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Friend of Ed; Mike’s daughter, Gwen, was his great love.

5’11, Blond hair, blue eyes. In good condition as a young man but now a bit heavy set. Ladies’ man. 

  • Born 1958


  • Intel in Military – Photographer occupation
  • Mike and Ed meet while on vacation in Thailand
  • US Military Veteran, served in West Berlin, West Germany in the 80s, Berlin Brigade. 
  • Married to Cresha
  • Owns a bar in Philippines with Ed
  • Gwen is his daughter with Cresha Garcia
  • Lives in NYC



General Traits

  • Chubby / Heavyset
  • Bald. 
  • Long blond hair as a teen


  • Curses
  •  Anxiety / Lots of thoughts

Dialogue Style

  • Chubby / Heavyset
  • Bald. Had long blond hair as a teen
  • Curses a lot


  • V1C1S1 Friendship
  • V1C1S2 The Hospital Room

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