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Soup – Outline

Title: Soup


  1. The Gambler  (Ahmad) is Resourceful and desperate to save his life and his son’s life. Made his money on the stock exchange and lost much of his fortune at the casino.
  2. The Gambler’s Son (Hassan) – Not yet graduated from highschool, 17 years old. In a forbidden relationship with Aisha, a key player in the soup’s creation.
  3. The Pakistani Teenager  (Aisha) – Skilled at making soup. Spends intimate time with the warden. Has a secret relationship with Hassan. She was engaged to be married 3 times.
  4. The Sikh (Harjit) – A yoga teacher who has great wealth from a construction business. He loves racing cars.
  5. The Jeweler (David) – is a handsome, sarcastic middle-aged man about 40. He finds Grace attractive. He is pragmatic and resourceful. He contributes with his knowledge.
  6. The Korean Missionary from Canada (Grace) is a 49 year old adult wandering around in life. She inspires those around her with her compassionate and unwavering faith but never accomplishes anything for herself. She is resourceful and intelligent. Her captives think she is messaging using Bible verses.


  • A war-torn country, a dark, damp prison cell where the characters are held captive.
  • The cell has minimal amenities, with only scraps of food given to the prisoners.
  • One evening, some international prisoners are transferred to another prison suspected of espionage.
  • They were captured in a midnight marketplace. The real spies were not caught but the others were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The jeweler, David, had brought a rare stone to be bid on. The father and son, Ahmad and Hassan  had come to join a card game. Grace was proselytizing.
  • Hassan and Aisha share a blanket and Aisha shares some soup with him. In the early morning, Hassan separates.



  • Introduce the five prisoners: the Muslim gambler, his son, the Pakistani whore, the Sihk, and the Jewish jeweler.
  • The Pakistani woman has been there having sex with the warden.  The warden wants to use her to learn what is happening in the group.
  • Describe their conditions and the dynamics within the group.

Rising Action:

  1. The Torture and the Bet:
    • One morning, the gambler is tortured by the cruel warden and learns of their impending execution to take place in three days.
    • In a desperate attempt to save their lives, he bets on their ability to make the best soup from the scraps they are given.
    • The gambler’s son, who received delicious soup from the Pakastani, supports his father’s claim.
  2. The Plan:
    • The gambler gathers his cellmates and shares the plan, revealing the grim news of their scheduled execution.
    • They decide to pool their resources and culinary skills to make the soup.
    • The whore recalls her mother’s recipe for a delicious soup made from chicken bones, bad onions, and cheese.
    • The Sikh and the Jewish cellmate contribute their bones for the broth, while the whore assists with her knowledge.
  3. The Secret Ingredient:
    • Unbeknownst to the others, the gambler’s son adds pork bone broth to the soup, which the whore uses to enhance the flavor.
    • This broth is obtained through the Pakastani’s secret arrangement with the warden, who is pleased with her evening services.


  • The soup is prepared, and the gambler presents it to the warden.
  • The warden, amazed by the taste, decides to spare their lives for the day.

Falling Action:

  • The next day, despite their successful soup, the warden executes the gambler’s son out of spite for his relationship with the whore.
  • The remaining prisoners are devastated but remain hopeful for their lives.


  • That evening, the prisoners are unexpectedly rescued.
  • The surviving characters reflect on their ordeal, the bet, and the ultimate sacrifice made by the gambler’s son.
  • The whore decides to honor the son’s memory by sharing the soup recipe, a symbol of their survival and resilience.


  • Desperation and Hope: The lengths individuals will go to survive in dire circumstances including looking beyond things that would normally stop a relationship from happening.
  • Sacrifice: The ultimate price paid by the gambler’s son for the chance of saving the group.
  • Unity and Resourcefulness: The collaboration and resourcefulness of the diverse group in their fight for survival.
  • Forbidden Relationships: The secret relationship between the gambler’s son and the whore, highlighting the complexity of human connections in difficult times.


  • Dark and somber, with moments of hope and resilience.
  • Reflective, focusing on the characters’ inner struggles and the harsh realities of their situation.

This outline sets the stage for a compelling and emotionally charged short story that explores the human spirit’s resilience and the sacrifices made in adversity.

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