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SM37 Finders Keepers Chavin Coins D3 6p

SM C27.2 11-15-23 (1686) Finders Keepers Chavin Coins Ed’s Apartment D2 6p – Ed

I closed the door to my apartment and turned on the lights. “Welcome to my home.”

Nikki smiled as she looked around. “So this is where it all happens.” Nikki started taking off her jacket and shoes as she looked around approvingly. I extended my hands and took her jacket to the closet.

“You always were a neat person,” she said with a slight giggle.

I smiled at her sarcasm. I enjoyed her wit. I took my jacket and hung it up next to her coat before throwing my shoes to the other side of the room. Then I walked over to her and stroked her hair. She unbuttoned the top button on my outer shirt leaving the white tee exposed. I was a bit weirded out earlier but I was happy to share an intimate time with Nikki again, and I was getting an erection. It seemed a bit awkward so I walked away towards my music collection so she would not see me excited. I needed to know if she felt the same way.

“Nikki, do you want me to put some music on? I have a collection of songs you and I used to listen to when … well you know.”

“No Edward, please get me some wine or any liquor you have and please make it good.”

I was shocked for a second that she would butcher my name like that. “Ed. My NAME is ED! Nikki, Please call me Ed. I don’t call you Nicole or Nancy!” I went into the kitchen and looked for the corkscrew. I found a nice expensive Merlot I had kept for several years that I kept ready for such times but I decided to choose Chateau La Salle, a less boujie and sweeter selection. Chateau La Salle. I called out into the other room, “a friend gave this to me years ago.” I returned with the wine and a corkscrew. “I hope you like …”

Nikki interrupted, “I asked for any kind of alcohol. Did you remember glasses?” Her eyes burned a hole in me. “No, You didn’t. Please bring one glass. And my name is not Nicole or Nancy. You could call me Nicolasa. But nobody ever called me that, even you.” The sarcasm was clear with her eye movement and mouth contortion and I got the point she did not like calling me Ed. I didn’t care.

I walked over to the cabinet to get some glasses and remembered Nikki said one glass. I thought I will bring only one glass and she will make me go back and get another. But I would make a point. I returned with only one glass but I was ready to be told to go back.

“Nikki, let me tell you what happened today.” Nikki was ignoring me, just like in old times. She might have been meditating on the floor. She was seated with her legs crossed. I sat on the couch and tried to relax.

After a few minutes of silence, Nikki pulled out a bag. I was wondering where she kept this bag; it was too big and too obvious. I watched closely and saw several items as Nikki sorted through them: A small figurine of a wooden Jaguar, a snake of gold, and a wooden condor. Nikki pulls out a corked bottle and takes it out.

“What are these things?” I asked.

“Edward, take off your clothes.”

“Call me Eddy or Ed! Why are you acting weird now? Are you asking me really to take my clothes off?”

“Ok, Eddy, take off your clothes, pleeeeeeassss! . . . pretty please with a cherry on top!” Her sarcasm was funny and one of her more endearing idiosyncrasies. “You know I have seen you naked! And I am not weird because I prefer calling you Edward, not Ed or Eddy.” She began turning the corkscreww down.

My mind was on the fact that she was messing up my name again. I took off my clothes while watching her. I could not help thinking that she looked really sexy… while acting very hard to get! Same old Nikki; and she is supposed to be Cresha’s twin. They are so incredibly different! I left on my underwear. Then what Nikki said next got into my head, “I mean for you to take off everything.” She lifted the cork out of the bottle.

“But you have yours on.”

Nikki did not show any change in expression and poured wine into the glass. I did not care about being naked, it was just weird the way this was unfolding. She stared into the glass and made a silly smile. While I pulled my briefs off, she gulped the wine down. Then she poured another glass.

“Not bad, Eddy. Nicely sweet!”

I was completely naked and Nikki was still in her underwear. It was physically evident that I was sexually excited. Nikki looked down at my manhood and shook her head.

When she looked up, I gave her a wink.

Nikki retorted, “I am talking about the wine.”

Oh, that hurt! After a few moments, Nikki grabbed a small container. “I am going to rub some of this oil on your forehead.”

I watch Nikki’s eyes and every movement, Then she rubbed the ointment on my forehead in a figure-eight motion. I don’t get her. This could have been a great moment for us.

“A little lower,” I said with a big smile.

Nikki was silent as she finished taking off her clothes. “Please rub the ointment on the same way, on my forehead. I smiled again and I leaned in to kiss Nikki. And she moves to the side.

“Edward, what are you doing?”

“What do you think?” She was driving me nuts! “I figured we could have a little fun. “For chrissakes, for years I thought you were dead!” I sat down on the couch. Aren’t you excited to see me? To be with me?”

“You know we separated.” Nikki took out a card with a picture of a Puma. She lays down the card on the coffee table and tilts it.

I could not believe she was saying we were separated. “Since when did that stop us?” Nikki had forgotten our history as a couple or just hit her head too hard.

Nikki acted like she did not hear anything. She took out a card with a picture of some mountains. Then she took a brown swede pouch out of the bag and dropped a pinch of powder into the wine and mixed it with her finger. She reminded me of better times when she did a “Cresha” and pointed to the glass with her lips.

“I’m supposed to drink this?”

Nikki nodded. After she takes a gulp, she hands the glass to me.

I took a sip to test it and reacted to the sour dirt taste. “It tastes kind of nasty. But here goes!” Then a larger swig.

Nikki slumped into the couch.

I put the glass on the table even though there was a bit more. Then, I plopped down right next to her. The wine hit really fast. I started to feel really good. Nikki whispered to me to relax. When I put my feet onto Nikki’s lap… she slapped them off! Crazy bitch!

After a few minutes, a hole opens up in the wall. When I turn to look over at Nikki, she has a black outfit on with a hood. Her shoes are unlike anything I have ever seen, and then her legs were gone. I looked at myself. I am wearing the same black outfit and my shoes are invisible. Either I am dreaming or this wine is the bomb!

“Nikki, where are my shoes?”

“Shhhhhh. Follow me.” She walked into the tunnel.

After about 20 meters, Nikki pulls out the condor. Nikki says, “Touch the bird”. As soon as I touched the figurine, I could see a town ahead, maybe 2 or 3 miles. We walked for about five minutes. We moved really fast. I looked back and I did not see where we started. Nobody noticed us. I touched some people as we walked right past them on the road and there was no reaction. I recognized the style from the hats and the colorful clothes and asked, “Are we in Peru or Bolivia?”

“Yes, Edward.” Nikki smiled with a devious twinkle in her eye. Ed just kept silent. I knew Nikki was poking at me. Once we arrived in town, I noticed that I wasn’t even tired. Nikki went down a few streets and directly to a particular home. The home had large gates with glass on the top to prevent someone from climbing over. There were some nasty-looking mean guard dogs there that scared the crap out of me. And I saw all these chickens running around. Nikki pulled out the Cougar and motioned for me to touch it. When I touched it, we flew up in the air directly over the gate. We landed softly and the dogs and chickens had no idea we were there.

Nikki pulled out the bag and reached in and pulled out a set of keys. I didn’t remember hearing or seeing keys. Anyway, she used the keys to open the door and we walked inside. Nikki walked directly to a room like she knew exactly where to go.

“Whose house is this? ”


She says the name of some guy, probably her lover as if I know who the heck this guy is. So I go ahead and bite, “And he would be pissed if he knew we were here?”

“Yep… Eddy, get your camera.”

Nikki slapped the wall two times quickly and slid her hand until a drawer appeared.

“Wow!” I was impressed. Very cool compartment. “I want one of those!”

“Please take a picture.”

I took a picture then she removed a coin and replaced it with another identical coin.

“Eddy, I need you to eat this cookie.”

“Nikki, I’m not hungry.”

She handed me this cookie. I nibbled at it.

“Eat it!!!”

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