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Soup – Short story

Five people are involved. They were captured during a war. They were held in a cell.

One morning, the gambler is being tortured by the warden, and he learns that they are all going to die the next day. He bet his son’s life that they could make the best soup out of scraps they were given as prisoners. His son was fucking the whore and brought him a delicious soup for the past couple of days.

The warden was not sure but he gave them a chance. So the Muslim gambler brought his cellmates together. He told them what would happen the next morning so he had a plan. He got them a place to make the soup that afternoon. The whore’s mother had a delicious soup she would make from chicken bones and bad onions and cheese. The Pakistani whore said they had the soup many times and that she knew how to make it. She had helped the Sikh family when they were starving. She needed some chicken broth. The Sikh, the Muslim, and the Jews took their bones and made the broth.

The son knew that the whore made a delicious soup from pork bones she got from the warden (because she sucked him off each night) and bad veggies but knew that the others would never use it. She would often add the chicken broth, and it was marvelous. She planned to sell it if they ever made it out alive. The son did not tell the others and, that night added the broth to the whore’s soup.

The gambler takes the warden the soup and is marveled. The warden spared their life that day, but the next day, the gambler’s son was executed in spite because he was h having sex (fucking) with the whore every night. They were rescued the next evening.

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