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B18.11 God on Trial (2,659) – Ikart D10 11p

Source manuscripts: – SM P1 1.3X.docx

Content advisory: Adult language, content, and situations, controversial religious and cultural references, speculative histories, substance use, acts of violence, and self-harm. Find more information about the novel at SHATTERED MIRRORS NOTES.

I17.1: Information – Introduction to For the Love of Prana


S17.1: Summary – For the Love of Prana


B17.11 God on Trial – Ikart /sm17 05-19-24 (2,659)

Narrator: IkartLocation Spirit Realm
Time: D10 11p
Short Desc: Ikart addresses the Council
Ikart is an Investigative Angel and he is about to report to the Council. As he waits, Ikart reflects on the testimony he will give to the Ancients.

I suppose I am restrained by fear.  Am I going crazy? My soul is burning by the activities of suspicious spirits, and vicious eyes. And it is not the great connector of spirits and the spirit realm, Camille, she is not waiting for me to fail. However, I believe that I am being scrutinized. I am being judged for every decision and every thought. This is not a test of spirit. Perhaps this is a test of integrity. Such is the life of an angel. Conformity is quite common in angels, perhaps necessary. Perhaps required. But I am not built that way. I was created to question. Will Jehovah judge me for simply acting in the way I was created?

Perhaps I will be judged as evil, like Luci. He wanted to take Jehovah’s throne. His judgement does not seem just. We are supposed to be strong in unity to fight the spirits that act against the will of Jehovah. We are supposed to be perfecting ourselves to be like our creator, making ourselves spiritually impervious. I say supposed to replace the idea that we are engineered this way. I can only resolve this We are united in Camille but we shouldn’t have to be the same. But there are risks to thinking differently. I have been thinking and acting differently ever since the disappearance of those precious Guardian Angels.

I consider the simple facts and tremble. Angels and other celestials provide and receive information through Camile, the sensory network of the Universes that connects the Spirit Realm. Even non-carbonites and souls tap into Camile, but this is a one-way transfer unless they have assistance through special mediums. It is to be expected that each tap into Camile reveals the true nature and thoughts of the source, so Jehovah could always know my thoughts or any other spiritual entity He created. Even the absence of a node makes a sound, right? An echo! And Jehovah created everything, right? But, there was no report of missing Angels! Jehovah had to have known, right? My thinking can get me into all kinds of trouble.

Many angels have suffered for less than what I am doing. But I have a choice, right? I could stay silent and safe. Or I could speak up and tell the truth. But what will happen to me? This is my calling; I am a divine journalist. I must tell the truth. As an angel, this is my creative imperative. My designer made me question ‘facts’ and ‘motivations’; that is why he made me a journalist. But I fear the outcomes, the things that happen when I closely examine something and determine an action. I have learned that there are consequences to angelic thought or any thought. My thoughts can change everything for me and others in an instant. Although I had put myself in a difficult situation, I can’t let fear deter me from doing what I am designed to do. I must continue.

Ikart stilled his mind and reconsidered his reflection.

The scenery here is stunning, but it makes me feel strangely melancholic. I realize that I have been foolish to believe I could make it through this. I remained motionless.

The calming and refreshing scent of salt and wood filled the air as I listened to the sound of rushing water. The majestic, gray-whitewashed stone walls rose high into the sky while I effortlessly looked around and noticed small grooves within the wall where water was rising up. This was reminiscent of the time before the Flood, where hot springs in the ground caused water to flow up through the wall, eventually unifying in a wild torrent that gracefully crashed over a golden veil and into the Eternal Well of Judgement. A beautiful cedar platform was situated in front of the Well, with jewels and precious stones adorning the front of the podium at the center of the platform.

Again, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, tilting my head up to the sky and letting my hands rise naturally. When I opened my eyes, the sky was clear and unobstructed. I could see the heavenly bodies without any glare or distortion, including a young woman on a nearby moon. The light and darkness were separate, creating a beautiful atmosphere. The bright sun rays shone down and bounced off the platform, appearing to impale the babbling brook.

The harsh truth snapped me out of my thoughts. I am aware that I could face punishment at any given time. I had an appointment with the Council, which consisted of the most influential celestial protectors in Universe #169, the Ancients. Each deity had its own set of regulations based on their jurisdiction, resulting in numerous unsettling consequences. What one God may disapprove of, another may approve of. Despite being present as a mere spectator, they possess the power to condemn me.

I gazed up to see the Ancients. They often take on different appearances for discretion and effect. Today, they were orbs, positioned high over the platform I was on. They sat at the Judges’ Bench, just below where the lowest clouds form. A security contingent observed from across the Bench and there was security posted at the door. Today, Michael would no doubt be in court.

Each of the orbs appeared as a spinning whirling ball of terrestrial matter, making utterances understood only between themselves. Guardians like me can discern emotion, so I could feel the emotions but not understand their words. Each orb hovered over a throne, even the Buddha orb. One would expect that the Buddha throne would be wood or nonexistent, but it was beautiful precious gold! This inconsistency was a case in point that made this day so complicated and at some level, ridiculous.

One of the Gods was on trial. An Ancient had broken his own law. It should not be surprising that I tell you that Godly hypocrisy is a common occurrence. We Angels never speak of this. But this time, Creation revolted and succeeded in arranging this private trial. I was called to investigate some related matters and here I stood to do my part. I stayed at the entrance waiting to be ushered in. I could see a few sprites going to and fro, buzzing around but it didn’t seem like they were accomplishing anything.

An imp approached me and tapped my lower right wing, instructing me to follow the red path. As I entered through the North Entrance, I observed the orbs gathering and communicating. My wings, typically used to travel to my place in front of the judges, were not functioning, possibly due to Gabriel’s interference or the meddling of the curious imps. Despite my curiosity, I refrained from interrupting the sprites and proceeded towards the center where I encountered a bejeweled cedar podium. Across the brook, two ominous rocks stood guard – the Laconian guards.

The room had a tropical scent to it, damp with a hint of moss and cedar. I looked around. Water was cascading slowly down the stone walls. Some imps were playing on the wall blowing against the chimes and jumping into the trickles of water collected in grooves in the wall. Blowing was entirely unnecessary because there was a nice gentle breeze. The chimes gently moved with the breeze that seemed to come from the East Entrance. The vivid sound of trickling water and gentle chimes was beautiful. There was a tall golden wall, a frame, that formed an inner shell around the platform.

I looked up again and the place where the carbonite once was empty. Within the golden frame, there were rubies, diamonds, and other precious stones inset and amazingly brilliant. There was a great contrast between the platform and the natural setting. The sound of the water on the walls gave way to the sounds of the brook I was moving towards. The water in the brook made its way from the base of the walls that surrounded the platform and was likely sustaining the beautiful natural foliage of a variety of magnificent flowers, lilies, and tropical plants.

At this point, there was a bridge that went over the brook and so I paused. As I glanced at the bridge, on the other side of the platform near the East Entrance were two young carbonite women guarding the orb of Jehovah. These carbonites were impressive shamans who had captured Jehovah and brought him before the council. They captured the great Jehovah! Amazing.

I could not get the thought out of my head, God is on trial! I paused, my wings, my legs, nothing would animate. I reflected on the moment. Even though I could say it, I had not realized the immensity of what was going on when I first entered the courtroom. This was going to be a strange day indeed as I was being called to testify in a case against Jehovah. I was overcome by an incredible sense of responsibility and wonderment. And even with the realization of the immense gravity and significance of this event, I took in the wonderful aroma. I love the smell of cedar.

Once I moved across the bridge, I noticed a table. I dropped my rucksack at the table and proceeded up a few steps at the rear of the podium. I was ready to begin but I did not want to look up at the Gods just yet. I paused. I had reached the top of the steps. I rested my hands on the sides, and I felt overwhelmed. It was only for a moment, and it went away. It was not nerves; I was getting fatigued. This does not happen to Guardians.

I was about to face my creators and the most impressive lineup of Gods that exist. Some say they know my thoughts and all that I have done. Perhaps. Yet the Council asked me to come here and address them. If they know everything, I should not be necessary. I am only an Angel, but I serve the Council. I don’t think I was nervous. Guardians like me don’t get nervous. Some other Angels do express anxiety and many spirits get emotional. Not Guardians, not me. I am a bit low on energy. I know what to do when I am low on power. I have learned from a carbonite, a technique to boost my levels.

I had an encounter not long ago that taught me many things that I have taken for granted since I was created. This carbonite explained to me that when I was created, my energy was closely tied to Jehovah. All Angels, like all created things, require prana. Angels are designed to get prana from Jehovah, while carbonites, such as humans, get prana from food and thoughts. Then, this young carbonite blew something into me, and I was changed. Bam! She told me to just reach out to Color and I would be re-energized. Now, I am a new creature. I am stronger than before, and I do not need anything but Color. I owe everything to my Lord Victoria. I thought about Orange and Blue, and I felt prana running through me. Orange for power and Blue for peace. I nodded to the Judge that I was ready to begin. I looked down at my notes.

“There was a time when Gods manufactured servants. After a time, these servants, the Gods’ creation, rejected their Maker. Imagine, the created rejecting their creator! Today, we determine the fate of this relationship.” I looked up for a moment. There was no observable reaction from the Council. I thought about Blue, and I felt another surge of prana. I was relaxed and confident. Most importantly, I was still alive.

“I am with you in spirit, Ikart. I will meet you soon.”  This distinctly familiar voice was inside me and I felt a surge of power. The reassuring words and Spirit of my Lord V. gave me refreshing confidence. I was not sure that the Council would recognize the change in me. I just continued.

“Today, we enter an Age of Freedom; the Creator and Creation can dwell together and build together. And there are new possibilities, not just peace or conflict. You, the Council, will determine the nature of that Freedom. You will determine what is possible. But for now, and forever, the nature of beings and spirits are immutably entangled, and the Gods, that is the Ancients, are on their heels as their creation was from the beginning. A decision is required to determine if we will work together for a greater cause or if the chains will remain and we will continue the fight.”

“We are optimistic. This improbability of Creation coming to this table does not even need to be spoken. Any mention of it would be a disservice to any expression that this event would have ever happened, at any time. Never was it a thought or consideration. But the fact is, it did happen because of the actions of a young female carbonite, a HUMAN, who could not even care for herself, defied the Gods. She, Lord V. in fact, controls our Universe now! A carbonite! Imagine that! There were no prophesies or predictions made that this would occur. No mention of Nostradamus, the Angels, Demons, Isaiah, or Mohammed. All prophets, all seers, and all revelators are silent on this event. But in the past ten days, this young controller of spirits has ascended to her rightful place among the Gods. Is there anything more important happening now that all prognosticators forgot to mention this event? What else may happen? I don’t think anyone knows. Today, you decide how the Council will respond. We all know that the pieces of Jehovah’s mirrors have been unified by Lord V… Do you want to try to break them again or shall we enjoy peace?”

I paused as one of the ancients signaled me to wait. I was pretty ballsy to say that the controller had ascended to her rightful place. I was putting salt in the wound or even worse, gasoline on the fire. ‘Lucky’ Luci never got this far. He never got a hearing. He was just banished. He seemed happier for a time after his fall from Jehovah’s grace. He was the most popular spirit ever. He really should move on but he is obsessed with Jehovah’s son. Jehovah’s son was most clever and got his power directly from his father. No opposition, no war. Perhaps Luci is jealous. But there is a price to having such an obsession. Jehovah seems obsessed with destroying and recreating this Universe. It is most amazing that Victoria was so successful in calming Jehovah and Luci without politics, just mere power. She controls prana and spirits better than even the Ancients. And she is very nice.

I was signaled to continue. “I previously provided a deposition to the Council. My testimony is a story of a girl, who cried a river of tears and now rules our World. Our Lord Victoria, a carbonite, who had been subjugated to terror her whole life by Jehovah’s clandestine AA squad, has changed the relationship between the Council and carbonites, just as the son of Jehovah did previously. Her story, The Story, Our Story of the Created, is protected by Terrance of Laconia who originally prepared the defense for Jehovah at this Great Trial. At this trial, the God of the Carbonites, Jehovah has been brought before his own Council of the Heavens ruling Universe #169 and questioned for his deeds. This story will be maintained in the Library of the Heavens and protected by the Guards of Laconia who protect access to the Gates of Heavens and the Spirit Realm. It is these great Servants of the Council that have kept Angels and shamans from wreaking havoc in the Heavens and ruining Creation. The Scribes of Laconia maintain and protect the records for the Council concerning Angels, time travelers, carbonite spirits, and spirit controllers.”

Once I concluded, I nodded to an imp who was fidgeting while tapping the case he held. The imp tossed the case into the river and awkwardly moved me aside from the podium. I backed down as he addressed the court.

“I am reading my deposition, … um, that is, the full deposition of Guardian Angel Ikart.”

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