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SM47 Laka and P’aqo D4 12:15a

Laka and P’aqo – Ed {Ed’s home Day 3 12:15 am}

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! A scream rang out. Ed and Maria ran down the hallway to see why Cresha was screaming.

Maria ran through the doorway and saw Cresha pointing and staring.

“Why are you yelling?”

“L L L L Look!” Cresha’s hand was shaking and pointed towards the couch.

“What the hell!” Maria’s eyes were bulging out of their socket and a huge black cat was laying on the couch licking its paws. This evening was particularly crazy for me tonight. A dragon bounced on me earlier and now a black cat. I ran back to my room and peeked out the doorway.

“Nikki, is that you?” Maria asked.

“Who is Nikki?” the cat changed into an older-looking lady. She actually looked really nice. She was wearing a red jumper.

“You all look purrrrfectly yummy!” The woman had a wild look and a cute smile!

Maria was the first to collect herself. “What do you want? And who are you?”

“My name is Laka. Your daughter is named after me. In fact, I spent some with her earlier this evening”

Maria started to panic. “Is she ok?”

“I left her at home. Your stepmother is with her. Lakita insisted that I talk to you. I told her many times that it was not necessary.”

“Who the fuck are you?” Cresha finally spoke up and she was feisty.

“Yeah! Who the fuck are you?” I chimed in. It was a pointless retort. I liked that Cresha was asserting herself with whoever and whatever this woman was… I wanted Cresha to know I had her back.

The woman changed back to the panther and started walking towards the bedroom, talking the whole way.

To avoid being next to the cat, I walked over to my bed and lay down again. “Boy, this is one weird night.”

“Call me Abuelita. Tonight, I will be your spirit guide. Or rather, this morning, I am your spirit guide. I know you are Cresha. And you are Maria.” Laka poked her head into the bedroom for a second and glanced at me. Then she turned back pointed at the girls and slowly curled her finger in, implying that they should follow. Walking into the room, the panther jumped on the bed next to me. Then she lay down looking at me very carefully and started to purr.

“Don’t be shy bebé. You are so cute. I know you, Edwardo. I can feel your curiosity… Eww! Hmm, you smell like frogs. Nasty!”

“Why don’t you know my real name?” I felt a bit awkward. The cat’s arm became the spirit’s arm, she did not resemble her “human” self. She ignored my question and extended her arm out. The cat began running her long fingers and especially long sharp claws through my hair.

“I have kissed a few frogs.” She chuckled.

Cresha stamped her foot. “Are you with P’aqo?”

“Noooooo.” The cat frowned as only a cat can. Then she transformed into her female self. The woman started caressing my face. I tried to push her arm but my hand passed right through her. I jumped back.

The spirit Laka spoke. I noticed that her mouth did not move. “Your daughter wants you to know that you all are in trouble. You should ask her about what I showed her earlier.”

“I sense that the women want to know who P’aqo is.”

“So do I!” I sounded ridiculous.

The spirit Laka chuckled. “No, I know you are interested in something else. You are so strong my dear… Purrrrrrhaps a bit later.”

Cresha and Maria did not move.

“First, let’s have a drink.” The spirit guide pulled out a small flask. “Have you ever had ayahuasca?”

We all shook our heads. “No.”

The spirit took a swig from the flask and handed it to me. I took a sip. It seemed good so I took another drink. We passed it around several times until it was empty.

Suddenly, I felt really sick. And everything was twirling around. Soon I was somewhat stabilized but I started having some hallucinations.

The spirit said, “I know your questions Let me tell you a story.”

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