V1C6 Masters of Reality

Scene 1: Maria and Cresha go to Ed’s Home

Maria and Cresha arrive at Ed’s house but no one comes to the door. They find the door open and go into the house. They hear sounds down the hall and go down to investigate. When they open the door, they find a Succubi Dragon on top of Ed having sex. Cresha tries to use a freeze spell she learned that night but the dragon paralyzes both Maria and Cresha. The Succubi Dragon reveals herself as Nikki and explains that she is using Ed to recharge her energy. She mentions that she is intending on attacking Menga and P’aqo. Nikki gives some information about P’aqo.

Ed, Maria, and Cresha are able to move around midnight. Before leaving, Maria asks Ed some questions. Maria is concerned that Mike may be compromising them. Maria and Cresha learn that Mike and Ed had sex with Nikki. Then Mike drops a bomb and says that Gwen was there also. Cresha loses her temper and breaks down crying.

Laka appears and gives them a drink of ayahuasca. The two go to bed. Maria asks a question about P’aqo. While in bed, Laka tells them a story.

Scene 2: P’aqo and Jibril

Laka tells Maria and Cresha a story about P’aqo. The story begins with P’aqo in the 1800s who had two gifted underlings, one a man and the other a woman. The MC gave blessings to his underlings of large territories and a special blessing that their progeny would carry their gifts. P’aqo had trained them in spiritual warfare, healing, and knowledge of the deadly arts.

One day, Jibril the archangel and teacher of P’aqo comes to see the underlings and he is impressed with their abilities. Jibril takes the two under his wing and teaches them destructive techniques. The underlings become bitter because P’aqo had not taught them these techniques. So the two plotted to kill and replace P’aqo. They decided to work together to eliminate their master.

P’aqo subdued the two, sewed Chavin coins into their shaman garment with a spell on one side that would cause the two to fall madly in love while also having intense distrust of the other. P’aqo believed this would keep them separated. P’aqo still wanted to bless his students so on the other side of one of the coins was a spell of stealth and on the other coin, the ability to control emotions. P’aqo separated the abilities to even the battlefield if either one would challenge him in the future. Then he put the woman on a Spanish Galleon headed to a pickup point near the isthmus of Panama for loading Peruvian gold and silver. Since this time, these two factions have been after each other. And they never challenged P’aqo.

After the story, Maria begins to teach the Babaylan how to use their spiritual powers and how to be master controllers under Victoria. Maria and Cresha go to meet with Ed. Ed is surprised at Cresha’s new abilities. After a long session, Ed breaks down and reveals that he and Mike were with a girl and about Nikki being alive.