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Not a religious person; very flirty and sexual.  She put on a proper face for her diplomatic role but had many partners after husband died..

  • Born: 1965
  • Died: 


  • Came to the Philippines with a church group and met Frank (1955)
  • Senior year at American University (1957) Frank introduces to Man in a Black Hat
  • Passed the Foreign Service Officer Test (1958)
  • Frank went to Washington, DC and reunited with Carmen; married (1961)
  • Could not have children (1962)
  • When Carmen’s father died, received a large amount of money(1963)
  • Returned to Philippines and assisted wife; Lived in Davao Oriental (1964)
  • Two girls (Nikki and Cresha) were brought by courier from Mexico (1967)
  • Adopted girls and raised as their own. (1967)
  • When Frank disappeared and presumed murdered by Muslims when girls were 13; left foreign service and raised girls herself (1978)



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