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SM50 Todesengel Returns – Lakita {Outside Maria’s home NYC Day 4 12:40 am}

Todesengel Returns – Lakita {Outside Maria’s home NYC Day 3 12:40 am}

“I can smell you!” A strange voice came out from the dark.

“Are you Mengala?” I thought saying his name wrong would get him irritated. It was a play on the name Mengele, the famous Nazi

“You can call me anything you want, it won’t be for long. Some called him Todesengel so it is fitting to think of me as your Angel of Death. You will be dead soon.” He smiled, showing his yellow nasty ugly teeth.

“Did you try to kill my friend?” I was buying time trying to remember all I was taught about emo.

“I didn’t try. She is dead.”

“No, she is very much alive.” I sensed he was still looking for me.

I motioned to my Nana to hide where we found Diwata. I moved toward the hatch to come out by the street. The evening had begun and it was half dark.

As I opened the hatch which was disguised as a tree stump, I felt the cool breeze and the full moon was lighting up the area. I immediately knew what to do. Without a thought, my body began to change. I felt a ripping at my side and I saw my legs detach from my body. There was no pain. In fact, I felt extreme joy and even elation. Wings came out of my back. They were large and awesome. My feel had talons on them, like a bear.

I began to fly up into the sky and look down to find my prey. My whole way of thinking began to change to that of an animal.

“You know your friends are quite interesting. Emortis was ordered to kill them but there was some kind of spiritual protection on him. So I made a deal with P’aqo that the protection would be taken off of you. If I kill you, I give him your soul. He will eliminate your spirit guide mother and give me more powers.”

“And what if I kill you?” I tried to sound confident.

“I cannot be killed, my spirit is just transferred.”

“Thank you for telling me.” That gave me an idea.

I decided to emo-control.

I had never learned to fly or even tried to fly. I never had wings before. I tried to get them to work but nothing. Maybe I was trying too hard. Even though my heart was pumping so hard, I tried to slow it down. My mom taught me to focus on breathing. I focused my eyes on a car across the street and felt my breath going in and I tried to think of the sensation. Then I felt my breath going out. My racing heart started to slow down. I still could not get my wings to move. Maybe they were not functional wings. I had taught Diwata how to control physical objects so I used the same technique but I visualized myself instead of another object. …. Unbelievable. I started going up.

I could see the tops of the cars, and then the houses. I was able to flick my wings… I have no idea how I moved them except that I saw myself turning and the wings flicked so that I change direction. But I needed to increase my speed. I tucked my knees and awesome claws up into my chest and it worked!!!!! I was moving really fast. I was ready to find this guy. My eyes were incredible. I could see little details and I was really high up. Then I saw Menga.

I concentrated on the target. I let go my emo shot. Right on target.

He lay on the ground, motionless. I felt calm. I looked around and there was no one in the streets or looking out their windows.

When I looked down again, he was gone. I looked down an alleyway where he could have gone. Then I located him hiding in a garbage hole. I don’t think he realized that I can see through the metal top. I increased my load and focused on the target again.

I waited longer this time. I realized that I can feel his heartbeat and breathing if I focused on it. Ohhhhh. I can also smell his scent. He started moving. I put together more emo. I had to remain calm or this won’t work. I gave him a double-dose shot. This time, however, I followed up with two more shots making sure I tracked his heartbeat and breath. After 3 shots, he laid there and did not move. I sent an emo-paralyzer jolt to him that would keep him with bands on his hands and feet until I released the spell. He would still be able to talk. I needed information.

“I got you,” I said with a smile. I started transforming back to myself. I knew he could hear me but he could not respond yet. I had some time so I went to the secret tunnel and called for my grandmother. Once she knew it was safe, she came out and joined me next to Menga.

Finally, the emo started to dissipate in him and he regained consciousness. “Hey bitch, you can’t keep me like this forever.” Menga tried struggling.

“I beg to differ. Why are you doing this?” I was an ice cube!

“I already told you. I have a deal with P’aqo.”

“What can I do to change your mind? Is it only power that you want? Don’t you have a family who loves you?”

“Please don’t start this. Just kill me so I don’t have to listen to this sentimental crap.” Menga struggled again to try and free his hands.

“First of all, you said you can’t be killed. I took you at your word, even though you lie with everything you say. There is something I can do for you but I need to know what you really want from me, besides killing me.” … I waited for a response. “Relax, let me look into your head.”

“You’re not going to be able to do anything.” Menga was adamant about how helpless I was.

“I already have learned something. You think you have control over Gwen. What did you do?”

“Nothing.” Menga looked at the ground.

“I shouldn’t ask you anything. When you move your mouth, you lie.” I was trying to figure this guy out.

“So you found us by planting a tracker in Gwen. And …. what! You were the one who impregnated her? You are a shifter also? Did you take over Ed’s body? You are a real sicko!” Menga did not say anything. “Now I know how you tracked us. Your mind gave you away.”

Now, he was very agitated. I could feel the rage in him. His eyes were terrifying, like bolts of lightning aimed directly at me. “You know that your new fucking friends played a part in this also.”

“What are you saying?” I figured he was talking about Cresha, Mike, and Ed. But this was starting to make me angry. I tried to tap into his mind but it was not working now.

“Fuck you, you stupid bitch. I should do you like I do your mother.” Menga’s face became contorted with rage.

“You have never been with my mom.” I had to remain calm. If I get angry, my spells don’t work. Also, the emo-bands on his hands and feet will disappear.

“I have fucked her over and over with her friends. I was with her only a couple of weeks ago.”

I started isolating my feelings and I felt at peace. “I am not going to let you anger me. I am going to heal your heart. I saw in your mind what you did to Victoria and Julia’s family. You killed my father too. I cannot bring them back. I hope I can reach them in the spirit world but we both know that is not the same… You seem sad and pathetic.” I was seeing this bad man with different eyes.

“Fuck you, bitch …” He was about to go on a cursing tirade so I closed his mouth. He kept mumbling because he couldn’t speak. He was yelling with his mouth closed. I shouldn’t laugh and make him angrier so I laughed inside myself.

“I forgive you. I hope you can forgive yourself. I ask the mountains and the rain to heal for you.” I put my thumb in my nose and got some mucus. I then laid my hands on him and anointed his head.

Menga stopped fighting. This was the first time I had healed someone. It felt natural.

“Are you ready to be freed?”

The man was crying. His eyes were normal. I released the emo-bands holding his legs and arms. I then released his mouth.

My grandmother was in tears also and scared. I put my arms around her. “Nana, it is alright.” After a minute, I took the phone from her coat pocket. I held her as I called an Uber.

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