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C26 Rounds D2 4:15p

SM C15.1 11-15-23 (267) Rounds Gwen’s Room 326 D2 4:15 pm – Mike

Ed and I were laughing and Cresha was talking with Gwen when the doc was about to walk in. Maria got up and nodded to the doctor. They spoke for a moment in whispers.

A number of men and women came into the room wearing lab coats. They were all talking and discussing Gwen but I could not make out what they were saying. An older guy said some things and then turned to us.

“Hello, I am Dr. Swaggart. I came by very early this morning with some residents. I was supposed to come by again but I had surgery. I am sure the nurse told you about what is going on. We have run several batteries of tests and we need to run some more. Honestly, I can’t explain why the patient, Ms. Garcia, is in a coma. I have a few guesses. I have sent the information to another specialist to get their opinion. Meanwhile, We will continue to monitor the patient and the baby and let you know what is happening when we know something.”

Ed eagerly spoke back. “Dr. Swaggart, do you know if the child is safe?”

Dr. Swaggart seemed happy. “The baby is fine. Just very early in the pregnancy. In a few days, I will be able to say more. Unless you want to ask anything else, I have to continue my rounds.”

A few of the residents stayed behind and checked Gwen and the equipment. And a few minutes later they were all walking down the corridor to another room.

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