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The Other Side

The Other Side takes place in various Universes that exist within our World, or outside the World, or just the other side of that Universe. It doesn’t really matter if you are on this side of the dividing line.? There are no good or bad actors, just actors. They all play a part whether they are earth, sky, plant, animals, spirits, or humans.? They all seek sustenance and the hope that their demise perpetuates a new existence with possible revenge or redemption, whatever is required.

Story Background

P’aqo became a shaman in the early days of earth. He had successfully navigated the management of several galaxies. But one day, on earth, two understudies fell in love and decided to take charge of their fate. P’aqo was an empath and recognized what was happening. To prevent the takeover by his students in the late 1700s, P’aco wove two gold coins into the fabric of the shaman garments of two opposing families that eventually became the Soto’s and the Martinez’s. P’aqo created a new plan to develop his authority. P’aqo’s plan was to develop an army of unquestioning loyalists that were dealt with harshly if they ever were to question or defy his commands.

?Shattered Mirrors? is the first novel set in the 1960s. This story is partially about a man named Sergio Martinez and his blind daughter, Victoria Soto. Victoria has a step-sister Maria and a good friend and neighbor, Julia. They are all impacted by Victoria’s step-father, Sergio. Sergio is a farmer who desires more in life for himself and in doing so, destroys the lives of many families around him. Sergio has killed his first two wives, Aiko and Laka, and numerous women in the town of Andahuaylas. Aiko and Laka had hidden their great powers as empatic and telepathic. Their abilities were passed onto their daughters Victoria and Maria respectively.? Sergio maintained a slave farm with young girls he used personally and as prostitutes in the mining town of Puerto Maldonado. He would keep the girls under the tight guard of his henchmen for a few years before sending both the girls and guards to a shallow grave. The identity of his operation is kept secret out of fear of Sergio’s powers and also many of the townspeople reap financial benefit from the operation.

Sergio becomes upset with what is going on with his operation and asks for a blessing in return for more souls he will collect for the shaman. The shaman gives him some powers that extend to his progeny and to other lives that will occur because his soul will move to a new host. Sergio senses that Maria and Victoria will eventually try to overthrow him. Sergio goes into a drunken rage after he can’t find a goat he wants to have sex with. He is looking for his daughter Maria, not realizing that Paulina has put spiritual protection around the girls. Sergio looks for Maria to do harm to her. He returns unsuccessful and in a drunken rage, beats his wife and rapes his daughter, Victoria. When his current wife learns what he did to her daughter, Paulina kills him. But the blessing that P’aqo received from P’aqo gives him a new life in the man named Menga.

The Soto family is sent into the diaspora through the assistance of two Mexican diplomats, Aaron and Martha Withers The diplomat takes Sergio and Paulina’s two babies, Cristina and Nicolasa Martinez, to Mexico where they are adopted by another diplomat family, the Garcias, in the Philippines. Maria is adopted by the Withers. Julia and Victoria go into hiding until they learn that Sergio has been killed. They almost are found by Menga who kills Julia’s family within the earshot of Julia and Victoria.? Julia and Victoria go into hiding again and begin to learn the spells that are left for them by Aiko in her journal and what was taught to them by Paulina and the spirits of the mountains.

Volume 1 Shattered Mirrors

Menga launches an attack on Gwen. Gwen Garcia is Cresha Garcia and Mike Spiro’s daughter. Mike and Cresha live in New York City. The reader later learns of the relationship between Cresha’s twin sister Nikki and Menga. Nikki is very close to Gwen and is, for all intents and purposes, a stepmother to Gwen. Nikki is the partner to Ed Dawes, the best friend and polyamory partner of Mike. Mike, Ed, Cresha, and Nikki have a polyamory ‘club’. Menga casts a spell on Nikki and makes everyone believe that Nikki dies of cancer. Gwen takes care of Nikki during these times. After Nikki’s death, Menga digs up Nikki and after some time of aimless wandering, he makes Nikki his sex slave.

Menga is in pursuit of Victoria and Maria. He has chased Maria into a small town in Mexico and then to New York City. Maria encounters Cresha and Mike when she is assigned Gwen as her patient. Maria brings the diaspora together and trains them to use spiritual weapons to fight the next manifestation of Sergio, Menga. Menga continues the destruction by first killing Julia’s parents and friends then going to Mexico and killing Maria’s father. Nikki shows and provides some assistance to the diaspora to respond to the attack by Menga. But from the ashes of Menga’s destruction, Victoria rises up. Victoria heals P’aqo’s broken heart but is forced to kill Menga to stop the curse. Victoria becomes the new master of Reality by P’aqo who provides special powers to the title. Order is restored to the Universe.? But Nikki disappears again.

Volume 2? Ronin

“Ronin” is about the aftermath of P’aqo turning the Universe over to Victoria. P’aqo begins wandering the earth and Nikki finds him.? They partner together to challenge Victoria.? P’aqo creates a diversion by stealing a U.S. nuclear secret weapon and selling it to a Chinese militant.? The militant sends an undetectable submarine to destroy New York and start a nuclear holocaust. Lakita and Julia’s son, Micah, team up to locate the submarine.? While this diversion occurs, Nikki takes over as Master of Reality by posing as Victoria. When Victoria figures out what is happening she returns to confront Nikki. Nikki paralyzes Victoria.? When Nikki tries to use one of the black curses that only a reality Controller can use, her eyes become burnt, and Nikki is blind.

Lakita & Micah locate and destroy the sub, killing P’aco. Cristina, Lakita’s mom, Cristina works at the State Department on a Need-to-know basis. Cristina gets notified (In Travor’s Park) that she needs to come in for a briefing.? She goes into a local bookstore where an office is setup for her. Cristina learns that Rafael Chavez is also Yun Choi, an undercover Chinese double agent, the one who arranged for the Nuclear weapon exchange with P’aqo. In the exchange, Yun Choi is receiving a cloaking device for the weapon and a nuclear missile weapon enhancer.

A ship, Crooked Spoon, is selected by Yun Choi to use to launch the attack and the transaction is confirmed by a P’aqo imposter (Nikki). Nikki becomes aware of Cristina’s involvement and kidnaps Micah and threatens to kill him if she does not help the deal to go through. Cristina reluctantly relents and looks the other way to allow the transaction. Lakita disguises herself as a cat and after putting Yun Choi under a spell, tries to switch the real weapon with a fake weapon. Nikki cannot see the Lakita as a cat but she senses what Lakita is doing and appears at the scene of the transaction. Lakita escapes. Nikki has both the fake and real weapon. Nikki quickly moves both the weapons to the Crooked Spoon. To punish Cristina and Lakita for getting involved, Micah is raped by P’aqo (Nikki) before being released. Micah is traumatized and cannot move; he needs to be fed intravenously. Lakita is depressed about her friend, Micah. Yun Choi arranges for the nuke to be fired on New York.

Volume 3? Inevitable Destruction

Yun Choi works to send the missiles from the ship. One will be fake and the other active.? When they are launched only 3 days later, the cloaking device does not function right. And both missiles hit the target but neither one detonates.? Yun Choi contacts Nikki furious that he was cheated.

Lakita explains to Cresha what she did to save Micah and Cristina. Lakita had arrived on the scene appearing as a cat with a fake cloaking device and a fake weapon. Lakita manipulated the cloaking device and cloaked the real weapon. Sensing that Nikki was about to appear, Lakita opened a hole and moved herself to New York.? Cresha wants to get involved and assists Lakita in locating P’aqo. Nikki recognizes the attack and immediately hides her identity.? Cresha figures out that Nikki is really disguised as Victoria. Cresha works with Maria to create a spell where she is a cat.? Evidently, Nikki could not see the cat before but she senses something is happening. Nikki shows up as Victoria and Cresha shows as a cat.? Victoria is meeting with Cristina to discuss Yun Choi. At the meeting, Victoria shows up with Victoria to Cristina that she is Nikki. As Nikki prepares to kill Cristina, Cresha freezes Nikki.

Cresha tries to heal Nikki as Victoria had. It doesn’t work. Cresha sends for Maria. Cresha is able to heal Victoria but she is too frail to do a healing. Maria arrives with Mike and Ed but she is not able to heal Nikki. Victoria says, “I guess there are some who never were whole to begin with.” Ed strikes Nikki dead.


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