SM15 The Enemy is Coming D2 12:45p

SM C15.2 01-01-23 (907) The Enemy is Coming Nurses’ Desk JHMC D2 Noon – Maria

Maria returned to her desk to check if there are any new patients. She was very pleased with herself and felt like the day was an answer to prayer. In retrospect, the interactions had been good with Gwen’s family; Maria felt a strong connection. Maria had overheard them talking about their club rules in the breakroom. Maria felt a part of the club and wanted to formally ask to join them. Maria wanted to train her own team, a club. “But first”, Maria thought, “take care of the patient.” But there was the impending danger coming that made quick decisive action an imperative. Could she trust these newcomers to act when danger was around? Certainly, spirits would be a new phenomenon for them. Also, Mike was constantly on her mind. Gwen was certain that the spirit realm was sending a message about Mike. No work emails; no calls all day. As Gwen looked at the activity boards to see what was happening, she got a strange feeling in her gut. It was strange that there was no activity in the ICU. “This never happened,” thought Maria.

Down the hall, Mike, Cresha, and Ed stopped off to see Gwen. Mike and Cresha gave a kiss to their daughter.

“Hey, Ed! Cresh and I are going out to get a sandwich and just get out for a few. Are you going to join us?”

“No. I want to stay here for a while. Can you get me a pastrami on rye? You know what I like.” Cresh was staring at her daughter. Her red eyes were hiding behind her sunglasses; nobody was fooled. When Cresha bent over to give her daughter a kiss, her staccato breathing continued to give her emotional state away. Cresh was crying to the depths of her soul, and she was all out of tears. As she left the room, she collected herself.

Ed walked over to Cresha and gave her a strong hug. He stroked her hair and softly assured her that Gwen would pull through.

Maria sent an email message giving her availability for the following week; Maria also checked on when the doctors were coming through the ICU. She was looking forward to her scheduled call with her mother. Maria and her mother, Cristina, talked every day in the early afternoon. Maria let the staff know that she was taking a short break. Before heading to where she would receive a call, Maria stopped by Gwen’s room. Ed was there talking quietly to Gwen, holding her hand.

“Hi, Ed. Do you need me for anything?”

“Do you know when the doc is making rounds?” Ed’s eyes were red.

“I checked but nothing is on our board. They usually make rounds again in the late afternoon.”

“Thanks, Maria. Mike and Cresha went to lunch at one of their favorite spots to grab a sandwich. Do you have lunch?” Ed had a blank look on his face and looked sad.

“Yes. I pick up lunch on my way into work each day.” Then Maria did what she knew she should not do. She walked over and gave Ed a tight embrace.

“Your girlfriend will be ok. I am going to say something that may be out of bounds but I want to tell you something important. There are some other forces at play, spiritual forces. But you need to be patient and optimistic.”

Maria turned to walk out the door. She knew it was not professional to make those remarks and certainly not professional to hug the patient’s family. It wasn’t forbidden, just not the best idea. She shrugged off the thoughts.

As she reached the threshold, Maria turned back around and flashed a smile. “I will talk to all of you later in the breakroom after my lunch.”

Ed smiled back weakly. “I will remind them when they return. They will probably go for a walk after lunch.” Despite Ed and Mike acting childishly, they were both serious about Gwen. Ed was serious now. He agreed with Maria that there were spiritual forces at work.

Ed smiled back. “Thanks for the encouragement. I will pray for you.”

“I need your prayers. ” Maria turned back and walked out the door. She walked to a spare office where she normally called her mom. As she opened the door to the office, the phone rang.

“Hello, Maria!” Cristina was singing.

It was deja vu… this is how it was in the dream. Or was it a dream?

“Hi, Mami. Did you go out?”

“We went for a short walk but Lala wanted to return to work on a project she has!” Cristina laughed but this time, Maria did not laugh.

“Lala is laying down. She thinks … that I think …. she is working. Abuelita knows.” Cristina was smiling through the phone.

Lakita came out of her room.

“Mami! Mami!”

Maria and her mother smiled while Cristina adjusted the view on the phone.

“Hi, Mami! How is your day?”

“Today has been strange but is a very nice day, hija! In the morning, I was worried about something, but I don’t know why I felt that way. I felt better after prayer and meditation …. and Oh! I think my prayers have been answered. I had a dream and I was visited by an angel. I have also met some new people and we are becoming friends.”

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