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Goal: To create a video about making a cheesecake.

Perhaps follow up with other deserts: brownies and pies

To do next meeting:

Big Questions about what the goal is: (5/24)

Creating Sharpster videos that will discuss foods and David’s different ideas, such as interesting technologies, art, music, etc. On a Youtube channel

To meet people (and keep busy) while enjoying some perks, such as opportunities to taste foods and restaurants.

By handing out cards to friends & family, people David meets, and explaining to others what he is doing.

On the website, social media???, and Store (blankets, cups, ponchos, desserts: cheesecakes, brownies, bars or cookies)

Find someone to put together a website with an e-commerce store and social media links. The idea is to keep it simple, with little need for David to manage it except as desired.