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C41.10 Out of the frying pan and into the Closet D4 1:45p (463) Cristina

Out of the frying pan and into the Closet – Cristina {NYC Day 4 – 1:45 pm}

I got an Uber and went by Mike’s place and picked up Lakita. We continued to our house to get some items that I had forgotten. My daughter would not be happy with me for returning to the house but I think that we may have been a bit too jumpy. Anyway, we were going to be in and out.

I looked around and opened the door. Lakita ran upstairs to her room. I walked over to the kitchen.

I grabbed my recipe notebook and headed upstairs to help my granddaughter. “Lakita, did you find your books?”

“Not yet Nana. I am also looking for my journal. I didn’t find any of my books on my desk.”

“I already packed your journal, mi amor. You said that you needed your school books. Keep looking in your room. They also may be in your mother’s study room. You know your mom! I will check for you.” Nana was right. My mom checks my homework every night regardless of how tired she feels. She might have left them on her desk.

“Thanks Nana. One text for Biology class and my O’Henry 100 Stories.”

I went downstairs to grab the books for Lakita. As I walked into the study, I noticed the outline of a figure standing outside the front door. I grabbed the books off the desk and walked back quickly upstairs. I motioned to Lakita to not make a sound.

I went to Maria’s room to see if I could see anything. I tried peeking out the window but I could not see anyone or a vehicle in the driveway.

Then there was a hard knock at the door.

Lakita said, “I don’t have a good feeling about this.

“Do you know where the passageway is?”

“Yes, Nana.”

“Go! Now! I will be right behind you.” I went back to Lakita’s room and cracked open her window. It was right next to a tree. I then headed to the hall closet where Lakita had opened the hatch to a narrow passageway that began with a 30-foot drop to a tunnel under the house.

I said to Lakita, “Grab my hand.” As Lakita grabbed my hand, I took out a card with a chameleon painted on one side. We both said the words to activate the card and keep us from detection. Lakita let me go first to climb downstairs and she made sure that the closet was restored to hide our getaway. We had practiced this many times.

As we reached the bottom, we heard a loud crack. Someone broke down the door. It was not a delivery boy.

We were almost out and Lakita heard something.

“Nana, Stop!”

“What happened, niña?”

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