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Behind scenes protagonist

Is a short ugly man but appears as a tall handome man with a condor on shoulder; wants adoration. 

  • Born 1500
  • Dies ####
  •  Age 


  • Wants to rule world but not be a ‘thug’
  • Turns into the worst vision of self
  • Students want to take everything away



Short Description

P’aqo is an eccentric who can flip-flop between a genius type with philenthropic leanings to a self-absorbed hedonist, a master of timetravel, shapeshifting, soulmitopicplanting (the soul is split and moved into another vessel), and emo- and mind-control

Motivation: Attention without being named

Goal: To win the approval of Gabriel and have his experiments

Conflict: He cannot let Gabriel know his true self; he creates robotic figures like Sergio to represent him in the real world


P’aqo is an “ancient” who was born a human in the 1500’s. He established himself as a shepherd of goats and quickly showed mastery of spirits and humans.  He caught the eye of Gabriel who began to train him at age 11.  The region #169 was created just for P’aqo who established a reign of knowledge in the region and became a bit of wonder for the High Council. P’aqo brought a new level of Knowledge to Jehovah, Budda, and Mohammed that made the region much more spiritual. 

But P’aqo became bored with his work and secretly dabbled in exploitation of common folk including sexual relationships with a number of his mentees.  To entertain himself, P’aqo experimented with soulmitopicplanting and shapeshifting and created Sergio. Sergio had blood lust and an inferiority complex. Two of his mentees who were becoming more knowledgeable decided to work together to bring down P’aqo. The two mentees aquired different skills and knew by soulmerging, they would become stronger and more powerful than their master. P’aqo retaliated with the Curse of the Chavin Coins to keep the two families separated.

However, P’aqo’s sexual exploits eventually brought the two families that were cursed together: Victoria, Julia, Maria, Cresha, Nikki, Mike, and Ed. Sergio’s missteps in The Cow Incident setup his downfall. Sergio is killed but because of the longevity spell, his soul is programmatically planted in Menga. Victoria setup a shield of protection around all of them so that they would have time to organize and develop. Menga finds a misake in a  communucation, and found Maria and Julia. Sergio kills Maria’s father and Julia’s Aunt and Uncle, friends, and neighbors. Maria and her adopted mother escape to New York and Julia and Victoria escape to a cave in the Andes. 

Menga learns about Gwen but he cannot harm any of them. P’aqo decides to play with Gwen to setup a trap to find the others. 

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