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Creation carries a responsibility of care.

Synopsis Volume 1: The reader is introduced to the future NewCali Force, which is asked to help stop an effort to “re-do” the universe. The force is executed, making the threat of Armageddon imminent.

The story revolves around two futures, exposing the interplay that keeps the forces to eliminate the universe in check. Jehovah plans to destroy the world. He has always had this leaning. Jehovah always deals with Lucifer (the accuser), pointing out the failings of his creation, U169. Luci is driven by jealousy that Jehovah has given this creation to his clone and not to him. Luci creates a team of aggravators with a powerful shaman, P’aqo, to create mayhem and strife and provoke Jehovah to end it all.

This story explores the ten days preceding the planned end of the world, sometime in the future. Jehovah sends his archangels out to gather the Prana needed to begin Armageddon. Tom uses his powers 50 years later, and with Lakita (contemporary with TTD) and Salina (spirit), he averts Armageddon.  When Luci is made aware of the Tom-Lakita relationship, he executes Tom by using Salina to tell Michael (Archie) and then Lakita of Tom’s anti-Council rhetoric. Lakita is pushed to have Tom arrested (not realizing the plan to kill Tom and that Henry will step in for him and be more powerful).

Jehovah has ordered Archangels (Archies) to destroy the sinful earth. This empowers them to eliminate Panea (an angel who learns of the plan) and Gwen, who is involved because she is a nephilim (P’aqo and Maria). Gwen is Panea’s master and a shaman herself 50 years in the future). An Investigator Angel, Ikart, uncovers what happened to the missing Angel and works with Victoria to report his finding to Jehovah to change his mind. Victoria enlists members of the Council to convince Jehovah.  Brahma and Athena confront Jehovah. Jehovah takes himself out of the earth management and allows Victoria and Lakita to govern. A rebel force is established to keep the Council in check.

IKART’s discovery of event (Sm 1, 22):

Learns of the missing Angel from Camille.

The first installment of this Spiritual Fantasy Fiction novel depicts a gripping saga of the ten days leading up to the planned end of the world. Jehovah’s impending Armageddon triggers events that disrupt both celestial and earthly realms. Archangels are tasked with gathering Prana to ignite Armageddon, while a blind woman raises an army of carbonites in a desperate bid to save the world. The story follows an investigator angel named Ikart and a young shaman named Henry and their intertwined fates as they navigate through betrayals, tragedy, and celestial conflicts.

Part 1a – Identifying the Missing Angel

The reader is introduced to the world fifty years after The Ten Days of Armageddon, and an eerie parallel with the Great Flood of Antiquity is presented. Ikart, an investigator angel, learns of a missing angel from Camille, the angel network. Through his investigation, Ikart realizes that this is no ordinary case; some angels who should know about Panea’s disappearance are unaware.

  1. Introduction: Unease and Fatigue
  1. Setting the Scene: Vacation in Maui
  1. Descriptive Observations: Nature and Magic
  1. Internal Conflict: Duty vs. Desire
  1. Social Interactions: Poolside Encounters
  1. Reflective Moments: Solitude and Social Observation
  1. The Urgent Message: Duty Calls
  1. Decision to Act: Returning to Duty
  1. Preparation: Transitioning Back to Work
  1. Conclusion: Resolved and Ready
Part 1b – Introducing Henry

Ikart learns about a young, gifted shaman named Henry. Ikart learns that Henry’s brother Tom was executed. Panea has disappeared because she learned of Jehovah’s orders to begin storing prana to start Armageddon. Lakita communicates with Henry to determine if he is a good replacement for Tom.

Part 1c -Introducing Magillicuddy

We learn about the archnemesis of Tom and Henry, the leaders of the Newcali Defenders. Lucifer has recruited P’aqo to push Jehovah to destroy his beloved U169 continually. P’aqo is given great powers and a long life in return for his soul. P’aqo creates an army by raping women and abducting his offspring. His favorites are Menga and Menga’s child, Sergio.

P’aqo sends Menga to kill the people of a Peruvian village. Victoria is a product of this event. Part 2 is about the diaspora.

Part 1d –The Capture of the New Cali Three

Victoria and Gwen listen to the telepathic conversation between Lakita and Henry using Lindsey’s eyes (she is a black gull). Victoria and Gwen decide to go before the Council. When they are en route to the Council, Gwen has been put into a coma. Henry teaches Lakita new techniques with Prana and tries to change how she deals with the Council without telling her about the future.

Meanwhile, the Newcali Three (Nkle3: Henry, Lauren, and Lindsey) and Jonny and Nadia are told that they cannot sit for the exam and are sent to be escorted by the black brigade for imprisonment. Henry is going to be separately moved, and he will be executed like his brother for communicating with Lakita and DiWata. Jonny and Nadia observe Henry separated for execution. Henry directs them to contact Julia. Julia directs DiWata to get Henry a figurine. Henry goes with DiWata to where the figurines are DiWata is injured in the fight for the box. DiWata tells Henry to place the figurine on a special rock. Henry places it on a rock as directed.

Part 1e – Before the Firing Squad

Henry is brought before the firing squad. Lakita tries to intervene. The squad aims at Henry and fire. A doctor verifies that Henry is dead. News of Henry’s death is given to Sergio and Henry’s friends and family.


A subplot between Jehovah and Abaddon (destroyer)

          • Abaddon is a created entity that works within Jehovah’s son (clone)
          • The act of creating Abaddon requires a great amount of Prana
          • Abaddon was summoned to destroy the earth during the flood to kill the Nephilim and again to destroy during the various Mosaic plagues
          • Abaddon is summoned to destroy the Universe to reestablish a new U169 (TTD)

A subplot between Jehovah and Lucifer

          • Jehovah created Lucifer. Lucifer is favored as “Angel of Light”
          • Lucifer becomes an “angry teenager” and goes against “Daddy’s rules” in Eden.
          • Lucifer feels remorse but Jehovah kicks him out and calls him Satan.  He tells his creation they must leave.
          • Lucifer (now Satan) realizes Daddy’s weak point and decides to hurt his father by making him destroy his creation.
          • Lucifer makes a pact with P’aqo.

A subplot between Lucifer and Ikart.

          • Ikart knows that, eventually, He will be the investigator investigating the missing angel.
          • Luci needs just enough time for Jehovah to destroy the world, and then no one will know what he did.
          • Luci uses Kisit, Ikart’s editor, to provide information through Salina. Lucifer has gotten Kisit into several illicit affairs and is forcing Kisit to give him information.

A subplot between Lucifer and P’aqo.

          • P’aqo is destroying “Lost souls” recruited by the Archies (Michael and Gabriel).
          • Lucifer’s twin brother, Michael is an arrogant prick and irritates P’aqo.
          • Lucifer lures P’aqo with women; among them is Maria.
          • Lucifer makes a deal with P’aqo to get the destroyed people’s souls.

Tom is testing his brother to take over so he can be freed up to do other work. Once Henry shows leadership skills, Tom forms a team with DiWata. (In Part 3)

The reader learns of a World in 3 time periods: pre-ttl or BT, during TTL or TTL, or Post-TTL or PT.

          • P’aqo vs Victoria & Lakita (BT & TTL)
            • Team: Cristina, Cresha, Mike, Ed, DiWata
          • P’aqo vs Henry & Tom
            • Assault Team: Lauren, Lindsey, Jonny, Nadia
            • Covert Team – Tom & DiWata

Part 2

Part 2 opens with Gwen in a coma. The reader does not know what happened. Earlier, the girl, a spirit controller, Gwen, has learned of the planned destruction of U169 while listening in on a conversation between Lakita (a Governess of U169) and Henry (a young, powerful shaman fifty years in the future). Lakita thinks Armageddon is the work of P’aqo and the Archies. Jehovah’s archangels (Archies) intercept the telepathic communique between Gwen and Victoria. Victoria’s intelligence directs Gwen to turn left at the gate to go to where the Archies are storing Prana for Armageddon to avoid detection. The Archies capture Gwen and her Guardian Angel (GA). The Archies turn Gwen over to Sergio, P’aqo’s henchman. They destroy her GA.

The reader learns that Victoria and Ikart are investigating the disappearance of the GA and begin piecing facts together. Victoria sends a message to a dormant Rebel cell run by a nurse, Maria. Maria’s daughter, Lakita, receives information through visions and dreams.

The Council, informed by Ikart that a Guardian Angel (GA) disappeared under suspicious conditions, puts one of their own, Jehovah, on trial. Victoria dispatches Lakita and her friend and soldier. Diwata, to capture Jehovah. The two create a gaseous mirror and defeat Jehovah and an Archie. The Archie is freed but they guard Jehovah until his trial begins.

Ikart is called as a witness and travels to the trial to provide his research and analysis of the GA Disappearance Incident to the Council. Ikart concludes his testimony by drawing a connection between Jehovah, Sergio, P’aqo, and Gwen. Jehovah is then called to the stand.

Part 3

Tom & Diwata capture Jehovah.  Brahma meets with Jehovah. Jehovah does not admit that he has a basic flaw, jealousy.

During the trial, Brama makes a deal with the Council. Brahma asks Jehovah to give control of U169 over to the Rebels to end the trial.

Jehovah explains that this will essentially kill all the inhabitants if he is not involved at all. He explains that he did this once before with his pet angel, Lucifer, which is what caused the flood. A deal is struck to (1) make Victoria the first Carbonite to sit on the Council with authority over Jehovah’s creations, (2) P’aqo is exiled to walk the land, (3) Menga is destroyed.

DiWata’s speech to the Council:

“Lord of High, Jehovah, I love. I don’t want a world without you. First, we need you. You keep everything working. You support all of life in U169.  But we need a better world that allows some carbon to choose not to serve you. But you are above all things. Be secure in knowing that U169 needs you to sustain life. But many of us are devoted to you. We cannot do anything for you but dedicate our thoughts and lives to you. Please, do not judge or destroy us, though you can. Let us grow to be like you, creators and nurturers. ”

Types of spirits

angels, anitu, banshee, demon, goryo, hantu, jinn, mare, Myling, Obake, Oni, Onryo, Phantom, Poltergeist, Raiju, Revenant, Shade, Spirit, The Twins, Wraith, Yurei, Yokai

Posers of Shaman:

shapeshifting, emo-freeze, emo-control, energy-storage, mind-control, mind-reading, mind-influence, healing, matter manipulation, time manipulation (time suspension)

Powers of Gods:

creation of spirits & matter (soul, angels, ghosts), creation of time, time-manipulation

When Gods mate with carbonites:

When Spirits mate withSometimes Jinn or Nephilim

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