SM25 Luckys – Lucky Spa Sat D3 Midnight – Mike

Luckys – Mike {Lucky Spa 6-10-2019 Sat Midnight}

Ed and I had a few more beers and took an Uber over to the place where the girls were. Mike and I had done this countless times and we didn’t go to the regular place. We went to an industrial park and put in the code they sent us.

It was 1 am when we sat down in the foyer area. A couple of short young very athletic Asian girls in compressed shorts and a white barely see-through shirt approached us and gave us a kiss. We took off our jackets and emptied our pockets into a plastic bowl. The lighting was soft showing beautiful classical Chinese flower paintings and a large highly erotic 2-meter high painting of a nude Chinese woman holding a thin veil.

Mike and I said nothing. The girls did not talk to us. We had been here so many times but every time we just soaked the ambiance in like it was the first time. This was the ultimate high. There was soft traditional Chinese music that was extremely relaxing and quite hypnotic. I would never listen to this music otherwise, but here, I would never want it to be replaced by anything else. Seconds later, an older Asian woman, Ms. Huang, in an evening dress came and bowed. As she held her arms out, I could see she had a little tummy, small enough to be sexy and remind you that she was really spicy in her prime. She came for our coats and wallets. The tip was expected to be in our wallet; she did not check and no words were exchanged. As she left the room, our two guides came with only a light black robe with pink trim.Then, the two girls led us to a room and sat down next to us.

We were only a couple of meters apart, separated by the girls who unintentionally blocked our view. The girls took our clothes off and quickly scanned us for electronic devices, gave us a spectacular robe, and asked us the type we were interested in dating: height, weight, age, gender, and anything else. While we waited, the girls talked to us, massaged our back or feet, and offered us Viagra and tea. Mike and I wanted saki. Ms. Huang showed up again and gathered our clothes, put them in a bag, and took them away.

About 10 girls were presented on a big screen; it is part of the experience and I treat it like a special ceremony. The girls were visible only by a camera; they all wore a mask and had a number attached to their shirts. When they walked in we had the chance to talk to any of the girls and we can change our minds too. For $1000 per girl per hour plus a tip, I think I have earned the right to change my mind.

Today, we had the names of who we wanted. I wanted Sunny, and Ed almost always goes with Mary, his partner. Ed and or Mary may join me, later. As usual, our guides stripped their clothes off and led us by hand to the showers. Ed and I were separated at this point. Soon, Sunny would meet me in my room. My guide put on mitts and scrubbed my body so nicely. I got my head washed too. Afterward, I got a mini-nuru massage; she oiled my body using her body to spread it all over. After about 30 minutes, I was patted dry and led to my room. I got another head and foot massage. I was feeling pretty good anticipating when the new girl would arrive. I was relaxed and excited to meet Sunny and get a rub-and-tug.

It was a bit after 2 am when this beauty came into my room. She was really good… and it wasn’t the massage that made her so memorable. I remember being on top of Sunny and I saw a pretty little tattoo behind her ear. Then the room started spinning.


“Mike, can you hear me?”

“I was a bit dizzy. “Yes, Ed. Why are you here?”

“Your girl came into our room and said that you had passed out.”

“What time is it?”

“It is 3:30 in the morning. She said you finished your business and passed out inside her… That is very graphic.”

All I could say was, “hmm.”

“We will just wait here and they are bringing your clothes.”

“I can’t remember anything. Well, except for the tattoo behind her ear. She had Condor that was so small but detailed.”

“The only way you saw that was from behind.” Ed gave me a funny look.

“Yes. We need to come back again soon.”

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