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C27 Card Night for the Boyz D2 10:30p

SM C16.5 12-02-23 (1274) SM16 Card Night for the Boyz, D2 10:30p – Mike

“Hey Tommy, grab me a beer?” I was eating some spicy olives and I wanted to wash them down with something. Ed was having his semi-weekly poker game at his office. Sometimes, we have an after-party with 2 or 3 of our photoshoot girls, get fucked up, and play around. Tonight, Gwen was on my mind and I needed a distraction.

Today, our models are out of town. Mary, Ed’s partner, was working at Lucky’s Spa. So I suggested that our poker night friends stay longer to keep me occupied. I did not think it would work out as well as it did. We had a good time talking, drinking, and playing Indian poker but it still fell apart too early.

Tommy was walking out of the kitchen into the hallway and turned back.”Willy, grab a beer for Mike and Ed.”

Willy shook his head in his strange bobble-head move. “Sure, But it’s 10:30 I gotta leave soon.”

Tommy walked into the bathroom, turned on the light, and pulled the bathroom door shut. Tommy had gone into the kitchen to talk with his girlfriend on the phone but ended up in the bathroom. He is a car salesman and one of Ed’s models so he was often on his phone. Inevitably, Tommy would take long trips to the toilet on poker night because of his nasty choice of greasy food. Tommy had been eating some hot wings with a strange set of dips: blueberry syrup and blue cheese.

Willy walked back to the kitchen to get the drinks. Willy is 23 and much younger than the rest of us. He lives with his mother in Jackson Heights who does some hand and nude modeling for me from time to time. His mom, Molly Henderson, is incredibly sexy and she has a cute smile with a slight gap in her two front teeth. Molly is a distraction and then some. Willy was supposed to get home by midnight because his mom was supposedly out with friends and his 19-year-old sister, Evelyn, did not want to be alone. Eve was a younger hotter version of her mother. Another distraction.

About 10 minutes passed and I did not have a beer.

I was about to get up and go to the kitchen. For some reason, I just blurted out my thoughts. “Tommy, what are you doing?” I am not sure why I asked. I knew exactly what he was doing. I wasn’t annoyed. Maybe I was a bit lazy just watching videos on my phone to have investigated earlier. I wasn’t interacting with the guys too much tonight. But my radar was on and as far as Tommy goes, I didn’t have to ask what he was doing. He was screwing someone in the bathroom. I got up from my comfortable chair and waited by the bathroom door. I couldn’t hear anything. What made me more curious was that there were no females at our party. I didn’t care, just curious.  But he was with someone.

“Be right out.” There was a flushing sound.

Robert was in another room texting on his phone. Robert, an amateur MAA fighter, martial arts instructor, and bouncer at a strip joint, was being called into work. So our evening was ending, much earlier than normal.

Ed yelled, “Tommy, you are going to shit your brains out!”

“Nope, just number one… Guys, I need a few minutes.” The bathroom door opened. A petite red and blue-haired middle-aged woman appeared and slithered out shutting the door stealthfully and quickly behind her.

“Hi, Molly.”

“Hi, Mike!” Molly had a sheepish grin on her face and ran and jumped into my arms.

“Me too. Where …” I was dumbfounded trying to figure out how she got in.

“The window.” Molly winked. Molly kissed me on the mouth and hurried to the kitchen.

A minute later, Tommy appeared with a big grin.

Ed was shuffling the deck. “Tommy, one more game. I want a chance to win my money back.” Ed was laughing because he was winning, as usual.

“You’re funny Ed. You cleaned me out again. Maybe next time. But for reals, I need to be at work by 12.”

Willy returned carrying three beers. He handed one to Ed and another to me.

“What took you so long.” Willy ignored me. I looked up at the beer Willy was holding. “We only have this shitty stuff left?” I preferred Taj Mahal but Ed took the last one. We only had Elephant beer which is technically malt liquor but he brought me a Corona.

“Yup. I like this shitty stuff.” Willy gave me his stupid look and attempted to hand me a bottle opener.  I just twisted the cap as his phone rang.

“Tommy, aren’t you having anything to drink?”

“Naw. I am going to give Willy a ride home. His mother called and I think he is going over there to see Molly and Eve.” Tommy smirked. “I am taking him when he gets off the phone.”

“Molly is right here.” I was shaking my head. Tommy fake laughed.

“Hi, babe!” Molly was holding a beer in one hand and her vape in the other.

“You were supposed to go back!” Tommy was upset. “Sorry guys!”

Molly shrugged her shoulders, “Mike saw me coming out!”

Robert walked in holding his coat. “Tommy, can you drop me at the club?”

“Me too!” Molly rotated her shoulders and looked over at Robert. “I was waiting for you, Bobby.”

Tommy sighed and nodded to Robert. “Sure Molly, … Bobby.  I need to become an Uber driver.” Tommy checked the time on his phone. “Let’s just wait a few minutes for Willy.”

Robert sat down and Molly walked over and sat on his lap. There was an awkward silence as Molly and Robert started making out.

Willy walked into the room. “Tommy, are you ready?”

Tommy nodded.

“Guys, I am leaving. Let’s do this again.” Willy was walking towards the door with Tommy and Molly following directly behind.

As the door shut, Ed opened a Taj Mahal.

“Hey, where did you get that?”

Ed laughed. “This is my apartment and I have places to hide my beer… So what do we do now? It is early.”

“Ed, get me another Taj Mahal.  What do you think? Ed looked over at me with a shit-eating grin. Maybe Lucky’s? We are thinking the same thing, right? I heard about a new girl.”

Ed’s winked at me. “Give me a second.” Ed was back in a few minutes with a beer for me. Ed extended his hand with the beer and a card to me.

“Molly gave this card to me and said that she has a friend at Lucky’s perfect for you. ‘Right off the boat’.” Ed was getting into his happy place. “Her name is Sunny!”

“Ed! What the hell does ‘off the boat’ mean anyway? Is she a beaner or illegal? I don’t care if she is wanted by the police or ICE. Anyway, Sunny is the same girl Robert told me about. ”

Ed’s face changed. “Mike, you know I don’t like to hear anyone talk about another human that way. No one is illegal. This is just the way some people come to our country. And it is not wrong if we are helping someone.”

I was not sure who we were helping, her or us. “OK, sorry. This girl is not documented and she is requesting financial and personal assistance. Saying it like that sounds so much better.” I rolled my eyes. “I will send the money and let’s wait for a message.”

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