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SM43 In the Crawlspace – Lakita {Maria’s home NYC Day 4 – 2:10 pm}

In the Crawlspace – Lakita {Maria’s home NYC Day 3 – 2:10 pm}

“Who is there?” It was very dark and no place to hide. I don’t know why I whispered.

“It’s me” I wasn’t expecting that answer. I only know one person who would say that.


“Yes. But don’t be shocked.”

“Ok. I know it is you. Come on out.” I braced myself. But I did not understand how she found this place.

“I can’t move. I am hurt.”

I think I was standing in front of my friend when I felt her tap my foot. “Here. Take the flashlight from my hand.”

I turned on the flashlight and I almost yelled. “What happened to you!” Diwata had a knife in her and marks all over her face. There was blood everywhere.

“Where is your grandmother? I need her now!”

My Nana showed herself. “I am here.” Her voice was understandably shaky.

“Take my hand, please.” I have not heard Diwata say please many times except in our practice sessions.

As soon as my Nana motioned towards Diwata, Diwata clutched her arm. My Nana’s face changed.

“Hello, my young friend.” My grandmother’s face was completely unanimated.

“Who are you?” I questioned.

“I am Victoria. We have no time to discuss this. Move aside.”

My grandmother or at least her body knelt down. She started a short chant and pressed her hands by the wound. “Be still, girl!” She grabbed the knife by the handle and quickly pulled it out. There was no blood and the wound had simply closed. “Maria, can you hear me?”

“My mother is not here.”

My grandmother raised her hand. She looked out with very glassy eyes. “I need for you to take her.” She pressed her hands to Diwata’s chest and she disappeared.

“Where did my friend go?” I was freaked out, amazed, and curious all at the same time.

“Someplace safe.” My grandmother rose to her feet. “You cannot run. You must face this man.”

“You mean the guy who kicked down our door?” I was being sarcastic and really did not know if he kicked down the door.

“Yes. Don’t be afraid. I have been with you for a long time. This man is Menga. He is after you.”

“Is Menga the same as Emortis?”

“No. Emortis is under my control. Your mother’s spirit warned you about P’aqo’s request to Emortis.”

“Yes. I was there.”

“So was I. Emortis is my slave and friend. He will never harm you.”

“So who is Menga?”

“We don’t have time child. Menga will find you now. He knows your scent. I have seen you practice your emo techniques. You have great power but you always hold back. Today, now, you will use your powers to infinite capacity. Let me anoint you.”

She put her thumb in her nose, putting mucus on it. She then stretched her arm out and put her thumb on my forehead. I remember seeing all sorts of colors and then black. I began opening my eyes while laying on the floor. I heard something.

“Lakita, are you ok? We need to get out of here.”

“Yes, I am.” My grandmother was back.

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