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A03.5 Henry’s Vision P1 – A Message for Henry (2,055) Ikart

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Content advisory: Adult language, content, and situations, controversial religious and cultural references, speculative histories, substance use, acts of violence, and self-harm. Find more information about the novel at SHATTERED MIRRORS NOTES.

What happened before [H3.3]

Ikart is on vacation when he hears through the angel network that an angel has gone missing. Ikart uses the Celestial portal to get to the Archangel’s office and open a case to start the investigation of a missing Guardian angel, Panea. The investigative angel follows the breadcrumbs that lead him to observe a gifted carbonite, Henry Snyder. Before getting involved with a carbonite, Ikart has chosen to meet with Melvin.

Chapter 3 A Message for Henry

Narrator: Ikart
Location: the spirit realm
When: Celestial Realm with Melvin, Henry’s Guardian Angel

“Melvin, Do you know if Henry has a reason to hurt a Guardian?”

“There is no way for a carbonite to hurt a celestial.”

I laughed. “You know the powers a shaman possesses. You need to reconsider your loyalties. I am here as an investigator for Jehovah. I know that your master has celestial powers. I have learned that he had a relationship with Panea. Does he have a reason to hurt her?”

“My master would not hurt anyone even if provoked. He has endured many trials. He is on the beach right now, yearning for answers he won’t get. Last night was filled with laughter and deep conversations about life after college with his friends. Typical young adult human activities. However, he has rejected the possibility of a good future and traded it for a lie from the demons.”

“What? You are telling me that Lucifer did this to him? Really? The devil made him do it?” I have heard carbonites and celestials use this excuse if you can call blaming others for bad choices and happenstance an excuse. Luci is an easy target. And while Luci is certainly a vain and narcissistic angel, his reputation has been overly inflated. Even assholes like Luci deserve a second chance. But this is Jehovah’s will.

“Ikart, be wary of your thoughts; Jehovah’s judgment comes swiftly. To answer your question, I attribute my master’s tragedies to Satan’s ways and his legions of evil. That aside, Henry thinks far too highly of his fears and faults, less resolutely of his abilities. Like many young adult carbonites, he is apprehensive about the future despite a stellar academic record. Henry feels alone in the world; he has no family. Unlike most carbonites, he has many skills he had mastered from an obscure shaman and various spiritualists. ”

“Who were his teachers of the shaman arts?”

“Mostly his brother Tom, and recently, Elijah. And occasionally Elizabeth.”


“Yes, she’s the mother of John the Baptist.”

“Impressive. You say that Henry has a brother? Did Panea know him?”

“Yes, Panea knew Tom. Tom knew many Guardians. When they were younger, about eight, they suffered a great loss when their parents, grandparents, and adopted baby sister died in a landslide. Only he and his brother Tom survived. Tom banished his Guardian and called on a host of Guardians to ease his despair. That is when Panea met Tom, and they became good friends. Panea was interested in creating prana, and his sunrise devotion began with Panea. Soon after their parent’s death, the two brothers moved into a group home run by the state.”

“How close were the brothers?”

“When Tom turned 18, he was accepted on scholarship into NBU, a local university, and moved away into a dorm. While their sibling relationship remained close through frequent conversations, they might as well have lived on different planets. Henry tried to be resilient and planned get-togethers for birthdays and other special events. His brother was growing and learning. While Tom was at NBU, Panea introduced Tom to tantric sex, intending to enjoy ultimate pleasure and create orgasmic prana with a young shaman. However, Tom had stumbled upon secret knowledge well beyond the accepted three sources of prana taught to the gods; even the gods could not generate prana from sexual gratification as did spirits and carbonites.”

“They drifted apart.”

“Yes. As I told you, Henry called Tom often to check on him and ensure he was taking his medication and eating right. Henry followed his brother to the University a year later and moved into his apartment with two other friends.”

“Did Tom know?”

“Of course. The two Snyder brothers spoke once a month, always thinking that the other was too busy. Tom would go to Henry’s apartment to talk. Henry realized that his brother wanted to see Lindsey. That was until last year when Tom was murdered; Henry’s world came crashing down again.”

I feel like these brothers have some involvement in Panea’s disappearance. I don’t think his Guardian knows anything. “Can you take me to him?”

As we lost focus of the celestial realm, I saw a lean, athletic young man before me. He had extremely curly brown hair as he checked his appearance in a mirror.

“This is Henry?”

Melvin nodded.

Despite his disappointment that he could not grow a beard to save his life, Henry was proud to represent the New Berkeley neo-hippie movement. His attempt to grow facial hair was pathetic, but it was a mild diversion from what was going on in his mind. Hanging over his head, his roommate’s head is the expiration of financial support after graduation as mandated by the University.

“Thanks, Melvin, for talking with me and bringing me here. Let me take it from here.”

“No problem.” Melvin smiled at me and faded from view, but we both observed intently.

Henry has a Vision
Narrator: Ikart
Location: the spirit realm
When: Celestial Realm by Henry as he lays on an Arizona beach

Henry rolled two mugwort spliffs infused with Acapulco Gold. The kid has good taste. He lit the joint as he headed towards the beach.

The cool morning air seemed to be the ideal temperature as the young man anticipated experiencing the sunrise, just as he had done every day for the past two months. It was cool with a trapped, musty warmth, augmented with a salty, damp feel.

Henry removed his clothes and got down on his knees in front of the water. After prayer and supplication, he lay down in the sand. A vision began to unfold within his mind. I entered his unconsciousness, fully aware that Melvin was also there.

An Archangel came down and landed gently upon the water. The angel stood nine meters tall, wearing a bronze helmet without a visor, a breastplate, a fauld, and a crimson tunic. He had a strong chin and piercing hazel eyes, which made him appear kind and intimidating at the same time.

As he touched down, he removed his helmet, exposing his long dark hair. The figure tucked the helmet under one arm and rested his other hand on a prominently displayed sword. He waited for his large wings with silver and white feathers to retract until they were hidden before beginning to speak. The angel had a booming, authoritative voice.

“I am Michael, and I am here to warn you. Henry, brother of Thomas, a messenger, is forthcoming. Beware. Turn your eyes away. Do not read or interpret any signs from this messenger. You are warned! What you see, you cannot unsee. What you hear, you cannot unhear.”

The young man first thought that he was affected by his mugwort, but this vision seemed real. He became unsettled. “First of all, I am naked, and it’s a bit breezy out. I have been praying for a revelation for a long time. I ask about my future, and is this what the gods tell me? I am sensing bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. Mounds and mounds of dark black feces.” Henry opened his eyes and realized that he may have been too flagrant in his speech and decided to turn it down. “Yes, you are big and impressively large. However, I don’t think you are who you say you are. Who are you, really?”

“You are correct. I am the Remard, a remote monitor for Michael, an Archangel of the Lord Most High. I am his exact likeness. My master tells me that he is aware of your requests. I am here to observe you with the messenger. Anything you say to me goes immediately to Michael.”

Henry looked at Remard with incredulity. “You lied to me. Not a good impression. If I understand correctly, you are here to observe me, and your report immediately returns to him? Hmm.” Henry paused and scratched his head.

“You have an impressive getup with the armor.” Henry started checking his pockets for a second spliff.

“For the record, I have no idea why you think you need that armor. You don’t fight that kind of fight anyway. Someone who scraps won’t care about some metal in front of you. A real fighter won’t be intimidated. I could hit you with an emo charge, and you will shit in your pretend skirt. I would not do that to you anyway. You are harmless. Tell me, Remmy, if this messenger that is coming is so bogus and you are so powerful, why didn’t you get rid of him?”

“I can only do as my master has instructed.”

“I figured as much, Michael,” Henry said sarcastically. I don’t need or want you here. You are no more than a spy. I can determine if what I hear and see is true or not. Tell Michael that I appreciate the heads-up. Please go away quickly before I make you disappear, not in one piece. And tell Michael to leave me alone.”

Henry waved his hands like he was shooing him off. The moment he said and heard the words come out of his mouth, Henry regretted telling him to leave. He could not put his words back into the bottle. It was a great opportunity to ask many questions about the gods.

Remard said, “You are a foolish man. Very well. But you have invited your death.” After this brief and unsettling speech, the Archangel’s drone rose into the sky and disappeared as quickly as he came.

Henry started thinking about what Remard said and then laughed it off. He expected Michael to show up soon, hopefully after sunrise. Henry was pleased with the new blend of mugwort his roommate gave him. It was better than his usual blend with skullcap and lavender.

Moments later, a fragile and diminutive angel appeared before the young man. She was much smaller than the Archangel while still much taller than a human—only 3 meters tall. She had piercing blue eyes; her arms and legs were dainty and covered by a sheer pink and white garment that radiated a few shades brighter than the sun. She had delicate iridescent wings, and she carried a small bronze shield.

“Henry, I am Panea. I was a Guardian of Gwen. Her story is not important right now. You can learn everything you need to know from Ikart, a scribe for Jehovah. He is present through me to provide a record of our meeting. I come to present to you a message from the Tree of Knowledge.” Her voice was faint.

“Panea, I can’t see, and you need to speak up.”

“Sorry. Please come forward and sit under this olive tree.” Panea spoke much louder this time. As Henry knelt, the angel’s radiance dissipated, and another Angel appeared behind him, looking a bit timid. Henry wondered where this tree came from.

Summary S3.2 > a3.5  06-11-24 (2,055) Ikart

Ikart finishes interviewing Melvin to learn more about Henry’s powers and possible motivations for kidnapping or destroying Panea. After the interview, Ikart watches Henry from afar.

Henry Snyder finds himself on an Arizona beach seeking meaning after colossal losses, and Ikart observes him meet with powerful celestial visitors. Upon receiving a celestial intervention from the commanding but peculiar angel Remard, Henry’s skepticism overpowers his awe, propelling him to dismiss outright and insult the angelic visitor, an act he immediately regrets. Later, the restrained and ethereal Panea appears, guiding Henry to the Tree of Knowledge and into the presence of his Guardian Angel. Henry prepares to receive a message from the Tree of Life.

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