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Laka Vera (b. 1941  d.1960 ) AGE at death: 19 A local in Madre de Dios Talks to a manager who tells Sergio of find; Sergio has sent to him Daughter: Maria (b. 1957)
  • Born 1935
  • Dies 1960 Age 25


  • Father was Soto – Mother was a Soto
  • Father was P’aqo; Mother Luna Soto
  • A manager “finds” in another town
  • Other than our introduction to Laka as Sergio’s second wife, we find her as a spiritual guide
  • Pregnant w/ Maria
  • Daughter P’aqo and an entertainer girl



General Traits

  • Long black hair, red ruby lips, long fingers,
  • Seen with a golden headdress, a golden dress similar to a lightweight sari, and golden slippers with inset diamonds. Her movements are graceful while also powerful. From V1C1 The Gathering
  • Short 4’11”
  • Street smart
  • Trance and Erotic dancing; sexual healer
  •  uses cards to transport, and shape shifting into puma


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