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a conversation about capitalism and communism, along with the state of man.

An angel is asked, is there capitalism in heaven,  The angel replies, of course not.  It is not necessary.  “Why does God keep everything going?”

God doesn’t keep so much going because it is designed to operate a particular way.

God does not charge people for what he has done because he does not own the basic materials.

“That’s really love.” replies the carbonite.

In U169, people claim things that do not belong to them. How can you charge for something that you do not own?

So, if I make a sandwich, I can only request payment for the real work behind it. If I make a pill, I can only charge for the expenses of gathering the knowledge to create the pill. I can certainly have a company that produces something, but I need to compensate each person, that is, clients who contribute to the gain of knowledge and the success of my product.


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