SM Part 1b: Chapters 4-6 (5138) [For Review SM04-06 R01]

SM C4.5 12-03-23 (2025) Telepathic message to Ikart  D7 6a – Julia in CoraCora

“My friend, be extremely careful! Emortis is compromised. You should assume he has perished, I cannot sense his soul. Perhaps more importantly, it seems we are all being tracked.  In the future, we can communicate using BOL’s PANDA system. Lord V has cloaked our activities so this message is safe but to avoid the fate of Emortis, I need to talk to you on this other system. We need to switch communications to PANDA, now! I will wait for you.”

Minutes later…

“OK, I hear you, Ikart. I apologize for using this crazy system to communicate with you. I knew that you had access to it being a Guardian Angel of sorts. and all. Anyhow, I will explain to you why I must bring you up to speed.”

“I told you we are all being tracked, that includes you!  What I didn’t tell you is that it is Zophiel and his merry group of demons are doing the tracking. My source, Ambassador Vito Bananno of Laconia, believes that Emortis may have given some information to Zophiel concerning our plans so all of us are being watched. One of Laconia’s junior sentinels (a guard in the Bear of Laconia Legion) saw Emortis attempt to enter a Portal.  He was being followed by one of P’aqo’s idiot henchmen, they thought it was Menga. Now, Emortis has vanished. But here is the important thing that we have not completely figured out. Zophiel’s orders may come directly from… Jehovah. How did we learn this?”

“While pursuing P’aqo, Lord V’s little warriors in the 34th Rebel Brigade, Lakita and Diwata, captured Jehovah and put a chrono spell on Zophiel. For your information, it is this spell that allowed me to communicate privately with you now. The 34th disabled Michael before capturing Jehovah. These two warriors, Lakita and Diwata, are tough! They are recruits and they are commanding a small force of carbonites and defeating the most powerful forces in the heavens! I will arrange for you to meet them at the Colosseum.”

“Yes, you must go to the Colosseum. You know how to get the information about when from the Council. You need to testify about what you know.  Please record a deposition in case something happens to you.  Just in case! Not that anything will happen.”

“Lord V is headed to the portal to negotiate with the Council, which is separate from the Trial of Jehovah. From there, V will learn how we should proceed regardless of the outcome of the Trial.”

“The Council has asked us to bring Jehovah to the Courthouse and called for a special hearing ASAP. We will meet you as quickly as we can make it there. If one of the Archies breaks free and counters our small force, we will have a mess on our hands.  We will meet you AFTER you have addressed Jehovah in Court.”

“Finally, I have sent a clandestine courier to deliver a sealed message to be taken to Jehovah, with no other eyes. Our courier will meet you there. If others hear the contents of the message, Jehovah will likely eliminate the entire Universe rather than look weak.  Do not open the message.”

“See you at the Colosseum.”

Outside Huancayo, Peru, Sunrise D10 6:30a – Victoria

I looked around using Nati’s eyes. I was lifted by the colors and textures of the morning sky: bright stringy yellows, puffy pronounced greys, and bright orange. I began to reflect upon the things that bring color to my life. I laughed. I am blind but I know color. Sounds crazy even to me. I am grateful for the blessings and responsibilities I have.

I am grateful to Nativido, my faithful friend. He has protected and given me great joy and comfort since I was young. He saved me many times even when I had sight. Of course, Julia is my favorite person; she knows me also. Since my childhood, Julia and I have been friends; she was a neighbor. I love Julia and her kindness, but people’s kindness is different from creature kindness. Nati can see my soul as only angels can. And there is my daughter Wawa. I cannot imagine my life without her. She has my abilities, and she has sight. She does not realize the handicap this has given her.

I rolled off my mat, stood, and after a stretch, sat on my stool. Julia would soon come to dress me. I sighed and quieted myself, again. I took a deep breath. I feel myself. The morning air in the Sierra is fresh and cool mixed with the aroma of coffee and flora, dancing wildly in the breeze. I feel my chest rise as my lungs are filled. My senses are full. I seek renewal.

I count the pounding beats of my heart inspiring the spirits around me to dance. This is a new dance with a new tune but the same familiar rhythm; the spirits sing in harmony and the tune floats on the wind. The spirits sway with the wind causing a stir of gentle emotion of welcome to the onlookers. The spirits and the onlookers join in and sing “Glory, glory, glory. Peace to you, Peace to all. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! ” harmonizing with the dim sounds of the insects, the rushing waters of the Rio, the calls of the condor, the slither of the snake, and the roar of the puma. My awareness covers me and I fear what I can sense.

I am aware of my body and spirit. I feel my body on this stool and I feel the stretch of my skin over my frame. My senses can overwhelm me unless I focus on the moment. Slowly, I return to peace as I succumb to my reality and recognize the cyclical nature of my awareness. Peace is an illusion. In an instant, the sweet harmony may be interrupted by the prick of the smallest insect, the claw of a predator, or a slight misstep. It is the Great Spirit that secures the illusion of calm because life here in the Sierra or anywhere is about survival; survival is just another day. But now, I choose peace over survival. I choose to return to the beat of my heart, the swell of my chest, and the sweet textures found in the smells and sounds of the Sierra.

I stood as I heard Julia’s footsteps with their unique pitter-patter rhythm coming towards me. Suddenly, I sensed why Nati would not move. Julia took my hand. Her hands were cold. I motioned for Julia to sit. I sat back down. I touched her face, and I felt her aged skin. As my hands warmed her face, I looked through her eyes again and I saw the shadow of the sierras, black against the magnificent and glorious orange sky. The sky, layered with clouds, demarcates the heavens from the terra. I could see the dogs through my daughter’s eyes, running back and forth patrolling for danger playfully. But there was a spirit of ugliness. It was time to address my people.

“My friends, the stranger mocks us with their fascination with our ways. To the stranger, the Andes mountains are treacherous, but we know the source of their majesty. The stranger too says majestic to the mountains, but they are awed only by the heights and isolation. Those with sight are often distracted by the beauty of sunrise and sundown, the snowcapped peaks and lush valleys, and the hidden pampa connected by a blur of trees, rock, and trails. But remove your sight, and you enter another world, my world. This world belongs to spirits, angels, and carbon. Today, we promise a future of a united world not divided by such things. We are One in the Soul. We see each other as in a mirror.”

I stepped into Julia’s body and the rest I did with my mind. As I walked outside, my mind wandered. This past week, Julia and I stayed with Matador who requested a curandero for his other girlfriend. Cecilia. She is 16 and they have been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success. Last night, I completed my work for Matador and Cecilia. I expect that Cecilia will be having a child in due time. They had worked hard last night to make it so. And Julia joined them also. Matador, Julia, and Cecilia were happy last night, singing, drinking, playing, and joking loudly until the early morning.

Requesting reports D10 7:20a – Victoria

Matador sent Wawa inside an adjacent abode to get Boy and ask us to come out. Seeing Boy got me thinking about how the Ancients had created all of this. Then, the door to Boy’s dwelling slammed shut, startling me. The cold on my face brought tears to my eyes and my nose began to run. I rummaged through Julia’s pockets to find a handkerchief. I sat on the ground and wiped my eyes and nose.

My mind turned to the Ancients and the wonder of their creation. I prayed early in the morning and reflected on the gifts that helped me in my life. But after gratitude, I gave thanks to the Ancients who brought us this world and created the Sierra, the fauna, the rivers, the fauna, the sky, and, of course, prana. The thought of the sierras brought a sense of wonderment, and I allowed the wonder of the sierras to wash over me. I gave an invitation to my mind providing access to my consciousness, to initiate the thoughts of danger. I reflected on these incredible sierras and the peril that cohabited with the might.

Wawa came to me and took my hand. Her hands were cold. I touched her face with Julia’s hands. As her face warmed, I could see the dogs through my daughter’s eyes, running back and forth patrolling for danger but doing so playfully. I reached into Wawa’s mind to show what needed to be done.

Wawa took her eyes off the dogs and found that the strap around Nativdo was not secure. After a collective effort to correct the strap, we were ready to move. I stood to begin our long walk, but we had accomplished much these past two days. The long hard walk would bring us to another challenge, one we have prepared to confront for most of our life. Julia and I stayed with Matador who requested a curandero for his other girlfriend. Cecilia. She is 16 but she has been trying to get pregnant with Matador for over a year without success. Last night, I completed my work for Matador and Cecilia. I expect that Cecilia will be having a child in due time. They had worked hard last night to make it so. And Julia joined them also. Matador, Julia, and Cecilia were happy last night, drinking, playing, and joking.

I slept soundly a couple of nights ago despite the noise. I sleep like a rock when I am tired, and I am very tired. I was on my feet for that whole day keeping an eye on Cecilia after she had the ayahuasca, praying over her for most of the day. This time, she did not freak out and did not need me to keep her from harm.

I was well-bundled when I stepped out. The chilled air is a shock even if you live in the sierras. I pulled my chullo down to keep my head warm. Julia gently tied it. She reminded me that I have a potato and mote in my pocket covered in a cloth wrap if I get hungry.

The crisp air embraced us as we slowly climbed up the side of the mountain. Our halt was momentary as Nati requested for his load to be adjusted. Matador took care of the weight redistribution.

The dogs are running about, and it is a great relief to know they are taking care of us. Regardless, I anticipated a difficult day.

“Michael, please prepare a place for Jehovah and include the reports I have sent you from our investigator.”

SM C5.3 11-30-23 (1609) Spirit Realm in the Garden of Ancients D10 11a – Ikart

I was surprised at how few spirits were at the gate. The archway sentinel was the only obstacle keeping us, a few obvious travelers, from entering the beautiful Garden of Ancients. Typically, I would be approached by various Goryo complaining about their life cut short. They were looking for handouts of prana. And it was amazing to see the many imps who served and socialized with celestials. I think they are abhorrent creatures but they are very popular with female celestials. One chubby and rather smelly imp had just done some rolling in the mud evidenced by his clothes; he stood right next to me picking his nose. He turned his back to me in an attempt to shield me from seeing him eat his mucus. But it was very clearly visible. I know that not all imps are naughty but Lucifer’s children don’t have the PR that Jehovah’s son gets. And sometimes, there were ghosts around here though I didn’t see any today. Usually, they are waiting to learn about the judgment given to their killer in one of the smaller courtrooms. Once they learned what happened, the ghost would be transported to X86, the Portal of Resolution, to be recycled.

The Jinn waiting to be transported to their hearing was a great source of entertainment. Jinn were extraordinary spirits coming to judgment that made Michael go around in circles. The most common spirits here were angels and demons. Demons resided beyond the Hills of Laconia in Chanan, a district in New Caanan, and were protected inside the Garden if miraculously they were given a pass to enter. They had some rather cute little devils too that I would flirt with before they went into the Garden.

All Angels were free to move around until they were reassigned and came here to get their assignments. When I would come here, I would discuss the latest article with other Guardians. After being assigned to report for the Times, I came less often. However, as many times as I had come to the Gate of Origin, this was the first time I was going through it. As I approached the entrance to the Garden, I prepared to walk the Path, alone. But as I got closer and closer, I felt the presence of thousands of souls pressing in on me. Then, I heard true soul music. But unlike an ordinary song, this melody transports you from the Path to near the Rock of Welcome which bridged the carbonite worlds and the spirit world.

As my feet touched down, I could see the great Rock in front of the entrance. I approached the Rock slowly. Though there was a lot of open space, there was no way around the Rock if you wanted to go into the Colosseum. The Gate of Origin was just beyond the Rock but was hidden until the Rock tested each soul for purity. Purity does not mean good or bad. Purity means simply that your intention is clear and directed. The Spirit Realm required this in every Soul that was in the presence of the Ancients. An Angel in front of me bowed his head, touched the Rock, and moments later, disappeared. When I came to these Doors, I always kept in mind that the Rock not only re-energized but also destroyed Souls. There seemed to be no reason why the Rock took a soul but the Rock destroyed over a million of them. The latest statistics showed that 78% of carbonites had red hair and 63% of spirits were associated with angry tall female carbonites. For carbonites and some bad angels, the Rock had powers to restore peace to the soul and re-energize the spirit.

As I stretched out my hand to touch the rock, the rock began to glow. The rock turned white and began to grow.

“Welcome Ikart, my friend. I sense that you are thinking too much today.” Elvis gave me a wink.

“It is great to see you here Elvis!” I chortled back. “I am surprised to see you come out.” The Bears of Laconia guarded all the entrances into the Spirit Realm. All bears were known by numbers but I wasn’t going to be bothered by such craziness. His brother Cleetus always comes out to chit-chat with me because his gate, the Gate of Challenge, has fewer attendees.

“I think that Victoria is rubbing off on you!” He said with a chuckle. Elvis stretched his body and turned towards me. “Don’t think so much. I just wanted to stretch my body.”

“Yes.” Miraculously, I felt at peace and my mind stopped racing for the moment.

“OK, You know the drill, my friend. Remember, if you broke the rules, I will know.” Elvis lifted his arm and turned over his paw.

“Nahhhhh.” I bowed my head and thought for a second. I then gave thanks to the Controllers, a ritual the Ancients drilled into the head of every angel in training. I stretched out my hand. Elvis began closing his eyes for a moment. And the Door appeared but I knew that I was not out of danger. Elvis reopened his eyes, very wide, and retracted his arm.

“Are you pure?” Elvis asked. He looked into my eyes. After a moment, he slowly returned his paw to a place in front of me. “Touch the Rock!”

My mind started racing again. Does he sense something? One fact that few knew was that the Rock had never destroyed an Angel that smoked. Never. I was an angel with no hair. In my work, I mostly dealt with short-fat ugly male carbonites. And I smoked like a chimney, just for occasions like this! “I’m ready, dude.”

Elvis gave me a strange wincing look. “Stop thinking Ikart. Go ahead.” I reached out and touched Elvis’ paw.

I walked past the Rock without any trepidation. Once safely passed the Rock, I tucked my wings under my cape, looked up, and walked through the door and gracefully towards the Gate. I saw the Sign of Welcome above the Gate of Origin: “Follow the Path of Service and you will find yourself.” I looked around before placing my hand on a prana rock. I felt the presence of my friend Emortis but he was not really there. Emortis and I believed we would serve Jehovah for eternity. Now, Emortis is gone; perhaps recycled. I offered a prayer of thanksgiving to the Master Controllers. The Rock began to glow a bit brighter. I chuckled for a second. It took my friend to disappear to get me to pray. Even Emortis would be surprised at me praying. Other people think they see changes in me. They say I am not the same foul-mouthed egotistical wise-ass angel I was before. I know my faults. Emortis’ disappearance was my fault.

I removed my hand from the rock and took my cape off before snuffing out the spliff. I had told Kisit that I was quitting cigarettes, but I didn’t say I quit smoking. Was that a lie? Maybe. But the lie was to avoid hurting our work relationship. I could feel evidence, the trailing spirit, from the fervor that must have been here earlier, as Jehovah’s servants prepared for this emergency meeting. And it was fitting that this gathering was held in the Colosseum’s magnificent Hall of Wonders. As I approached the Hall, the Sense of Antiquity glowed with awe. The sense of who I was, who we were, emanated from every corner, every beam, every statue. I had to stop for a moment as these overwhelming feelings made me tremble.

I walked through the Gate into the Garden of Indemnity and followed the Path of Service to the Door of Opportunity. From there, It was a short walk to the Colosseum entrance. All the important Ancients were to be in attendance and seated in the center at the Great Table of Ancients. These five thrones were reserved for the Master Controllers of Antiquity: Jehovah, Athena, Lord Shiva, Sekhmet, and Kali. These were the creators and shapers of the Outverse and the protectors of the Middleverse.

As I moved through the North Hall, I felt a lingering Sense of Purpose in my soul. After all, this is where it all began. This place had been a witness to tremendous joy with the birth of great souls, ideas, and new worlds. The Alliance of Master Controllers or AMC desired that all carbonites would understand the symbiotic relationship between the Outer and Middleverse. The Middleverse considered these Master Controllers to be Gods. Of course, they were the same as any other Master Controller. But in fact, some Master Controllers had powers that the Ancients did not have. But the Ancients were the creators of #169 and that made them a little special. Especially Jehovah, who started it all. He established carbonites in the Middleverse; they needed non-carbonites to provide meaning in their existence even if they denied the facts all around them. Spiritual entities existed in the Outerverse and were subject to controllers. Those who could not or would not participate in the AMC Plan would recycle to the Middleverse.

The meeting was called because the AMC Plan was threatened. We faced the unknown. I felt a jolt in the pit of my stomach as I realized that this day was an important time and place to mark. Incredible as it was, the threat had already had its effect; the original intent and glory of the Ancients were diminished. All of #169 was being pushed back to the state of existence of our ancestors.

SM C6.3 10-15-23 (1497) Spirit Realm D10 1p – Ikart

Jehovah called this emergency meeting, though all my underlying suspicions are not corroborated. But this request is completely out of character for the Ancients. In his younger days, Jehovah was a jealous controller, always protecting his creations and not permitting others to love them. He acted irrationally, a God of Vengeance. It does not make sense that he did what he did!  To do this in front of mortals and lesser Gods is absurd.

The Coming of His Son to rebuild the Middleverse and create a New Palace in the Outverse moderated his emotions, and he now calls himself the God of Love. But with the plan to eliminate his creation and start over, it appears that Jehovah is returning to his old ways. He promised never to again flood his creation, but he shared angels close to him that he never said he would destroy his creation with fire. His public plan is to eliminate his enemies, while serving on the board of Ancients with other Gods. But with collateral damage, he would destroy much of those who inhabited the Middleverse. Jehova justifies this by saying that they are not his children. Of course, he is never wrong. He is SO loving.

As the Security Sprites ushered me to my place on the upper levels of the West Wing, I recalled the Legend of Origin. I gazed at the majesty found in the peculiar angles of this great hall. Prana emanated from every crevice here, not as strong as it was in the past. I stood still for a moment and meditated as humans do. I reached down for my cigarette out of habit, but I remembered I tossed it. Good thing. I refocused and meditated upon the Legend of Origin. Everything had begun under our feet, literally. I could feel my feet on the ground. Jehovah had created a new type of garden in this very location. I could smell the flora. The legend said that Jehovah had a plan, The Plan, to regenerate prana that would be the eternal power source for Universe #169. I sang our anthem under my breath. As a tear rolled down my cheek, I stopped my meditation and directed my attention to what was around me, and continued toward my place. This was not the place to teleport; it was best to take in everything as if it were the last time.

The art and architecture that surrounded me were the handiwork of Athena. Jehovah and Athena’s goals, passion, and purpose were in every aspect of the art and architecture, especially the geometry, and the angles. Their love was mathematical. While the angles are not quantifiable, they soul-logically provide focus, peace, and relaxation through mind patterns. These patterns were first introduced by Sekhmet as a gift for Lord Shiva. Sekhmet created healing patterns using prana, a form of raw energy she invented. Jehovah repurposed prana despite Sekhmet’s objections, creating a complete solar system and forming new types of carbon and non-carbon life forms. The legend goes that Lord Shiva destroyed the first several universes that Jehovah built but Shiva agreed to leave #169 remain in return for secret recompense. Part of that recompense was a sexual union between Lord Shiva and Kali to create non-carbonites to populate the #169 Outerverse and another union between Lord Shiva and Sekhmet to create carbonites to populate the #169 Middleverse, that is, earth. But all this was about to be vaporized.

My thoughts protected me from the reality that this was a time of reckoning. My life as an angel depended on it. I was among hundreds of thousands of sprites, angels, and the jinn gathered in the #169 Outverse Colosseum to discuss a response to the latest tragedy to befall Virtual #169. The official purpose of this emergency meeting was to discuss how to respond to the disappearance of non-carbonites. The great Archangel Kelel was about to open the discussion and I was here to report the story for the Earth Times. Despite the insignificance of the Earth and especially my reputation, I was asked to attend. The ironic aspect of me receiving the invitations is that I usually attend these meetings regardless, but I was sent an invitation, meaning, I had no choice but to not show up. I joke because angels don’t get a choice. Jehovah established the Circle of Precedence in #169’s Constitution which states that angels and every other spirit serve the carbonites. Carbonites, in turn, generate prana through telekinetics and praise.

I was at my place now. I was trying to focus on my true task here. Reports, mainly rumors, were pointing to rogue carbonites as the source of unrest in the Universe. I had evidence to prove this was not the case. I was unclear on how I could get the message out without being judged disloyal and silenced. I could be eliminated like my friend Emortis. Jehovah had walked that path before and those he called dis-loyal were not allowed to be here. The movement in the space ceased and there was complete silence.

Kelel began, “There is a light that shines; it breaks the dark. The contrast is undeniable. Recent events seem outrageous and unbelievable, polarizing us. We don’t know what to believe and who to trust. I believe that the truth lies in between the light and the dark where the mysterious chasm we oversee is threatened. Those who have disturbed our peace, the GU’s peace, shrink the mystery of the heavens reducing the connection and contrast of our kind. There is no denying that we are all created, fearfully and wonderfully sewn together into spiritual and non-spiritual entities.” Kelel stopped for a moment to create a photo-op or get a drink of water, even though angels don’t really need water. We are pure energy.

I sat there, listening to the great Archangel Kelel address our great Council meeting. I was bored out of my mind. He was supposed to be leading up to a critical point but here he was, going on with endless dribble. There was always something positive that these meetings were supposed to accomplish but Kelel would often ruin it. He needed to be clear to the point. Prana was decreasing and spirits were being threatened and in fact, disappearing. I had reported on the GU’s sudden loss of prana and the impact the loss had on spirits’ ability to accomplish the mission.

I loved prana. I attended these Council meetings just to bask in the radiance of the displays of prana’s raw energy that gave me existence. Prana was the key commodity for #169; it is to angels as air and water are to carbonites.

The leadership was divided on my report. While my report was well-received by the angels, the sprites and jinn denied its importance. Jehovah wanted unity and asked the board to have this town hall meeting. Sometimes, I would arrive early to these town hall meetings to watch the beautiful young sprites bring in these dazzling wonders that our existence depends on. I would sneak to get close to the display.

Kelel rambled on, “We are angels of the light. We cannot look down upon carbonites who are without compassion: hateful, jealous, and self-serving. They are ignorant but pretend to know, helpless but pretend to be independent. We serve them until their souls join the universe. Those who decide to follow their nadi will see us in the mirror. Those who decide to remain on the path from the other side shall shatter their mirror.” Kelel always was philosophical, continuously questioning where we came from. But it is like arguing where love comes from. Our boss Jehovah says his son is love. Maybe, or some of the time. But I need to say what they want to hear. I need to be careful and attentive with my actions. I said to myself, “You don’t want to receive the wrath of Kelel or Jehovah. I like my job.”

Kelel continued, “We recognize the creator’s hand in all things. Jehovah created the incredible Galactic Universe #169 and received recognition by the GU Council for his work. But now we are seeing ripples in GU #169. The connection is becoming a chasm. We are faced with rogue carbonites and possibly spirits… Ikart? Where are you?”

Kelel was looking directly at me, but something was in his way. “I can feel you, but I cannot see you.”

The security precaution that Julia warned me about was still in place. I responded telepathically, “I am here,” and showed myself.

“Good, Ikart. I need you to find out what is going on with our guardians disappearing. Telepath with my secretary afterward and she will fill you in. I need a report from you at our next Council meeting… “I am adjourning the meeting. I am here to answer any questions.”

“Wait!” I spoke and I felt the attention of the entire colosseum on me. Now, Zophiel’s security angels were moving toward me.

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