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C26 Rounds D2 4:15p

SM C15.1 11-15-23 (267) Rounds Gwen’s Room 326 D2 4:15 pm – Mike Ed and I were laughing and Cresha was talking with Gwen when the doc was about to walk in. Maria got up and nodded to the doctor. They spoke for a moment in whispers. A number of men and women came into […]

C34.2 Lakita’s Prayer (1,006) D3 1p

Lakita’s Prayer – C34.2 11-15-23 (1006) Unoccupied Office JHMC D2 1p – Lakita ”I saw them in my dream, Mami. They are part of our family”. Lakita adjusted the camera some more. “Mami, Victoria is trying to get a message to you.” Maria is struck that she has seen all of this playing out. “I […]

SM46 Cresha’s Enlightenment D4 Midnight

Cresha’s Enlightenment – Maria {Ed’s home Day 4 12a} (1046) Evidently, Ed was awake the whole time; he just appeared to be unconscious. Ed put his clothes on and walked with us to the door. Ed was so surprised at Cresha’s new abilities, he non-stop asked Cresha questions. I felt bad but I had to […]

SM47 Laka and P’aqo D4 12:15a

Laka and P’aqo – Ed {Ed’s home Day 3 12:15 am} Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! A scream rang out. Ed and Maria ran down the hallway to see why Cresha was screaming. Maria ran through the doorway and saw Cresha pointing and staring. “Why are you yelling?” “L L L L Look!” Cresha’s hand was shaking and pointed […]

SM48 P’aqo and Jibril D4 12:30a

P’aqo and Jibril – Laka {Ed’s home Day 3 12:30 am} Cresha and Maria came up to my bed and laid down next to me. Ed came up shortly after and sat at my feet. “Mi niños, let me tell you a bedtime story about P’aqo.” “The story begins with P’aqo in the 1800s. P’ago […]