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SM46 Cresha’s Enlightenment D4 Midnight

Cresha’s Enlightenment – Maria {Ed’s home Day 4 12a} (1046)

Evidently, Ed was awake the whole time; he just appeared to be unconscious. Ed put his clothes on and walked with us to the door. Ed was so surprised at Cresha’s new abilities, he non-stop asked Cresha questions.

I felt bad but I had to break up the love parade. “Ed. Before we go, I need to ask you some questions.”

Ed stopped talking and just stared at me with his mouth open. “Sure, ask away.”

I started sensing Ed’s energy field. He was really nervous. “Start with telling me about your relationship with Nikki? How long have you two been going out? And why didn’t you tell Cresha? Is Mike involved with Nikki?

“That is a lot of questions… No. Well yes. I have seen Nikki… but not Mike! On our night out, well. We didn’t know who these girls were.” Ed looked up for a moment but not at me. “I don’t know what I am saying. It was like a dream. We didn’t even know if it was a dream or not.”

“Night out? And you both dreamed it? You are telling me that you and Mike had the same dream?” I looked intently at Ed.

“I guess so.” Ed’s voice went down as he placed his head down over his folded arms. A moment later, he peeked up to see if I bought the story.

“That doesn’t seem a bit suspicious?… Ed, how can the two of you have the same dream? You were not just talking in a dream, you were having sex… and you can’t have sex in a dream, at least if two people are physically involved.” I know I was pushing the facts of what I knew but I didn’t want to give him time to think about it. Ed was really nervous about something. “I sense that it has to do with Nikki. How long have you and Nikki been going out? And why didn’t you tell Cresha? Is Mike involved with Nikki?”

“Cresha knows what we do.”

“Cresha and I are knowing that you guys are doing something…You never told her about Nikki or the girl with the tattoo.” I looked around for a chair. There was one by the desk. “Let’s back up for a moment. You and Mike went out some months ago on a boy’s night out. What happened? Enlighten us because we both know that it was not meeting Mary. Something is not right.” Ed was really nervous about something. “I sense that it has to do with Nikki. How long have you and Nikki been going out? And why didn’t you tell Cresha? Is Mike involved with Nikki?

“Yes, Me and Nikki. That was just today. Not Mike.”

“What about the tattoo?”

“Why is this important? Mike saw a very unique tattoo behind Sunny’s ear”

Cresha lashed out. “Could it have been Nikki?”

“Honest Cresha. No. Her name was Sunny. Robert recommended her. But Mike figured it out earlier today that it was probably Gwen. Mike did not want to say anything to you because he thought that you would get mad at him.”

“What?” Cresha and I looked at each other aghast.

I grabbed Cresha before she hit him.

“You two pieces of shit.” The look on Cresha’s face was scary.

“Cresha. We don’t know. Someone else could have the same tattoo. And you are not thinking about the biggest questions.”

“I am thinking about the two of you tag-teaming my daughter. You both are sick. Yes, I am rather pissed now! I need to talk with Mike.” Cresha had her arms crossed and tears were rolling down her cheek.

Ed was quiet for a moment and said, “Ask yourself… why would Gwen be there in the first place? And why would she be in disguise?”

I think I figured something out. “Wait, wait, wait… Shapeshifters who take on human form need a tattoo or mark that they maintain so they can return to their original form. Did you see something unusual on Mary?”

“No. I was not paying attention. But she did seem different. I told Mike that also. But I did not see a tattoo or other mark on her body.”

It seemed like Ed was being genuine. “Do you think Gwen shapeshifted into Sunny? Nikki whispered in my ear that Gwen is developing as a shaman. Maybe she shapeshifted into Sunny?”

“Mike believes that he was with Gwen. If he thinks it was Gwen then I would agree that she shapeshifted into Sunny.”

Cresha looked very angry and even violent but she was speechless.

I asked, “And what does all of this have to do with Nikki? How did she know all this?”

Ed shook his head. “I don’t know. I did not see Nikki until today.”

“Nikki asked me to ask you about this. She said she met you and Mike at the backdoor.”

Ed gave a crazy look and stared out like everything around him had vaporized. “No… no, no, no… Whaaaaat?… I don’t believe it! Ed was shaking his head. “Yes, it probably was Nikki…. as Mary. Yes, she was different. Mary hates anal. Hates it. I should have known.”

“So this did trigger your memory?”

” Yes. So, this explains a lot. We were with Gwen’s body but it was disguised. I am not sure why Gwen was disguised. She never mentioned it, ever. It’s like nothing happened. And why with her father?”

Cresha was still mad. “You know you both still are idiots and in our relationship, cheats! You did not tell me about these women even if they were pretending to be others. Or others pretending to be them… whatever! How many others could there be that you and Mike have not told me about? We had a beautiful open relationship. How could you ruin this?” Cresha was breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably.

“You know Cresha is right.” I stood up. “Let’s call it a night. We are not in the right frame of mind and I am too tired to train.”

“Our discussion is not over!” Cresha stared like a demon at Ed. Moments later, she reached down and threw a plastic bottle at Ed before running down the hall heading for the couch.

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