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SM38 Readying the Space D3 6:45p

SM C22.2 01-01-23 (268) Readying the Space Mike & Cresha’s Home D2 6p – Ed

I returned home with Mike at 6:45 pm. We didn’t talk much about anything. Especially Gwen. We did not discuss the idea of learning about controlling spirits. I must admit, it seems a bit intimidating but Maria says that it will save Gwen’s life. Part of me thinks she doesn’t know anything but down deep, I feel a connection and that she is the real thing. I know that Mike and Ed have doubts too. But they are following my lead, I think.

Alexa, my virtual assistant, provided reminders for me. “Take a roast out to defrost.” The wonders of technology. “Maria’s training will start at 7:30 pm.” I sent Mike to get some pizza for dinner from the pizzeria down the street. Now, I just want to take a nice hot bath. If only Alexa could draw a bath for me or give me a massage. I started taking my clothes off when I heard the phone ring.


“Hi, this is Cristina. Lakita and I are headed your way. We will be there soon.”

“Hi Cristina, I am Cresha. I am looking forward to meeting you! We are expecting you around 7:30 pm. I was going into the bath but I will take a shower and be ready for you in 10 minutes, ok?”

“We will be about 20 minutes. We have one stop to make.”

“Great, see you then. Bye.” I was trying to hurry the call. I was a bit cold. There was a pause and I felt heavy breathing.

“Thank you for helping us.” The call disconnected.

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