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A14.0 Banishment

Source manuscripts: – SM P1 1.3X.docx

Content advisory: Adult language, content, and situations, controversial religious and cultural references, speculative histories, acts of violence, and self-harm. Find more information about the novel at SHATTERED MIRRORS NOTES

Summary S14.0: Banishment

Prepare for exam

Magillacuddy finishes the Final course and gives the class an hour to prepare for the exam.

The capture of the New Cali Three

Meanwhile, the Newcali Three (Nkle3: Henry, Lauren, and Lindsey) and Jonny and Nadia are told that they cannot sit for the exam and are sent to be escorted by the black brigade for imprisonment.

  • Henry is going to be separately moved and he will be executed like his brother for communicating with Lakita and DiWata.
  • Jonny and Nadia observe Henry separated for execution. Henry directs them to contact Julia.

Julia directs DiWata to get Henry a figurine. Henry goes with DiWata to where the figurines are.

  • DiWata is injured in the fight for the box.
  • DiWata tells Henry to place the figurine on a special rock. Henry places it on a rock as directed.

Before the Firing Squad

Henry is brought before the firing squad. Lakita tries to intervene. The squad aims at Henry and fire. A doctor verifies that Henry is dead. News of Henry’s death s given to Sergio and Henry’s friends and family..

(Later Chapter) The reader learns of the details of the firing squad. Diwata had intervened with the execution and made Henry disappear. Henry reappears with Diwata and Tom appears. A fight breaks out between Henry, Tom and Diwata and the firing squad. The firing squad is destroyed.

Tom and Henry go to the house and there are thousands of people to publicly remember Henry and Tom. Magillacuddy is seen, but he disappears.

.Judgement upon Jehovah is given and Brahma’s plan is accepted. Victoria is made governor of U169.  P’aqo  is walking the earth


Lakita is assigned Governor of Region #5
Tom & Victoria Sit on the Council – Protectorates of the Living
Lauren (Chief) Henry & Lindsey are Under Secretary of Transportation and Port Management U169
Ed is assigned Governor of Region #1
Mike runs Region #8 (Asia)

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