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SM39 Training at Mike’s place D3 7:30p

SM C23.2 01-01-23 (978) Preparing for Battle / Training at Mike & Cresha’s place D2 7:30p – Maria

I was worn out when we arrived at Cresha’s home. My mom and Lakita were picked up by an Uber I sent to get them.

Cresha got the door and let us in. Mike had just returned with the pizza and so we all gravitated to the table which was all set up. It looked so nice but I needed a short nap. I asked Cresha if I could use a spare bedroom. Everything was very fuzzy but I remember asking to be awoken at 8:30 pm.

I looked down from the top of the stairs as they all sat down around the table to eat.

Lakita was so cute in her sky-blue dress and matching white belt and shoes.

“May I say the blessing?”


I felt refreshed when I came down the stairs. They were all laughing around the table playing UNO. I grabbed a slice of pizza and sat down.

“This is really good!” The pizza was good but I just really wanted to say something.

“Do you feel better?” Cresha looked over at me.

“Yes, your bed is very comfortable.”

“Thank you. The bed was a gift from my sister. . . When do you want to start?”

I smiled. “You are not wanting to waste a moment. You look very relaxed. Especially, Lakita. It’s a shame to interrupt but we can start in a few minutes after I finish my pizza.”

After a few minutes, Cresha had cleared the food away and everyone was sitting around the table.

“First, we are warriors but we fight together as a Babaylan. Our Babaylan is capable of commanding spirits. . . and humans.”

The time went by so fast. Soon it was 10 pm. Lakita had passed out soon after dinner and my mom had taken her upstairs to lay down. My mom came back down and kissed me and went to join her. Cresha had picked up the basics very well. Mike, on the other hand, forgot important spells and recited words out of place. He was being sloppy. If we had time to train, I would be fine but we had no time. I also felt the presence of something overwhelming. There was spiritual blocking going on and I was not sure where it was coming from.

I was getting ready to leave for Ed’s place. I wanted to ask Cresha a question but I didn’t want Mike to hear. Cresha was putting away her items from the spell bag she received. I pulled Cresha aside and asked her directly about Ed.

“Cresha, Ed seems to have some problems. I feel something going on. What do you think?”

Cresha was playing with spell cards. “Yes, he has a lot of problems. I am not sure if he would believe the stuff you taught me today. Especially the spell where I can freeze someone. That is really crazy cool!”

I smiled. “Yes, it is a very powerful tool. You will learn much more. Soon, you will learn how to apply the same spell but on spirits.” I did not want to tell her too much. “It is just a small modification. Just be careful using it…. unless we are being attacked.”

“Cresha, I feel like Ed is compromised and allowing spirits to block me. It may be why I was so tired this evening.” I watched for Cresha to react.

“Maria, I think I caught Mike and Ed in a lie. I dropped it after I learned about Gwen. But they both did something wrong and I feel it every day.”

“When did this happen?” I was worried and intrigued at the same time.

“I think it was a few weeks ago. Mike and Eddy often hook up with some of the girls after a photoshoot and they tell me about it. Usually beforehand because that is our agreement, but I let it slide because I trust them. But they didn’t say anything this last time, before or after. It felt really wrong.”

“OK, this seems more to do with your relationship but I need to investigate this further. In the end, it’s all about trust. And frankly, we need to be able to trust Ed and Mike. But I feel that Ed can handle the spiritual battle much better than Mike. No offense.”

“None taken!” Cresha laughed which made me feel better.

“Are you going to be ok going by yourself to see Ed? Things seem more than just a regular friendship!”

I started turning red. “Yes, I like Ed a lot. . . I will be ok training Ed tonight. . . I am going to tell you a little secret. A long time ago, Victoria was blessing both of them for me and Nikki, my sister. Today, in a dream, I learned that something happened. Victoria decided that there was a problem with Mike. Victoria decided not to give Mike some spiritual gifts. After the dream, I feel I have extra powers. I can do what Victoria did not do in a few seconds. But Victoria saw something in the spirit realm, something serious. I know she provided some serious protection to those guys! I am feeling an issue with Ed, not Mike.”

“I trust you, Maria.”

That made me feel confident that Cresha and I were a team. “Hey, do you want to come with me?”

Cresha nodded and smiled. “I will be your protection!”

I laughed. I called out to Mike. “Mike, I am going to Ed’s place. Are you going to be ok?”

“Yes, what time are you girls coming back?”

I answered, “We will be here around 7:30 am. I don’t work tomorrow but we will go see Gwen.”

***** Heading to Ed’s Place

Maria and Cresha arrived at Ed’s house at around 11 pm. They thought they were expected. The lights were on but there was no answer.

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