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SM45 Dragon Lady Ed’s Home D3 11p

SM C45.2 10-30-2023 (2997) Ed’s home Dragon Lady D3 11p – Cresha

Maria and I arrived at Ed’s home at around 11 p.m. The walk here was refreshing, breathing the crisp night air and gazing up at the amazing array of glittering stars in a wide-open black sky. I rang the doorbell; no answer. I think that the training in spirit control was reprogramming my brain; I felt more confident. Now, I knocked on the door. The lights were on but I still did not get an answer.

“Ed is really good about checking the door, so I am a bit surprised,” said Maria. “Try the door.”

When I tried the door, the knob did not move;

“It seems to be locked,” I said somewhat glibly.

Fortunately for us, the door had not been properly secured. I gave the door a slight push and it opened. Maria and I gave each other a look. As we entered the home, the blue lights of the pool were on. The hot tub was covered, so he was probably not outside now. Ed likes the jacuzzi for his late-night guests and likes to reserve the pool for his morning swims. Ed’s place was much smaller than Mike’s. It was on a single floor, but it was very open and welcoming.

“Ed? Are you home?” There was no answer.

We walked into the foyer. After Maria closed the door, I could hear sounds coming from down the hall. I motioned to Cresha to follow me. “Ed?” I called out. “It’s me and Maria.” Still no response. Following the sound in the hallway, we continued walking down the hall to the master bedroom. Ed and I had spent quite a few wonderful times here. Some with Mike but usually Mike with other partners. I know Ed was expecting us so I worried a little that something might be wrong. But that is something I often feel, and I worry for no reason. We were walking very slowly, and that also made little sense. When we got to the door, we just froze. We both stood next to the door and could hear sounds, but just listened to try and figure out what was going on. I didn’t want to walk in on him but he did know that he had training now.

I was about to knock on the door and Maria said, “This isn’t right. He sounds hurt. Open it now!”

I opened up the door quickly. There was a lizard-like woman sitting on top of Ed. She had long black hair but there were scales on her back.” Ed looked unconscious but he was moaning in a somewhat staccato fashion.

Maria ran towards the bed shouting like a crazy woman, “Ed, are you ok?”

Ed just moaned. I had heard that moan quite a few times. They were fucking.

I freaked out. I whispered but loud enough that everyone could hear me. That was unintentional. “What the hell are you doing?…. Maria, you will get us killed by this, this, this, thing!!! This lounge lizard! What is this thing?” Ed tried reaching out to grab me with crazy eyes.

Then, I tried to remember what I just learned. I recalled the freeze technique. It is one thing to do something in class and another in a real situation. Then Lizard lady blew a flame in our direction. This didn’t make sense. It was meant to scare us but it did not come close to us. Why would she play nice with us? But at that moment, I discovered I could not move.

“Maria, I can’t move.” My eyes could see Maria out of the corner of my vision. I looked over at Maria.

“I can’t move either. She is not a lizard; she is a Succubi Dragon.” Maria looked surprisingly relaxed. I was losing it inside!

I muttered under my breath, “Great, Ed you have a relationship with a dragon.” Normally, I don’t react to stressful situations. I yelled, “Ok, Dragon lady, you got us! What are you doing with us?” This is the nice version, I actually cursed a lot. I surprised myself. Normally, I am rather quiet and I don’t get very upset. I also rarely curse. But I don’t normally have a fire-breathing dragon in bed with my friend doing who knows what. Well, I know what.  Then a weird thought crept into my head, “How is Ed excited by her?”

Dragon lady stood in front of us and grinned. Maria and I were dumbstruck.

“What’s so damn funny dragon?” I asked.

“You are!” The scales disappeared and the face of my sister appeared.


“Yes, it’s me. Surprise!” Nikki seemed bored with her response. She looked quite alive and in great shape.  She had a dragon with wings just above her pussy.

“No, You are dead! You are not supposed to be alive. Are you dead? How is this possible? I took care of you when you were sick. I was with you when you died.”

“You are not happy to see me? I will tell you but you probably won’t understand. Here is the Reader’s Digest condensed version, this guy Menga put a spell on me.” Nikki kept gyrating while talking to us. “I was his slave for many years. blah, blah, blah. Now, I have some powers and I am going to kill this motherfucker!… I am not after you.” She looked over at Ed, smiled, and paused. “I am really onto you Edward you lovely man!” She then whispered to me, “with a nice big lovely cock.” Looking up, she asked me, “Who is the lady with you?” Nikki moved her head in Maria’s general direction.

“This is Maria. She is the one responsible for saving us in Peru.”

Nikki stroked her chin. “You saved us? I must sincerely say thank you, Maria. Personally, I don’t remember. I will just have to take my sis’ word for it. And yes, I guess that means I can’t kill and eat you now, right?” Nikki smiled and then winked at me.

I ignored her playing with our heads. “Nikki, why are you a dragon, and why are you having sex with Ed?”

“Would you believe that I like having sex? You do remember me? Your sister?” Nikki moved her head within a few feet of Maria, flicked her tongue and licked Maria’s clit from quite a distance away.

I looked at Nikki like she was crazy. Of course, she liked sex. I could not believe that she was alive. I just looked at her and my mouth was wide open.

“Relax, Cresha. Ok. remember Victoria. Victoria gave all of us some sort of protection. And with Edward, she also gave him some kind of super energy source. . . Right now, I am getting power from Edward. When I have sex, power gets transferred to me. But trust me, he enjoyed it too. Now, I have the energy to confront Menga and maybe P’aqo.”

“Who is Edward?”

“Ok, Ed. What is the matter with all of you? Doesn’t Edward sound better than Ed?”

Maria wanted to know more, “Who is P’aqo?”

“I don’t need to answer your questions. I am grateful you saved me, but that is in the past.”

I wanted to know also. “Nikki, please tell us.”

“Do we need to do this now sister?  This is so boring and I was really enjoying Edward’s cock.  And from the sounds of things, he is having a nice time also.” She looked at me appearing worn out from her bedtime activities.

I just shook my head but the rest of my body was still paralyzed.

“Since I have a captive audience, ha ha, I will tell you a very true story so you will know who P’aqo is. Are you ready my two love birds?”

I was fascinated but I didn’t like Nikki’s humor. “Ha ha… yes I am listening.”

“Maria nodded too.”

“In the early 1800s, there were two underlings of a shaman named P’aqo who was in the Acapulco area at the time. One of the underlings was a man, and you may have guessed it, the other was a woman.” Nikki really was in love with her own humor. “They had studied under P’aqo and learned how to become Master Controllers of Reality, that is a type of black shaman, but they could not get out of the control of their master, P’aqo. They decided to work together to eliminate their master. “P’aqo is an empath so he knew what was going on.”

“What’s an empath?” I asked.

“It’s someone with the ability to ‘read’ emotions. An empath can read minds and a few can control others’ thinking and emotions. . . P’aqo subdued the two using a similar technique as I used on the two of you. He added the curse after sewing into each of their garments a Chavin coin with two curses. The first curse was on the front of the coin causing the holder of the coin to relentlessly pursue and fall madly in love with the possessor of the other coin. The second curse which is on the backside, causes the holder to be repelled by the possessor of the other coin and to that person if the holder got too close. Then he put the young lady on a Spanish Galleon headed to a pickup point near the isthmus of Panama, a loading point of Peruvian gold and silver. This all led to the present situation between the Martinez and the Soto families.”

“That is an elaborate scheme that hardly makes any sense!” said Maria. “But that makes P’aqo an old man, right?”

“P’aqo is a powerful shaman. He is probably over 400 years old. OK, ladies, I have enjoyed this chat but I need to go. You will be able to move about in approximately 30 minutes giving me time to disappear, again.”

Nikki turned to leave. “I will be in touch. I am confident that Maria knows what to do.”

A minute later, I heard the front door close. We waited in silence for our invisible restraints to disappear.

It was around midnight when we were able to move. Maria told Cresha to wake Ed up. Cresha put her hands on Ed’s head to revive him.

Cresha’s Enlightenment {Maria}

Evidently, Ed was awake the whole time; he just appeared to be unconscious. Ed put his clothes on and walked with us to the door. Ed was so surprised at Cresha’s new abilities, that he asked Cresha questions.

I felt bad but I had to break up the love parade. “Ed. Before I go, I need to ask you some questions.”

Ed stopped talking and just stared at me with his mouth open. “Ok, ask.”

“You and Mike went out a few weeks ago on a boy’s night out. What happened?

“Cresha knows what we do.”

“Enlighten us because we both know that it was not just meeting some girls.”

I started tapping into Ed’s mind. He was really nervous about something. “I sense that it has to do with Nikki. How long have you and Nikki been going out? And why didn’t you tell Cresha? Is Mike involved with Nikki?

“No. Well yes. But we didn’t know who these girls were. I don’t know what I am saying. It was like a dream. We didn’t even know if it was a dream or not.”

“But Mike had the same dream?” I looked intently at Ed.

“I guess so.” Ed’s voice went down as he put his head down over his folded elbows. “That doesn’t seem a bit suspicious… Ed, how can the two of you have the same dream?”

“You are right. But I am just realizing this right now.” Ed peeks up to see if Maria is buying the story. Then he returns his eyes and head to within his folded arms. “All I can tell you is that we woke up the next morning and we both dreamed we were in an orgy with Gwen and a friend of hers. We talked about the dream. Mike did not want to say anything to you because he thought that you would get mad at him dreaming that he tag-teamed his own daughter.”

“Both of you tag-teamed my daughter. Yes, I am rather pissed now!” Cresha had her arms crossed.

Ed was getting nervous and was looking for something to say to make Cresha calm down. “But Gwen did not say anything. She never mentioned it, ever. It’s like nothing happened.”

“You are both idiots and, in our relationship, cheats!” Cresha was breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably.

I stood up. “Let’s call it a night. I am too tired to train.”

“Our discussion is not over!” Cresha stared like a demon at Ed and ran down the hall heading for Ed’s bed to cry and pass out.

Laka and P’aqo {Ed}

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! A scream rang out. Ed and Maria ran down the hallway to see why Cresha was screaming.

Maria ran through the doorway and saw Cresha pointing and staring.

“Why are you yelling?”

“L L L L Look!” Cresha’s hand was shaking and pointed towards the bed.

“What the hell!” A huge black cat was lying on the bed licking its paws.

This evening was particularly crazy for me tonight. A dragon bouncing on me and now a black cat. I walked over to my chair and plopped down as if this were all normal.

“Nikki, is that you?” I asked.

“Who is Nikki?” the cat changed into an older-looking lady. She actually looked really nice. She was wearing a red jumper.

“You all look purrrrfectly yummy!” The woman had a wild look and a cute smile!

Maria was the first to collect herself. “What do you want? And who are you?”

“My name is Laka. Your daughter is named after me. In fact, I spent some with her earlier this evening”

Maria started to panic. “Is she ok?”

“I left her at home. Your stepmother is with her. Lakita insisted that I talk to you. I told her many times that it was not necessary.”

“Who the fuck are you?” Cresha spoke up.

“Yeah! Who the fuck are you?” I chimed in. It was a pointless retort. I liked that Cresha was asserting herself with whoever and whatever this woman was… I wanted to know her.

“Call me Abuelita. Tonight, I will be your spirit guide. Or rather, this morning, I am your spirit guide. I know you are Cresha. And you are Maria.” The spirit guide pointed at me and slowly curled her finger in, implying that I should come closer.

“Don’t be shy bebé. You are so cute. I know you are Ed. I can feel your curiosity.”

I felt a bit awkward. The spirit’s arm extended out and her long fingers ran through my hair.

Cresha stamped her foot. “Are you with P’aqo?”

“Noooooo. The spirit started touching my face.” I tried to push her arm but my hand passed right through her. I jumped back.

“Your daughter wants you to know that you all are in trouble. You should ask her about what I showed her earlier.”

“I sense that the women want to know who P’aqo is.”

“So do I!” I sounded ridiculous.

The spirit chuckled. “No, I know you are interested in something else. Purrrrrrhaps a bit later.”

Cresha and Maria did not move.

“First, let’s have a drink.” The spirit guide pulled out a small flask. “Have you ever had ayahuasca?”

We all shook our heads. “No.”

The spirit took a swig from the flask and handed it to me.

I took a sip. It seemed good so I took another drink. We passed it around several times until it was empty.

Suddenly, I felt really sick. And everything was twirling around. But soon I was stabilized but I was having some hallucinations.

The spirit said, “I know your questions Let me tell you a story.”

P’aqo and Jibril {Laka}

Cresha and Maria came up to the bed and laid down next to me. Ed came up shortly after and sat at my feet.

“Mi niños, let me tell you a bedtime story about P’aqo.”

“The story begins with P’aqo in the 1800s who had two gifted underlings, one a man and the other a woman. The Master Controller gave blessings to his underlings of large territories and a special blessing that their progeny would carry their gifts. P’aqo had trained them in spiritual warfare, healing, and knowledge of the deadly arts.”

“One day, Jibril the archangel and teacher of P’aqo comes to see the underlings and he is impressed with their abilities. Jibril takes the two under his wing and teaches them destructive techniques. The underlings become bitter because P’aqo has not taught them these techniques. So, the two plotted to kill and replace P’aqo. They decided to work together to eliminate their master.”

“P’aqo subdued the two, and sewed Chavin coins into their shaman garment with a spell on one side that would cause the two to fall madly in love while also having intense distrust of the other. P’aqo believed this would keep them separated and no longer a threat. P’aqo still wanted to bless his students. On the other side of one of the coins was a spell of stealth and on the other coin, the ability to control emotions. On each coin was the top side with a curse and on the other side, a blessing. P’aqo put the woman on a Spanish Galleon and headed to a pickup point near the isthmus of Panama to load Peruvian gold and silver. Since this time, these two factions have been after each other. Most importantly, they never challenged P’aqo.”

Moments later, they were sleeping. Laka assumed the form of a Puma and gave Ed a lick on his face. She turned, leapt off the bed, and disappeared through the house wall. Soon, after daybreak, Mike was at Ed’s house.

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