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A02.2 Luci and Ikart (1,626) Ikart

Source manuscripts: – SM P1 1.3X.docx

Content advisory: Adult language, content, and situations, controversial religious and cultural references, speculative histories, substance use, acts of violence, and self-harm. Find more information about the novel at SHATTERED MIRRORS NOTES.

Summary S2.1

Luci meets Ikart on the way to the portal.

Ikart mentions the missing angel Panea

Luci knows that Panea is going to meet with Henry and Victoria

Ikart makes plans to talk to Victoria

What happened before: H2.1

In the first chapter, Ikart presents his notes as he opens a case of a missing Guardian angel, Panea, and host, Gwen. The investigative angel has followed the breadcrumbs that led him to interview a gifted carbonite, Henry Snyder. Before getting involved with a carbonite, Ikart has chosen to meet with Melvin. The upcoming chapter contains Ikart’s notes from this interview.

Luci & Ikart – N:2.2 /n02 05-19-24 (x,xxx) – Ikart

I arrived at the portal and I found Jeffery and Luci playing a board game.  

Ikart learn  that Panea was trying to talk to him and Lord Victoria.

And that Panea had spoken with Lakita who was working with Tom.

Discuss Paqo

I already learned from her that Lord Lakita was trying to to speak to Henry about some matters of the Council. I am not sure if this matter is related to something the Council is doing so I need to tread lightly. I have decided to start questioning Henry and Lakita after I listen in on their conversation. I will return to Victoria and Lakita after.

This begins my documenting of what happened on the first day of Panea’s disappearance and I will investigate until I take my report to the Council. It is probably a human thing.

Melvin, Henry’s Guardian has explained to me that Henry is a master controller carbonite and a Cannabis Study major at New Berkeley University working part time as a curator at the NBU Library of Women Studies. He is living with two other students in a committed relationship. One of his partners, Lindsey, is concerned for his safety and I have corroborated her involvement.

Lindsey, one of Henry’s roommate participated as an observer and facilitator at times. She shapeshifted into a gull, so she has control over physical and most shapeshifters also have some degree of emo control.  According to Lindsey, unbeknownst to him, he embodies the great Zhulong, a destined teacher and keeper of wisdom. She says that he is characterized by an unassuming appearance and a wise soul, concealed by an ‘average Joe’ demeanor. Sounds like an emo!

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