Overall Jehovah has set the stage for the Universe #169 to be judged for its misdeeds.

The Ancients have assembled to judge the Universe but Jehovah himself has been put on trial. He is disappointed in his creation and plans to demolish it.  Jesus admits to his father’s plan but says that he does not know when it will be.

Jehovah allowed the trial to happen because he wanted to show how bad the Universe had become now that the creation had rebelled against its creator. The one who is “keeping the lights on.”  Note: In the end, Jehovah will realize that his Creation is actually a wonderful extension of Himself and Jehovah decides to preserve the Universe.

Part 1 – P’aqo is Jehovah’s henchman and secretly creates chaos in the Universe so that Judgement of Destruction will be imminent.

Victoria assembles a variety of spiritual warriors to bring Jehovah and his henchmen to come before the Ancients for Judgement.

Jehovah recognizes his bad behavior and sets into motion a plan to restore order to the universe. He directs his archangels to put Gwen into a slumber and he captures two Guardian Angels so that Ikart will begin his investigations.

Jehovah allows Lakita and her band to capture him and his archangels.  All these things are revealed in the address of Jehovah to the Ancients and more importantly to Victoria.

Jehovah puts Victoria in charge of Universe #169 and makes Lakita and her friend into carbonite archangels.

SM01 P’aqo arrives at the Portal. Victoria is following P’aqo to capture him.
P’aqo is not concerned about Victoria; he is setting a trap.

SM02 Ikart addresses the Council who are sitting in the Judgement of Jehovah.


SM07 Lakita and the Manananggal.  Menga is knocking at Maria’s home door and decides to break down the door. Cristina and Lakita get into a passageway to escape undetected. Menga smells them and pursues them. Lakita transforms into a manananggal and launches an emo-missile, a bolt of emotional forces to debilitate Menga and allow enough time to make their escape. Cresha learns more about being an empath and learns that Ed and Mike are with two women, Nikki and Gwen. Lakita summons spirits to capture Ed and Mike. While imprisoned, Cresha confronts Mike and he explains that he realized that he was with Gwen when he saw the tattoo behind her ear. Cresha reveals to Mike that Nikki was there too. Maria prepares to execute Mike and Ed.


chuspas, lugia, calabash, Apu

IMP: In its natural form, an imp stands almost 2 feet tall and weighs about 8 pounds, they have a diverse range of personalities but are always Lawful Evil and can only ever be trusted when they have been bound by contract, even then, it is mainly fear of consequences back on the infernal realm that drives them to obey any mortal master.


Spirit Colors: primary aura colors but also different shapes, textures, sizes, patterns, sounds, hues / memories, beliefs, former thoughts etc

Purple: You are becoming more spiritually aware

Blue: Balance & intuitive abilities

Green: Natural healing abilities

Yellow: playful and curious nature

Orange: strong emotiion and vitality

Red: Dark red is self-sufficiency; clouded red is negative energy and suppressed anger

Pink: power of romance

Brown: worry

Gray: depression or blocked energy

Black: negativity or unforgiveness

White: people who are highly spiritual and have transcended physical reality

Gold & Silver: High spiritual vibration

Rainbow: 5th spiritual dimension healers and teachers