Exzudes confidence.  

  • Born: 1965
  • Died: 


  • Born in Peru to Sergio & Paulina as Nicolassa Martinez with twin sister Cristina
  • Delivered to another courier who takes to Frank and Carmen Garcia in Philippines
  • Adopted along with sister by friends of the Withers/diplomats in Philippines, Frank and Carmen Garcia
  • Taken to Mexico by the man in a black hat; delivered to a courier who gets a new birth certificate 
  • Taken to the Philippines to diplomats in the Philippines: Frank and Carmen Garcia in Philippine
  • Gwen is Cresha’s daughter with Mike Spiro but went to live with Nikki around 11 years old… issues at home; low self-esteem, overweight



Victoria provided protection over Cresha and Nikki. Cresha and Mike had only one child.  Cresha felt abandoned and a little jealous when Gwen asked to live with Nikki.  Cresha initiated the conversation with Nikki and Nikki agreed to help raise her and to let Cresha know about everything that was going on.  When Arthur first had sex with Gwen, Nikki was in denial.  When Nikki found out that Arthur was also raping other young women and blackmailing them, she told Cresha. Mike and Ed tried to find him, but of course they could not.