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C31 Sergio’s Women D3 Noon

SM C17.2  11-15-23 (1952) The Women of Sergio Martinez Breakroom JHMC D2 12p – Maria

Maria opened her eyes and rose.  She knew what she needed to do and quickly returned to the breakroom. Cresha, Ed, and Mike were chatting amongst themselves and looked over as Maria’s serious demeanor demanded attention.

“Let me teach you about my family, the Martinez’s. I will introduce you to Victoria through her lineage of sorts because I have a very special message for Cresha. You will learn why you are so drawn to the full moon. You will understand why you feel so connected to people and how you are able to make them change their minds. You will learn about abilities that perhaps some people noticed that you had and you had no idea how to use them. To understand this message, we will discuss three women. But to begin this introduction, we must start the discussion with the head of the Martinez Family and the one common thread for each of the women in this family lineage, Sergio Martinez. And this will be tragically short. Sergio liked his women. Yes, he did.”

“He liked his women.
……… He liked them real young and sexy.
…………………… He liked them stone-cold dead.”

I walked over to the water dispenser and got myself some water. Maybe I was being a bit dramatic. But it was painfully nice to know some people would listen to my stories about my messed-up family.

Cresha looked like she needed some popcorn and a box of Kleenex. Ed and Mike were at the edge of their seats like dogs waiting for their dinner bowl to be set down.

#1 Aiko

“Aiko began as one of Sergio’s girls. I am not sure of her last name or family. I am just passing on what I have learned from Julia, our neighbor in Andahuaylas.”

Cresha got engaged, “You know Julia too? Maybe we are connected in some way.”

I laughed with a look of astonishment on my face. This was much more than a coincidence, more like providence if there is such a thing. “I think something is definitely connected here. Yes, I do talk to Julia. But, I want to talk to you about your connection with my family later today, I don’t have much time right now and you have me curious! OK, where was I? …. Sergio likes young women… When Aiko was 14-years-old, her aunt, my biological mother, sent her to work as a waitress in a bar in Puerto Maldonado.”

I looked at them intensely and asked, “Do you know any of this story?” They all murmured back shaking their head and telling me to continue.

“At first, Aiko was having fun. She was taught to wear make-up and high heels. Aiko’s boss gave her nice dresses, makeup, and food. She even received some nice jewelry! Aiko had a job selling food and drinks in the bar. She was happy to have work and she wanted to send home some money to her aunt when she was able. Aiko felt lucky working inside the bar. There were many girls who were outside waiting for work. Each night, men came to the bar to eat and drink. The men loved to drink and forget about their problems. The men would often ask for a dance from the pretty Aiko. Huayno music is a favorite cultural dance and these guys love to dance. Later, they would go and choose a companion for the evening. Of course, the men were lonely and horny working for months mining gold. It was hard and dangerous work.”

Ed and Mike smiled and nodded their heads. I ignored them and continued.

“A few weeks after Aiko arrived, she did it with the boss’s son. She wrote in her journal that she was so happy to have a boyfriend. She thought they had a future. Like I told you, most of what I know, Julia saw in Aiko’s journal and told me. But Aiko said that her delight in having a boyfriend did not last a day. The next day, she was in the prostitution line, forced to have sex with the bar customers, … sometimes up to five in an evening. After months of working every day, she asked for her money and to leave, she was told that she could not leave until she paid her rent and for the gifts she had been given. The money she earned was so little compared to what they demanded. Aiko wrote that she cried out to the mountain spirits every night, … and continued to work.“

“One evening, she was requested by a special customer. Aiko’s handler gave her a new dress and a room in the bar. She was given food and Aiko felt like something special was going to happen. Then she met Sergio. Aiko said that Sergio was larger than life, very impressive, not an unattractive man according to her journal, extremely strong, and well-respected by her boss and everyone he came into contact with. Sergio asked her to come to stay with him in Andahuaylas. Of course, she said yes.”

Cresha was getting agitated. “So when do you get to the part about Victoria?”

#2 Laka

“Well, spoiler alert,… Victoria is Sergio and Aiko’s daughter!”

Cresha had an astonished look on her face and turned towards Mike. But Mike and Ed were talking and laughing. They did not care what else was going on around them at that moment.

Cresha smacked Mike in his back. Mike laughed a little but stopped horsing around. “Go ahead. We are listening,” said Cresha.
I looked at my watch. My mom would be calling soon.

“Like I was saying, Sergio was happy with Aiko until years later, Aiko learned that Sergio was holding many girls captive in a separate house near where they lived. The entries in her journal were very descriptive. So, around the time Victoria is 5 or 6, Sergio meets Laka. Laka was young, of course, Aiko wrote that she was 16. Laka had jet-black hair…. Like me!” I had to smile.

“And.. a beautiful figure, and fairly large breasts.” I looked directly at Mike and Ed. “Of course, that is a guy thing.”

Mike and Ed were acting like school kids, giggling and pushing each other. “I am sure that is your thing, too,” Mike said to Ed. They started to smile until Cresha gave them a stern look.

I continued. “Well, from what Aiko wrote, Sergio and Laka evidently had lots of sex. Aiko was mad with jealousy but she accepted the relationship between Laka and Sergio because Laka loved Sergio. Aiko loved Laka. Soon, Laka is pregnant. I was the prize!”

“Sergio tried to keep Laka and Aiko separate for most of the time and everything was good for a number of years. He got them both in bed one time when they were all very drunk. Aiko wrote that she did not know what happened. She suspected that Sergio drugged them and had sex with them while they were passed out. So everything was good until something happened with Laka. Julia and I did not find out what it was and it probably is not important except, whatever it was, drove a wedge between Sergio and Laka. It might have been another man. Aiko wrote a cryptic entry. During this time when there was a break, Aiko found an opportunity to tell Laka about the slave farm and warn her about what may happen. Laka knew about a bar that Sergio owned and that he had many young girls that he brought there.”

“One of Aiko’s last entries in her journal says that she overheard Sergio’s men saying that Sergio was planning to sell both of them to a slave ring in Madre de Dios. According to some people Julia found later, Sergio tried taking Aiko but she was yelling and screaming and begging. She pleaded for her life and for the life of Victoria. Sergio was drunk and, in a rage, tied her up, doused her with gasoline, and lit her on fire. Victoria saw the whole thing and said that her father danced around her mother as she screamed and burned.”

There was silence.

“Still drunk, Sergio directs two of his thugs to get Laka, and throw her off the mountainside. That is how he killed my blood mother. “

Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I saw Cresha’s eyes watering up. I tried to collect myself. “I am going to get ready to call my mom.”

Cresha’s demeanor fell. “You said you were going to tell us about Victoria.”

“This is a very long story. OK, let me tell you just a bit more. Maybe we can talk later or tomorrow about Victoria.”

#3 Paulina

I cleared my throat and tried to focus. “Well, soon after Sergio murders my blood mother, Sergio meets Paulina. Paulina is a sixteen-year-old girl. Not much older than Victoria. Sergio entices Paulina to go to his farm. Once at the farm, Sergio rapes Paulina. But after a short time, Sergio was evidently busy messing with some other of his whore-slaves. But Paulina was persistent and invited him, you know, being sexy and flirtatious. Paulina could be very persuasive. But Sergio passed on it, actually making him more and more desirable to her. Until one day, Paulina begged for it and one of Sergio’s guys who were in the room tried flirting with her. Then Sergio beat his man right there and screwed Paulina in front of everyone, including Victoria. Paulina became his new regular every day.

“What time is it?”, I asked. Mike flashed me his watch. “OK, I still have time.”

As Victoria told me, everything calmed down for a short time until Paulina was showing and it was obvious she was pregnant. The sex stopped as quickly as it started. I don’t think that Sergio was being considerate or worried about Paulina, he had other girls in mind. So soon, Paulina has babies, twins: Cristina and Nicolasa.“

“They resumed having regular sex after some time. But after two years, which is a long time for Sergio to be with one woman, something happens. Sergio becomes extremely restless. Sergio habitually walked around in a drunken rage yelling at the sky. The sex sessions become less frequent and usually turn into bang sessions. Sergio bangs Paulina’s head into the ground, or with his fists or anything he can find. Paulina begs Sergio to get married. But Sergio ignores her pleas. Victoria and I cared for Paulina when she got injured. Paulina became close to Victoria and me. We often cared for the babies because Paulina had trouble walking because of her head. I am not sure why I don’t have many recollections of those times. I am glad because it makes me terribly depressed. One day Paulina begins to show that she is pregnant. When Sergio learns that Paulina is pregnant, he begins to rape Victoria for several days. He tied her up and hung her from the beam in the barn. He would beat her while she hung upside down with her vagina and everything exposed…. This is not a nice story.”

I started crying. Victoria was my friend. I cried every time I re-lived this. Cresha too had begun to tear up again.

After a pause and we had all collected ourselves, Cresha said, “I am glad you are telling us. Do you really need to go?”

“Yes. You will see me later. If no one else comes to the ICU, we may have time. First, let me ask you an important question.”
Cresha said, “Of course!”

“Do you have a twin sister? Nicole?”

“Nikki! Yes! How did you know?”

“Paulina is your biological mother.”

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