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C34.2 Lakita’s Prayer (1,006) D3 1p

Lakita’s Prayer – C34.2 11-15-23 (1006) Unoccupied Office JHMC D2 1p – Lakita

”I saw them in my dream, Mami. They are part of our family”. Lakita adjusted the camera some more. “Mami, Victoria is trying to get a message to you.” Maria is struck that she has seen all of this playing out.

“I am realizing this also. Thank you mi hija.”

“I spoke with Abuelita also.”

“You mean Nana?”

Lakita shook her head and then remembered she was not to tell anyone about what Abuelita showed her. She did not answer.

“Mami, Victoria comes in my dreams sometimes… Mami, In my dream, I saw a woman that you are taking care of. She seems very sick. I want to pray for her. May I pray for her and our new friends now?”

“Go ahead mi hija.” Maria liked the way that her daughter was in touch with her spirituality and wanted to encourage her when she prayed.

“Spirits of the mountains and rivers, keep us safe, give us peace, let us feel your love. Father of spirits and visions, don’t be upset with me when I make mistakes. Mami says when we are weak, you make us strong. Thank you for Mami and Nana. They teach me to be strong. Mother of spirits and visions, give us protection from the people who want to hurt us. You showed me the woman Mami is helping. Heal her. Spirit friend and helper Emortis, send more spirits to help Mami protect the woman who is sick and take care of her friend and her Mami and Papi. I pray for world peace. Let peace fill the earth. I almost forgot, Spirits, help us see clearly so we know what to do.”

Maria felt gushing joy in her body. This is her little girl who thinks of others. Cristina stood up and started walking out to get a glass of water.

“Mami!” Lakita began to yell… after a few moments, Lakita’s eyes got huge and she stretched her arms up and then lay prostrate on the floor. Maria was screaming, “Baby! ¿Qué pasó? ¿Qué pasó? Por favor. What’s the matter? What happened?”

Lakita’s eyes became normal and she started chanting, “Coya cula sett sett sett. Sett sett sett. Sett sett sett.” This continued for 30 seconds, then Lakita fell into a trance. Maria listened and suddenly became calm. She had seen this in her dream earlier.

Cristina went over to Lakita. Despite the trance, Lakita seemed fine. After a few minutes, Lakita opened her eyes and looked at her mother on the phone.

“Mami, I’m scared. Victoria says that the bad man is coming!”

“Baby, don’t worry. Mami thinks she knows what is happening. Listen to what Victoria just told you.”

“Yes, Mami.”

“Victoria believes in your abilities; she is with you. Victoria is with us.” Maria, Lakita, and Cristina just sat in silence. They sensed the danger but they also realized something big was happening.

Maria felt power surging in her and she knew what she needed to do. “Mami, we need to do our exit plan C. Can you be ready at 7 pm?”

Back in the Breakroom JHMC D2 2:09p – Maria

Maria prepares herself to talk to the club. She knows she needs to explain many things so that they will join her but she must first warn them that danger is coming.

“I don’t expect you to just believe this but I need you to know more about me. Something just happened and I received a warning. I may only have a day or two to train you to deal with spiritual and physical warfare. We need to protect Gwen. If any of you want to leave, do it now, and run. But I will not be able to protect you. And Menga will find you if he thinks he can hurt us through you.”

“Are any of you leaving?” No one moved.

“I’m in,” Cresha said.

“I’m in,” Mike said. “But I think we are going way too fast. And I am not sure about this spiritual warfare stuff.” Mike paused to scratch his neck. He was thinking. “While I am really glad that we are all so connected, I am worried about my baby girl.”

“Me too,” Ed said. “I am not sure how all this started”. I sensed Ed was a bit skeptical just because this was unfamiliar territory. And Mike wanted to focus on Gwen getting better. At the same time, I also sensed something in the spirit realm that was conflicting inside Ed and Mike.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Ed said. “It is cool that we are all getting to know each other, but Gwen needs to be our focus.”

Cresha, started wringing her hands and looked down for a second. “I understand. Guys something seems to be going on here. Give Maria a chance to explain more. Maria, can you still tell us more about my family?

“Yes, Cresha. But not now. The most important thing is to protect Gwen. I also need to start training you all tonight. You all are in great danger. Please, believe me. Tonight, can we meet at Michael and Cresha’s home? I will bring my mother and daughter if you don’t mind around 7:30 pm.” Cresha nodded.

Mike saw Cresha and nodded

“Ed, we need to work separately. I have a special task for you. Can we meet at your house after 11 pm? It will probably be just me.”

Ed looked up and with glazed eyes, nodded.

Maria continued, “I know it seems like a lot of strange information thrown at you too quickly, but I can tell you more about the family history after we move to Gwen’s room. We need to keep an eye on her.”

No one moved.

“I need you to move, now! I need to be with Gwen to protect her. I will have a special guard for tonight while we train.”

Mike and Cresha got up and waited for Ed who was a little slow in rising. I just walked out the door.

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