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A13.13 Before Time (3,293) Magillacuddy

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Content advisory: Adult language, content, and situations, controversial religious and cultural references, speculative histories, acts of violence, and self-harm. Find more information about the novel at SHATTERED MIRRORS NOTES

What happened before H13.1

Ikart, an investigative angel, is on a mission to find the missing Guardian angel, Panea. His investigation leads him to Henry Snyder and his Guardian, Melvin. Alongside Henry’s shapeshifting friend Lindsey, Ikart must navigate a complex web spun by the oppressive Lord Lakita, Emo Master and Governor over U169. As Henry seeks answers about his brother Tom’s death, Lauren and Lindsey are embroiled in a larger political and emotional upheaval surrounding the Great Directives at New Berkeley University. With powerful mentors and rising tensions, the trio must decide if their true loyalties are united against systemic oppression.

The citizens of this earth in U169 receive indoctrination of who they are. We follow their indoctrination in their final course as Dr. Magillacuddy, a modern-day scholar and professor, unveils the history and complexities of divine machinations to his students.

Jehovah’s unintended path to self-discovery sparks a radical change in the heavens and on Earth as the Council of Ancients oversees the cycles of creation, innovation, and destruction. We witness the challenges of what it means to be truly immortal and perfect, the consequences of unchecked power, and the growth that results from understanding the impacts of imperfection. Through the narrative, a transformative journey unfolds, revealing the necessity of, ultimately, the value of continuous self-improvement, even for gods.

Before Time C13.13 /sm13 06-04-24 (3,293) 

Note for change and moving forward: Magillacuddy discusses histories, and little “vignettes” can show the story.
Shiva and The Order Present Day – Magillacuddy (Narrator)

“Before the beginning of time, before the first universe was created, during the time that Gods roamed the heavens… The Titanic Wars determined who was to have rightful dominion over True Haven. Some were Giants, some were Titans, and some were brilliant strategists and philosophers. All were powerful warriors. Sides were taken, and when the dust settled, there was a winner. Spoils went to the conquerors.”

Magillacuddy was flipping through pages of notes, paying no mind. He was trying to find notes he had written last year. After a few minutes of fumbling around, Magillacuddy realized the presentation was about to end, and he motioned to Mr. Schuster to bring the AIR stick to the podium. As Schuster handed the device to Magillacuddy, the professor smiled and nodded, dismissing him from his presence.

The previous hologram of fighting scenes shifted to portraits of the Order’s founders: Shiva, Brahma, He Xiangu, Huitzilopochtli, Vishnu, and Koalemos. As the show continued to be projected onto each table, the audio continued with patriotic marching music in the background.

“The conquerors, vicious in battle, graciously offered the survivors subjugation or obliteration. Most chose to be destroyed rather than kneel to another god. Those who chose subjugation became slaves, serving at the pleasure of the conquerors. Now, the peace needed to be managed. Shiva, the senior commander for the conquerors, brought six extraordinary warriors together to form the Order and ensure compliance.”

A still hologram picture of devastation from Ragnarok showed the hollowed eyes of defeated gods. As the music faded, a picture of Lord Shiva appeared, walking across a room.

“What the hell is all that racket?”

“Good morning, Lord Shiva! I am not sure how to say this, but …”

Magillacuddy looked around and saw that eyes were closing, and he was losing their attention. He halted the presentation and jumped off the podium. Like a puma stalking its prey, Magillacuddy deftly walked behind the seat of a very large student with his head down. His elbow went under his chin, striking the side of his face as he sunk his arms deep around the throat. The thud of the strong punch and the quick suffocating compression startled the student, and a gasp went out from the crowd. The professor dropped his shoulders as the student tried to stand, pulling the boy over his toppled chair. The boy continues making desperate attempts to regain control and breathe. The student’s final attempt was to elbow the professor, but he was going to sleep.

“Go ahead and try to get out of this if you can, young man! Or should I call you a fucking pussy. I am an old man, but I am not weak, as I am demonstrating on your lame ass! I am 80 years old, and I can kick your ass and any of you from here to True Haven!”

Magillacuddy’s eyes flashed red. The student started turning blue and was about to pass out. Magillacuddy lifted the limp body of the boy with his hips and threw him in the air for 6 feet onto the edge of a table where two female students were captivatedly watching. The table tipped up and struck a student in the face. With students writhing on the ground, no one approached the professor. The fear was thick.

Magillacuddy yelled loudly, “Never, ever, fall asleep in my class. Ever! Many of you pathetic excuses for students need to wake up. Remember, you will receive a test at the end of this presentation. If you do not pass this test, you won’t graduate. And you must retake this course next year.”

The room began to buzz with quiet protests. Some students rushed to those still on the ground to check on them. Magillacuddy jumped back on the podium and adjusted the microphone.

“You have 15 minutes for a break. If you wish to file a complaint, talk to Mr. Schuster. If you have questions, please write them down, and you may ask them during our Q&A periods. When you return, we will watch another AIR presentation.”

Shiva has a Dilemma.

Magillacuddy looked at his watch, and it was time to continue the presentation. “Uhhhh hmmm. ” The Speaker cleared his throat. “I am giving you all a chance to take your seats … Where were we? … oh yes. The Order was created to manage the slaves and ensure compliance. A group of six extraordinary warriors led the organization. The Order was prepared to go beyond compliance with plans to create a universe to house and grow their chattel… AR Begin Lecture 3110…”

The video projectors in the middle of each circular conference table turned on, and an impressive display of shooting colored lights formed a hologram on each table.

Lord Shiva of the Council walked through a wall into an adjacent room to talk to his assistant.

“What the hell is all that racket?”

“Good morning, Lord Shiva! I am not sure how to say this, but …”

“Just say it, you idiotic Koalemos! You know I hate it when you start babbling… and you keep on babbling’. Spit it out!

“You know those things called flowers that you got from Athena? They appear to be talking.”

Shiva’s eyes opened wide, “What are they saying, man? Spit it out.”

“Something about ‘they would rather die.’”

“Hmm. That’s the same thing the slaves said to me yesterday?” Shiva sat down and put his head on his hands. “I came in to judge each of the slaves I had bought to work my event and take care of guests for the big announcement… they were so annoying, chanting:

‘Nobody’s going to take nothing away from me; I’d rather die if I can’t be free.’

I executed all of them. The chanters. A little zap from my fingers. Poof. No more.”

Koalemos laughed. “And they call me the Goddess of stupidity!”

“Koalemos, pay attention. I need you to get more slaves for my event.”

Magillacuddy turned on his mic when the presentation was completed and spoke to the students.

“Each table has a set of exercises; prepare individual responses, and after discussing amongst yourselves, select a spokesperson to discuss. You have 45 minutes before our discussion, then I will release you for lunch.”

After Lunch

Magillacuddy walked up to the microphone and welcomed the class back.

“I’m glad to see all your happy faces. We had a successful set of presentations. Jonny, William, Lauren, and Nadia… good job in the presentations. You were impressive in your evaluation of the early Haven. The other group spokespeople, you have a lot to work on. Class, please remain happy and not sleepy. Let’s start again from where we left off. Koalemos was going off to get more slaves. AR Begin Lecture 3111…”

“Koalemos left to get more slaves. These slaves met the same fate as the first batch. After several orders, Shiva finally had enough compliant slaves to run his event. Shiva wanted to recruit the best minds from Heaven to develop a plan for a Universe. He planned an event with the best foods, wine, and entertainment to get the best talent.”

“At these dinners, Shiva offered open access to any of the Order’s leadership, unlimited resources, and unlimited slaves to the best proposal. The only requirement was to make this Universe layered with a high place for the Heavens and a lower place for slaves. There was to be a middle place for the Gods to indulge in all sorts of activities. The requirements and instructions for filing a proposal were given to every invitee to Shiva’s event. Despite the casual tone of the request for proposals, there was little time for play as there was continuous unrest among the slaves who refused to comply with the Order. These rebels were summarily executed and destroyed by the enforcer, Ragnarok.”

“This arrangement was quickly deteriorating; the conquerors desired worshippers, not just slaves to control and rule over. They also wanted to create Universes with creatures designed to worship them. Those who conquered thought they were gods, but there was nothing to rule. The Order wanted to hear plans immediately.”

“Proto-scientists gathered to make a presentation to Shiva, the representative of the Order. There were often screams and yells coming from within the Court. Heads were posted outside to let the presenters know the consequences of failure. Many left the line. They, too, were executed. Jehovah, Brahma, Udan, and Tepeu were friends involved in an ethereal locomotion and world-building project. They called their team the Four. The Four wanted to develop a sustainable reality, including a power source and laws of physics. The offer of slaves was not attractive to them, but they wanted to create their own universe. They needed a place to operate that was safe and reliable, sanctioned by the Order. They named their universe #169.“

“The Four decided to approach Shiva with a plan. Brahma, the spokesperson for the Four, met with Shiva while the others remained a short distance behind him. The great warrior looked bored as he rose from his reclined position.”

The presentation stopped. “Again, each table has a set of exercises related to The Four. These exercises compare and contrast these two early governments of True Haven. It’s the same drill as before. This time, you have 60 minutes before our group discussion.”

Brahma, Shiva, and Jehovah

Magillacuddy was smiling as the Class returned from break. “We are about halfway through the material. I know many of you will start getting tired. Fight the feeling. You will need all your energy for the test at the end. Let’s start with the next presentation. AIR Begin Lecture 3112…”

“You are not surprised that we approach you!” said Brahma.

Shiva looked at him with glaring eyes, “Many fools have entered here and have been destroyed for it. So, you are here. I am listening,” Shiva began sharpening his Trisula, a three-pronged trident weapon.

“We are the Four. We desire to create a new destiny for The Order and all the conquerors. And if you don’t mind me saying, even for your subjugated.” Brahma was a bit nervous, but his voice was full of pride.

Shiva raised his weapon and drove it into his foot. He looked up and stared into Brahma’s eyes. “Be careful of your foolish words.”

Brahma was startled but instantly showed that he was cool and collected. “Lord Shiva. I don’t mean to offend you. The Order does as it is designed to do; however, the desired effect is to get a controllable subjugated community. But as you have learned, most of your captives choose destruction rather than serve you.”

Shiva looked puzzled. “How do you know this?” Shiva was looking for Koalemos. I have an idiot assistant. You are bold to say such words. But you are right; we do need to consider changing our approach.” Shiva stood and pulled out the trisula. His foot did not show a mark or scratch.

Jehovah stepped forward. “Perhaps if you changed how your slaves are perceived. If you call them laborers and give them opportunities to gain freedom, perhaps they would not rebel as much. They may even be grateful for any blessing you give them.”

Shiva was angered and erupted, “Who are you to interrupt!”

Brahma wisely raised his hand to Jehovah. “Lord Shiva. He is Jehovah. We call him the Ancient of Days. He should not have interrupted, but what he says is truth. If you change how you treat your captives or, better yet, free them and consider peaceful coexistence, you will prosper. And did I tell you? We have a plan!”

Shiva’s face lit up, and a crooked smile appeared. He replied, “You have my attention. We are tired of this impossible task. Give me a solution; perhaps I might be persuaded to let you live …. if you can defeat Ragnarok! I am listening.”

The AIR presentation was completed, but Magillacuddy continued to read from his paper.

“Shiva had just said out loud what the Four had suspected. Gods within the Order were tired of trying to tame or destroy their slaves and agreed to release them. Brahma had not expected the challenge to defeat their warrior, Ragnarok, in a fight to the death.”

“Ragnarok was not an ordinary fighter. In truth, he was an event, not a person. Ragnarok was pure destruction and had already eliminated many Giants and Gods. With each defeat, Ragnarok became stronger and absorbed the power into itself.”

“Do you think the Four had a good idea releasing the slave gods? That’s my question. You don’t have paper this time, but it’s the same drill as before. This time, you have 60 minutes before our group discussion.”

The Challenge

Magillacuddy had his hands on his hips. “Good discussion. I hope you all got a chance to get some water or use the restroom. We will have a dinner break this evening. Again, I know many of you will start getting tired. That’s ok. You are all just privileged students. There’s no whining in here. This next lecture is a short presentation. Let’s start again. AIR Begin Lecture 3113…”

The four chose Jehovah to represent them. And Jehovah gladly accepted. At the appointed time of the challenge, Jehovah reminded the Order of what was expected when he won. The six gods laughed and agreed. Shiva said, ‘Begin!’”

The two faced each other, and Ragnarok immediately transformed into a huge fire-breathing monster. Lightning exploded from his eyes, landing extremely close to Jehovah. Brahma, Udan, and Tepeu surrounded Jehovah and kneeled before him. Jehovah transformed into a gaseous mirror. With each attack by Ragnarok, each blow returned 100 times harder, forcing Ragnarok to return to his original self.”

“Ragnarok appeared to be defeated, but when Jehovah asked him to surrender, Ragnarok refused, and he transformed into a large venomous snake. The snake struck many times, trying to bite Jehovah, but Jehovah became boiling oil. Ragnarok was screaming, with burns all over, unable to bite anything.”

Again, Jehovah asked Ragnarok to surrender. Injured and hurt, Ragnarok again refused. Ragnarok transformed into a metallic condor. Jehovah deftly moved in without hesitation and hugged the great bird’s unprotected neck. Surprised and unable to breathe, the condor stood up, opening his wings. Jehovah sunk the choke hold deeper, and the eyes of the condor opened wide. The bird started flailing around, unable to shake Jehovah off his neck.”

Jehovah conjured up an iron chain, secured it around the neck, and then drove a sword into the belly of the bird, being careful not to kill him. Jehovah held on to the chain while jumping on the back of the great bird’s neck. Jehovah rode Ragnarok, controlling the bird’s breathing with the chain. In a desperate attempt to escape, Ragnarok launched his body into the air, his massive wings fighting to fly. The giant bird bucked and weaved violently, attempting to unseat Jehovah.”

Jehovah remained steadfast on his back, periodically driving his sword partway into the back of the bird, over and over. The continuous stabbing and choking did not allow Ragnarok to transform again. Jehovah asked Ragnarok to surrender. Ragnarok could not reply, but while in mid-air with an arched back and bowed head in surrender, the two began to descend rapidly towards the ground.

Once Ragnarok surrendered, Jehovah dropped below the great bird, allowing him to land gently. Jehovah transformed Ragnarok back to his usual self before healing him. Shiva and the rest of the Order appeared before Jehovah. Shiva shook his head in disbelief at the spectacular battle he just witnessed. The Order bowed before Jehovah and agreed to unite all the entities of the Heavens.”

“Immediately, the slaves of the Order were released. Shiva sent a decree stating that all the gods, even the previous slaves, were equal. This is how all the entities of heaven united. The Order and the followers of the Four decided to call themselves the Ancients. The leaders of the Ancients asked Jehovah to lead them into a new future with a core desire to create new worlds with endless worshippers.”

Magilacuddy came to the microphone. “Let’s stop it here. AIR break. Do you think the Four had a good idea releasing the slave gods? That’s my question. It’s the same drill as before. This time, you have 30 minutes before our group discussion.”

Magillacuddy put his hands in his pockets. “Let’s continue. AIR Resume Lecture 3113…”

“The Ancients were extremely concerned about the consequences of their actions and did not quickly start experimenting. Led by Themis, they argued the merits of creation. Athena, a creator of many inventions, pointed out the possibility of their creation taking their place. He Xiangu suggested that they review any suggestion for creation, and if any objections are raised, the creation cannot go forward.”

“Before the first creative act was performed, the Ancients followed He Xiangu’s advice and agreed to form a Council that would review each other’s plans for creation if any Ancient decided to create something. Any or all the original ancients could participate in the council. While the other Ancients did not care one way or the other for such a provision, they went along with Jehovah’s insistence that no created entity could ever participate in the Council. They laughed at the idea that any created entity could be a god. Athena did not laugh. The Ancients debated one idea after another but never created anything because they could not agree if they should create.”

Summary S13.1

Ancient gods engage in cosmic battles, reshaping the world into a new order of subjugation. Magillacuddy educates his students about the gods’ history, focusing on The Order—an alliance led by Lord Shiva.

The Order rules with an iron fist, offering either enslavement or death to the defeated. Amidst growing dissent, The Four propose a daring challenge: to conquer Ragnarok, the embodiment of destruction.

Jehovah emerges as their champion, employing creativity and tactical wit. Their victory emancipates the conquered gods, now united as The Ancients. However, their aspirations for new universes are tempered by wisdom and caution, perpetually deferred by discord and the fear of supplanting deities.

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