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Aiko is girlfriend of Sergio; 1st of 3

Much of what we know about Sergio, Aiko, and Laka come from Aiko’s journal.

  • Born 1935
  • Dies 1960 Age 25


  • Father was Soto – Mother was a Soto
  • Father was P’aqo; Mother was Cecelia
  • Sold to bar in Madre de Dios by Aunt; her mother owed her money so Mother sent her to aunt who made her work until she was old enough to be trafficked
  • Pregnant w/ Victoria by Sergio (1950)
  • Daughter Victoria is born (1950); Blind
  • Kept a log about Sergio



General Traits

  • A developing shaman but a shaman in her own right.  She knows inately what to do.
  • Extremely polite
  • Accepts people who think differently than he/she thinks but examines everything
  • Extemely patient
  • Has a great deal of patience
  • Warrior


As the story goes on, Lakita loses her patience with selfish and cruel people

Lakita becomes cruel at times and brings the Manananggal out

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