Commander’s brilliant military maneuvers were silent, swift, and effective. The cell was impressive by eliminating the threat from rogue Council Forces threatening to destroy Universe #169. The Commander’s plan worked well because it was so unexpected by the Council’s rogue military strategists and Archangels who focused on deliberate distractions planted in Zion, the remote Jehovan planet cluster.

My report commences with a review of what is happening using two depositions from well-respected Angels. These depositions and accounts are fully sourced in my latest investigative journalism assignment with the Spirit Times. I was tasked to examine accusations that have been leveled against Jehovah concerning plans for the second destruction of Universe #169, and possible connections with Master P’aqo and his servant, Sergio, aka Menga.

**** Ikart’s Opening Remarks Deposition to the Council

The reports from the Council’s staff to the Council have not been accurate. Your staff has been intimidated by some powerful Archangels who have infiltrated the Council’s intel network. I have been communicating with the Rebels for quite some time (before this assignment) and I am impressed with their dedication to justice. In fact, they have a formal alliance with the Laconian Nation. When I first researched the Rebels and their leadership, their ideas seemed ridiculous. This was reported in many of my articles. They assert that Cosmic Justice had been forgotten. The Rebels say that they protect the rights of forgotten carbon and spirits. Imagine that! They speak as if they are Gods and that they run the Council! This too I have reported in several articles. But recently I learned from what they actually do. The Rebels are an effective team of disciplined fighters that are dedicated to peace throughout #169. And they are careful not to exceed their mandate from the Rebel Council and the Laconian Guard: do not inflict harm and exhaust every measure to create peace.

Incredibly, they have rescued almost all of the targeted angels that have disappeared. I was among the targeted and successfully kidnapped angels. The Rebels have rescued us from spirits and created beings who have tried to destroy us. My attackers claimed to represent the Council but they obviously do not. The best way I can explain to you about the Rebels is to first provide background about them and tell you about their extraordinary leader, Victoria aka Commander V. The depositions from Guardian Zita of Walgrave and Captain Melonius provide further background. I must note that both Zita and Melonius met their demise at the hands of Menga, a rogue under the control of Master P’aqo, after I got their depositions.

As I record this testimony, several carbonites are preparing their horses, llamas, and mules, loading them for a short journey. These animals carry the provisions for the Rebel warriors, who are moving camp again. This requires an effort that spirits don’t need to exert. Daybreak will be approaching quickly, which is required for these ragtag wanderers to negotiate the treacherous terrain they must cross. Again something spirits do not have to consider when traveling. All this they do to remain hidden from those who seek to destroy them.

These loaders have worked through the night so that their leader may testify at the Council Meeting. A few of the other warriors are watching. They have woken recently and stand outside with their bags ready, chewing coca leaves, smoking homespun cigarettes, and drinking the local chicha. In total, there are 42 Rebel fighters in Victoria’s Security Staff, an unorthodox ragtag of men, women, and children. These Rebels are not ordinary fighters and are not to be underestimated. They are sworn to serve their leader who commands spirits and angels and protects them from Spirits and Carbon who enslave and murder throughout Universe #169. The Council is understandably frustrated by disappearing angels and rogue destructive Spirits.

Decades ago, over 40 carbon years when there was no fear of the End of Days, a young blind girl was attacked by a powerful Shaman and Master Controller, P’aqo. Before this time, Good and Bad existed in harmony; this treacherous act would have taken place without alarm from the Council. But this day, the blind girl named Victoria overcame adversity. Survivor and later Just Protector would become the anthem sung by the people of this region where I stand. And this day, Justice may be served. P’aqo is on the run but has sent one to destroy us. Since coming to power under the reign of the great Ancient Jehovah, P’aqo commanded an amalgamated spirit-carbon weapon (SCW) manifested in the form of a carbonite named Sergio. I am sure the Council remembers him. Sergio has enslaved large numbers of carbonites, eventually murdering them and taking their souls to harvest newly formed SCWs. P’aqo ensured that these SCWs were programmed to only praise and I believe to serve my master, Jehovah.

Recently, P’aqo’s activities came to the attention of the Council of Ancients when he ordered the murder of several Guardian Angels. This was P’aqo’s second mistake. His first mistake was targeting Victoria who came from a lineage of powerful spirit controllers. But as strong as Victoria was, she would have been no match for Sergio. However, Victoria had been given a gift by her friends, a small sack of worthless remnants found buried in the Sierra. The gift was dug up and presented as a birthday gift for their blind friend. Unbeknownst to the girls, the small sack held a number of beautiful shards and a handful of Chauvin coins, long forgotten after the Spanish Conquest. These items contained magical properties that were rendered useless in the ground. But when the girl was attacked, the power in the gift was activated and increased her genetic spirit-controlling abilities. The girl was protected. Ever since then, she was pursued relentlessly by Sergio and other controlled spirits. As the girl grew and learned to control the powers she had, the girl would go and heal the people she met. She has grown a following of people who gladly served her and kept her safe. They are known as Victoria Rebels or VR Troops.

**** The Deposition of Zita, Guardian Angel for Commander, faithful Servant for Master Controller Victoria

The VR Troops are well-conditioned by constant labor and vigilance. Despite the hardship and diversity of age or background, these warriors are happy to serve. Some are well-educated by carbonite measures while others are illiterate and uneducated by any standard; all are skilled in spiritual warfare. Some come from families with money and others from abject poverty. All are a serious force to be reckoned with. They are all bound by a belief and objective that they determine their future and choose to create a better life for future carbonites through service to Victoria. Often, they are underestimated, actually unrecognized, because they are well-mannered and never draw attention. They blend well without conspicuous traditional military identifiers. They are nomads moving camps countless times, leaving places without a trace, and blending in with the new locals in a variety of Andean towns. They appear as typical agrarians, however; these warriors are primarily shamans and priests. A dangerous few, mostly children and a few elderly folk are experts in conventional weapons, well-versed in the art of close-quarter combat, requiring only their hands.

There were rumors of an effort to wipe out the universe and start over as had happened in ancient times, the End of Days Plan. But the Rebels have pressed on, pushing the limits of their perceived invincibility to save carbonites, humankind, and the future moral direction of Universe #169. Their strength lay in their humility, courage, and simplicity. This morning, some still lay in bed, waiting for early light to move out. Others readied their personal provisions before taking a moment of respite to smoke or drink coffee. The contingent feels safe as their protectors rule the shadows from the outskirts of the camp with dogs, discernment, and magic.

The last weeks have provided needed opportunities to rest and heal. But soon, the work will begin again as they walk a treacherous path up to a higher place in the Sierra. This itinerary is short and they expect to reach their destination in less than half a carbon day. Today, they would travel about 10 kilometers to a secret location and set up camp again. Their leader lay in bed, with her trustworthy dog at her feet. Dog and master both wear matching amulets around their neck. Victoria is waiting to address Rebel supporters and fellow warriors in preparation for an inevitable battle. Victoria is calm. She is an accomplished woman and respected leader: smart, strong, fearless, and beautiful. Victoria had humble beginnings, born to a family that for generations lived in an impoverished Andean village near Uranmarca. Her father, a rapist, birthed her in violence and raised her in subjugation. But against all odds and the prayers of her mother and friends, Victoria overcame adversity and became a leader of carbonites to demand freedom.

**** The Deposition of Melonius of Laconia, Captain of the Angel Security Force Portal A17 and Former Guardian Angel for Wayna Qhapaq

The day is coming for Victoria to finally address the Council of Ancients about the secret plan, The End of Days, to destroy Universe #169. The circumstances and events that brought them to this point began centuries ago when the Inca empire was in turmoil. Cuzco, the Inca capital, had about 40,000 administrators and over 10 million subjects who spoke over 30 different languages. In 1528, the Inca ruler, Sapa Inca Wayna Qhapaq, died unexpectedly from smallpox, a disease introduced by the Spaniards. Shortly after, Huascar, a legitimate successor born from the Sapa Inca’s sister-wife, declared war on his half-brother Atahualpa, born illegitimately to the wife of a conquered King of Quito. Wayna Qhapaq had sired many children from subjugated women, but Atahualpa was especially close to his father. He had spent many nights with his father and these enslaved women. It was no wonder that Atahualpa was declared the heir by the Sapa Inka. It was also no surprise that seven years later, Atahualpa soundly defeated his brother. Atahualpa was in Northern Peru and Huascar was in Southern Peru.

The history of the Incas is found primarily in oral legend. What happened at Atahualpa’s respite retreat is well-documented by several historians in the Legend of Mirrors, as summarized here. After his victory, Atahualpa went to the hot springs in Cajamarca to rejuvenate in the healing thermal waters and celebrate. While Atahualpa was celebrating, he was surrounded by a contingent of over 100 Spanish soldiers. Atahualpa became a prisoner. Francisco Pizzaro, counseled by P’aqo, requested Atahualpa’s presence and to bring his brother, Huascar. Atahualpa, in a dream of P’aqo’s making, became suspicious of this request and agreed to meet Pizarro. Atahualpa then sent word to his general, Quizquiz, to find Huascar in Cusco and execute his brother and his family. The general was to find a magical obsidian mirror in Huascar’s possession and bring the mirror and treasure. P’aqo did not expect that a Guardian Angel would warn Huascar about what was happening. In a final act of defiance, Huascar smashed the obsidian mirror in his possession and hid the shards and as much gold and silver in the Sierra as he could. A couple of days later, Quisquis completed the executions and delivered the treasure as requested, except for the one mirror. When Atahualpa met with Pizarro, Atahualpa negotiated a deal with Pizarro for his release, but Francisco Pizarro did not keep his word; in 1533, Atahualpa was garroted.

In 1635, near Cambridge University off Regent Street, a young man named John Dee was visited by a shaman, P’aqo of Laconia. According to a legend, the shaman offered Dee wealth and power in exchange for his soul. Dee accepted the deal and received 5 obsidian mirrors and a bag of gold coins that came from the treasure that Pizarro received from the Atahualpa ransom. The shaman failed to mention the sixth mirror which had the power to animate carbonite functions and activate portals. Dee later learned of a sixth mirror. According to the Legend of Mirrors, an angel told Dee where to find the pieces. Dee was able to acquire several pieces which maintained some of the mirror’s original powers. Dee experimented with the shards using some of the alchemy he had learned. Dee was able to place his mind in a new and enhanced carbonite body structure, housing a new soul, the soul of an angel, specifically, the soul of his guardian angel. The original soul and a madman’s mind were replaced into the discarded body and returned back to Cambridge, alive but somewhat unhinged. The newly created carbonite took the name of Sergio and disappeared from history. This is where the Legend of Mirrors ends, and the investigation of Shattered Mirrors begins.

When the Council of Ancients learned that Dee had directed the murder of a guardian angel, they put a bounty on Sergio. It is alleged that one of the members of the Council intervened and without notifying the Council sent an archangel to find Sergio and return him to P’aqo. It is alleged that an archangel tracked down Sergio, returned him to P’aqo, and gave P’aqo instructions. It is alleged that these instructions may have directed the destruction of Universe #169.