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Chapter 4. The Enemy is Coming

During their lunch break, Maria calls home to talk to her mother, Cristina. Lakita has a dream with a warning from Victoria that Menga has found them and is on his way and tells her mother, Maria. Maria meets Cresha, Michael, and Ed in the breakroom and warns everyone, and gives them a chance to volunteer to fight Menga. Once they agree, Maria makes a quick plan to fight back. They agree to move to Gwen’s room and meet later that evening at Mike’s place. Ed is to wait at his home for Maria.

Ed walks home. He is confronted by something in the dark, it is a spirit of a Puma. Ed learns that this is part of the powers Nikki has. Nikki asks for help but it must be secret; she is afraid that somewhere there is a traitor or worse, a mole. She was already caught by Menga before and he put her in a spell. She remained with Menga a captive for two years.

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