I assist organizations, families, and individuals reach their improvement goals.  I currently take on two types of Direct Service projects. The first type of project I accept is individual self-improvement. My clients are often dealing with trauma, suffer with addiction, or have special needs (autism or learning issues).  I provide my services to include companionship, mentoring, learning life skills (ADLs), and academic assistance through agencies and as an independent provider. 

I provide individual self-improvement in the role of an aide, companion, nanny, tutor, mentor, case manager, and project manager. I have tutored K12 subjects (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, reading, composition, history, study habits, and computer skills) for K12 students. I apply positive relationship building through community outings, cooking lessons, playing and listening to music, reading and composition, and exercise to reach clients who resist typical strategies to improve executive function, school performance, and general life skills. 

The second type of project I work on is process improvement.  My projects are often small improvements rather then reconceptualizing the entire system or process so that the focus is often human interactions with new technology.  I often start with an initial problem statement and consult with business owners and stakeholders to create an opportunity to improve performance.  My role may be as a consultant, website designer, or project manager/leader.  My process improvement approach has varied greatly over the years.  Often my best results occurred after the process had been documented and a new focus would beget new envisioning of the process.

I use an Agile improvement approach so modifications to a process are presented incrementally, quickly, and accepted or rejected.  The overall vision of the process improvement is fluid but there is a solid understaning of what metrics will determine success or failure. Modifications should begin with the simplist lowest-cost lowest-risk modifications with the best expected outcomes.  The implementation of an improvement effort should be kept small, isolated, and easily reversed.  An example of this approach is my work in a US Federal agency that began with a study of macros used by employees to produce a public document. The agency surprisingly chose to scrap all of the macros and begin from scratch. However, from this study, I proposed a simple modificatiion that lowered the cost of product delivery, increased the accuracy and useability of the product, and eliminated wasted resources by implementing a MS Word Macro that took 30 minutes to write. 

I work with many microbusinesses to develop and improve their business through refocusing and redesign of websites and processes that included a Booking System, Store, strategies for Landing Page (LPO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more!  I have used a number of platforms including CodeIgnitor, PHP, Drupal, and WordPress.  I have used many different hosting companies. 

I have an MS in Management of Technologies and a BS in Computer Information Systems.