SM53 More of an Inquisition D6 3:15p

More of an Inquisition – Mike Spiro {JHMC NYC on Friday Day 6 at 3:15p} 1773

“Mr. Spiro.”

I felt a tap on my shoulder. The cute resident doctor was running the show and our eyes crossed paths several times as she directed where we sat. She was very professional. “May I call you Mike?”

She was wearing a short blue skirt under her lab coat. I had to concentrate on her words. “Yes, I like Mike.” I was wanting to tease her but my mind was not quite working at high efficiency. I really was struggling to remember her name. Did I even know her name?

“Are you feeling better?” Doctor Rodriguez looked into my soul with her dazzling hazel eyes. That look really got my heart pumping. The Doc started smiling. Maybe she could see that I was excited.

“Sure. I m ready, just waking up. Doc, Can you tell …” I got cut off mid-sentence. I could not see Doctor Adams but I heard his voice.

“Sonia, let’s start the recording.”

Ms. Stevens’ hair was a bit frayed but she was calm and confident. She went in front of the camera and gave the date and time. “Ready.”

“Mr. Spiro, we are here today recording our medical evaluation. This recording will be principally used for medical purposes but it may be used by the police. Do you give your consent?”

“Yes.” I nodded my head. “Again, why are the police here?”

“Mr. Spiro has given his consent to record this session. This evaluation is being done differently because you were found unconscious at a crime scene. The police are here to listen for any clues that can help them find the perpetrators. But the most important reason we are here is for you. We need to determine any memory issues you may have if any.”

Can you start from the time you left your home to come to the hospital?” Doctor Rodriquez was all business.

“Sure. While I wake up, can you tell me your name?”

The Doc seemed embarrassed. Dr. Adams interceded. “Mr. Spiro, are you able to talk with us now? Can we stick to your story?”

“I’m only asking the young lady her name. Do you have a name?” I smiled at the resident doctor.

“I am resident Doctor Rodriguez.”

“Do you have a first name?” I smiled at her.

The doctor looked around and played with her hair. Then, as she looked down at the ground and coyishly slow into my eyes, she said softly, “Melissa. My name is Melissa. Can we continue?”

I finally saw Detective Branigan hiding in the back behind Nurse Sharon. He was talking on his cell phone. It seemed like he finished his call on his cell phone when Melissa and I were flirting but had a weird smile on his face. It was a small room. When his attention turned to the inquisition, I could see his eyes roll and I figured that whatever was going on between me and Melissa was making him a bit loco. I continued. “Sure. An hour after Cresha and I arrived at my home, I moved our bags into the house, I changed into my swimsuit. I did laps for about 30 minutes and then I dressed to go out between 7:30 and 8 am. Oh, and I called my office to let them know my schedule and I messaged later to cancel any meetings. Is this detailed enough? And can we get to the part where I find out why I am tied up?”

Melissa nodded and Dr. Adams didn’t even look over at me. I looked back and Branigan had disappeared.

Then, Melissa surprised me and looked up for a second, “What did you do for the hour before you brought the bags in?”

Was she trying to trick me? I had to take a moment to think about the question and consider my answer. “I wasn’t doing anything. I think I looked around the place, had some more coffee, and took a dump.” I smiled. “Sorry for the graphic. I used the bathroom. Why are you asking me these kinds of questions?”

Dr. Adams put his hand on his chin to stroke his goatee. “Currently, I am your doctor but I also work for the police. I need to know if you remember what happened last night. You are not under investigation yet. If you were, the detective would read you your rights. Did you message or call your office?”

“Doctor, I feel like I am being interrogated. I did both. In fact, I just told you. Are you even listening to me?” I paused and then looked at him quizzically. “I messaged and called my office. Get a subpoena and you can check my phone.” It seemed like they wanted more detail. “Hmm. I recall I bent a Venetian blind and squinted my eyes because the sun was so bright.” I saw Melissa smile. That was great. “Like I told you before, I was restless when I got home. I had no sleep; I couldn’t sleep if I wanted. I exercised a little while. Eh, I swam laps. I had coffee. I used the bathroom. Finally, I decided it was best for me to get out of the house and clear my head. I called up to Cresha that I was leaving, it was around 7:30 am, … By the way, where is Cresha?”

The young resident perked up and said matter-a-factly, “Your wife is…”

Dr. Adams put his hand up to motion to Melissa to stop. “Mr. Spiro, we will tell you everything but we need for you to try and remember what happened. Where was your wife while you were looking around.. et cetera?”

“First, you all keep saying wife. Cresha is not my wife. She is much more than a wife. She is my partner, my lover, and the mother of my child. Where is my girlfriend? This child, my child, Gwen, is here in the hospital and NO ONE has told me how she or the baby is doing!” I was really on edge and I saw everyone’s reaction to me. I continued. “That moron doctor Swaggart should be shot for wanting to kill my granddaughter. But my friend, the father, and I stopped him! And you have not told me about where my friend Ed is and why I am tied up! But you will tell me, hopefully, now. I am tired of waiting.”

A voice broke my train of thought. “What do you mean that the doctor should be shot?”

I recognized the detective’s voice. I saw everything was going south. I tried to sound calm. “I was not being literal. I just want to know, what is happening with my family and why am I tied up?” Maybe repeating it a bunch of times would have an effect. And it is recorded too. I could not understand what needed to be so secret. Doctor Adams walked up to Doctor Rodriquez and whispered in her ear. I decided to say something to clear the air. “Returning to this morning, I felt anxious and overwhelmed when I arrived at my home. The shower and coffee did nothing to help me deal with the news that my daughter was in intensive care at a hospital. I first looked around the place because I could tell my daughter had been there recently. I needed to take a walk to clear my head. I called up the stairs to let Cresh know I was leaving but I did not hear a response. She was probably in the shower. I put my jacket on and turned off the lights.”

I saw everyone in the room turn their attention to everything I was saying.

“Cresha met me when I arrived at the hospital. Our daughter, Gwen, was admitted here a few days ago. Oh, before I walked over, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Ed Dawes. I waited a long time for him to answer. I hate waiting on people to answer a call. After about 20 rings, he answered the phone…”

Detective Branigan stopped me. “Mr. Spiro, a body matching a description of your significant other, was found in your home in the shower. You claimed to be the last person to have seen and spoken to her.”

“You mean Cresh? My god! I was trying to register my feelings. When I found myself tied up, I imagined this being a real possibility. I started feeling a bit helpless like I was being set up, like in a movie. “I spoke to my wife when she arrived at the hospital.”

I noticed that Nurse Sharon was holding my hand. “Nurse Sharon was here.”

Branigan continued, “You also were very upset at Dr. Swaggart for suggesting the termination of the pregnancy.”

“Yes, he was an asshole.”

Branigan froze. “Was?”

“Sorry, IS. Dr. Swaggart IS an asshole.”

Detective Branigan looked over to one of the officers with either glee or astonishment in his eyes. “We ran tests on the knife found at the scene that was used to kill Dr. Swaggart… The lab called this afternoon. I was told that Ed Dawes and your prints are the only ones on the knife. No one remembers and there is no record of Cresha Garcia arriving here at JHCU.”

“Detective, I didn’t kill anyone. Ed did not kill anyone. I have not even seen him since I arrived in New York. Ed is my friend and he is a really easy-going guy. he would never hurt anyone.”

“Mr. Spiro, we have an APB out for Ed Dawes. And I am now formally placing you under arrest for the murder of Cresha Garcia. We have a warrant to search your home. And yes, we need your phone. These fine officers will now handcuff you and read you your rights and show you the warrant for your phone. You should consider getting a really good attorney.”

Two uniformed officers came over and added a handcuff to my already strapped-down right arm while affixing the other side to the bed rail.

I started rubbing the nurse’s hand between her thumb and her index finger. Nurse Sharon smiled, stood up, and tried to move my hand to my lap. The straps and handcuff did not permit the movement but Nurse Sharon stepped back.

The detective cleared his throat. “Dr. Adams, please send me a copy of this video, and please do not further question Mr. Spiro. We will need to clear the room and we have officers posted outside. No one, and I mean no one, is to enter this room without clearance from me.”

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